Boy, Do I Get Mail!

    June 9, 2003

As an operator of a home-based business website, I often get mail that reads something like this:

“I really, really want to work at home, but I don’t have any money to start a business. I won’t do any type of selling, I don’t like network marketing, and I’m not creative, so I can’t develop my own product.

I’d like to create an income on the internet, but I have no technical skills, and besides, it’s just SO intimidating. But I desperately need to make more money – I need your help!”

Okay – let’s look at this message and learn what this person is really saying.

First of all, notice all the negative words in here…don’t, won’t, not, can’t…and the general overall tone of defeatism in this message.

The very first step this person will have to take is to change his or her thinking!

Negativity has no place in the life of individuals who are determined to change their current circumstances. Read the success stories of individuals (and there are many) who have pulled themselves out of abject poverty and intolerable conditions to become highly successful. I challenge you to find one person that did so with a negative frame of mind.

So before anyone can change their current conditions, they have to make up their minds that it is possible to do so – and work toward their goals with a can-do attitude.

Another trait this individual is exhibiting – one that may not be quite so obvious – is that of dependency. The very last phrase in the message states – “I need your help!”

This is an indication that this individual is not at all convinced that he or she can can accomplish anything on their own. Which may be exactly the reason they find themselves in such dire straits to begin with.

Rather than suggesting home business possibilities to them based on their likes and dislikes, I would begin by recommending that they first work to change their way of thinking. It would be pointless to send these individuals off trying this business and that one, only to fail again and again because they simply are not in the right frame of mind.

Many people who exhibit these characteristics are often completely unaware of the fact that their attitude is directly responsible for their inability to move forward. When they are directed to resources that can help them to change their thinking, these individuals often find the “missing link” that allows them to finally break free of their negative thought patterns.

It is only then that they can, and often do, achieve things they never thought possible!

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