'Bound by Flame' Announced For PlayStation 4


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Earlier this year Spiders studios released Mars: War Logs to mediocre reviews. The downloadable RPG contained an ambitious mix of cyberpunk and western RPG elements, but was limited by its low budget. Spiders tried to fix the game for consoles with some better voice acting, but the game ultimately did not catch on.

Now, Spiders is trying once again with an RPG titled Bound by Flame. The studio announced the game earlier this month at the Gamescom conference for current-generation consoles, and today announced the game will also be coming to PlayStation 4. Though the game is coming to the Xbox 360, Spiders has not announced the game for Microsoft's Xbox One.

Bound by Flame puts players in the shoes of "a mercenary possessed by a flame demon." Gamers will decide to receive power from the demon or resist it, gaining a different type of "heroic" power. Like in Fable and other "moral choice" games, character models will be transformed as players grow more demonic.

In contrast to Mars: War Logs, the Bound by Flame appears to have a more traditional fantasy setting. Spiders is promising "impressive" enemy creatures such as "shadow dragons," "liches," and "ice creatures." The game will be similar to Mars: War Logs in that it will have three skill trees for players to talent into.

Spiders stated that Bound by Flame will be out on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PC some time in "early 2014."