Bowl Projections: Which Match-Ups Are Likely?

    November 18, 2013
    Tobias Roth
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Well, we all know that Alabama will be playing in the championship yet again, but what about everyone else? The bowl projections have been released, and as the BCS continues to be shaken up week to week, other than the top two spots, it is hard to keep track of what might happen.

The one thing that seems almost definite is the fact that Florida State, who has completely dominated almost every opponent all year, will be the one to play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the national championship.

The national championship is supposed to be a game between the top two teams in the nation, and that is certainly what it would be with these two programs, who are both undefeated after 11 weeks, and other than Alabama’s game with Texas A&M, they have both handled each opponent fairly easily throughout the season.

With still a few more weeks to go, things could certainly change, but with the way it is looking right now, fans are able to take a look at where their favorite teams might be headed. Georgia, who made an incredible comeback on Saturday, but lost on a hail mary, was almost able to knock off Auburn, which could have changed things a bit, and USC also knocked off Stanford, letting Oregon comfortably stay at the top of the Pac-12 standings.

However, one thing that could shake things up is how Michigan State finishes, and if they are able to somehow beat Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game, then those two teams would switch places. Currently, Ohio State is set to head to the Rose Bowl to play against a tough Oregon team led by Marcus Mariotta, and Michigan State will face off against Taj Boyd’s Clemson.

Additionally, the Fiesta Bowl will likely host Baylor against Fresno State, and the Sugar Bowl would play host to Texas A&M and UCF.

The bowl predictions are now out, and as the season comes to a close shortly, the fates will soon be sealed for each of the top college football teams, and how they will finish in the BCS rankings.


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  • Wow

    We need a playoff system. 16 game system. Until then, the BCS system is nothing but BS. Give Manziel another chance at Alabama. See what happens. I am not even a SEC or Texas A&M fan.

    Missouri or Auburn could beat Alabama as well. Miss St. threw away the game against them.

    At the end of the day, we need a playoff system to decide all this nonsense and 4 games teams is not enough either.

  • Jel

    Yep, Manziel is the best QB in college football. All you have to do is watch him to see that. A&M literally has no defense. None. There other good ones too though. I agree the BCS is BS.

  • Hoghappy

    I sure hope Manziel goes pro…I’ve seen enough of him. I just love how all these journalists continue to write off Auburn week after week…Bama is limping into Tiger Country and the Tigers are hungry.

    It should be a very fun game.

    And I agree a four game shootout won’t get it either…needs to be at least eight.

  • Well This Stinks

    Extremely disappointed if Baylor doesn’t get a better match up then Fresno State. They’ve already played with the big boys and won, they deserve a shot at a team like Ohio state. A 4 going up against a 15? Come on man.

  • Joel Daniel

    We all know that Alabama will be playing in the national championship yet again????? Really???? So…they got by Auburn, etc.????? Where was I when that happened??? Maybe they will win out…but let’s not carve their name in stone just yet. November (and maybe December) is the best month of college football for very good reasons!