Brand names are good for your ads

    July 30, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

If you have to get an ad placed online, your marketing effort should look to brand name sites as a destination for that advertising message.

The Online Publishers Association, a non-profit organization of brand name media companies, dropped a note in our inbox about their look at where marketers place their ads. Content is king, they suggested.

Even though certain brands may be perceived as having some kind of golden touch by virtue of their names, OPA said content sites outperform portals in a couple of ways.

A content site, like a media presence, helps raise “brand favorability” and “purchase intent” for people who view ads on them. Portals aren’t viewed as having the same depth, which detracts from the marketing message.

The group proceeded so far as to say sponsorships on sites with branded content are 36 percent more effective than a portal presence. Of particular interest for advertisers: the coveted 18-34 bracket as well as affluent audiences show they respond more to ads dropped on content sites.

We expect that little morsel will benefit astute advertisers, especially with the approaching holiday shopping season later in 2008.