Boston Cops Hunting ‘Craigslist Killer’

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Twenty-six-year-old Julissa Brisman was tied up and shot several times in a Boston area hotel room by someone who solicited her massage services on Craigslist. This was the second killing in the area in a week originating with a Craigslist ad.

The other victim was identified as a Las Vegas prostitute but was thought to be an isolated incident until Brisman’s murder.

Julissa Brisman
Julissa Brisman

Police have released surveillance video of a man they suspect is the Craigslist killer. According to various reports he was at both hotels the nights of the respective killings.

(Bostonherald.com notes at one point he was wearing a Red Sox hat and offers team stats for readers losing interest in the local murder article. Otherwise, the Herald has dubbed the murderer the “.com killer” instead and has pleaded to online readers for tips about the victim.)

According to various reports, Brisman was a New York-based model and actress who worked at a tanning bed and who recently began offering her massage services on Craigslist. Friends and family have denied speculation Brisman was offering sexual services as well. One report says Brisman used to photograph of another model for her craigslist ad. 

The victim has a well developed online persona. She had a Facebook account and worked as a model for Nearear, a cell phone courtesy advocacy organization. Brisman stars in a video made to promote the cause.


Boston Cops Hunting ‘Craigslist Killer’
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  • http://freewordsearchpuzzlegames.blogspot.com/ Word Search Game

    Wow that’s scary! I hope they catch the guy. Thanks for the warning.

  • http://www.goarticles.com/cgi-bin/showa.cgi?C=1483765 GTOgirl1969

    I used to sell a lot of stuff on Craigslist- household items, exercise equipment, etc. but I had a person show up and try to force their way into my house! Never again. People, be careful, you never know who’s responding to your ad!

  • http://rollercoasterpov.com rollercoaster pov

    man – that’s horrible. I hope they catch this sicko promptly…

    This corny “.com killer” crap from the press, however, is really irksome. What is this, 1999 or something?

  • Guest

    One authority profiled killer as drug addict, on the prowl, and behavior is predictable, and time frames to strike driven by biological explosion of drug habit directing behavior. If it is the same robber/killer as in R.I incident last week, (This is now backpeddled by authorities). Still very possible he’ll be caught within 7 days, or less, if he strikes within that time frame, again, whether it is now moved to street activity in Boston, including robbing elderly etc. on the street, or store robberies, to avoid using Blackberry. Unknown is if he will do another online stalk and get caught. Pure speculation if psychopath, he would be difficult to catch, vs. drug addict leaving copious clues, making capture immenently fast. Craigslist/paging would be his immediate capture, yet authorities may already know who he is since Blackberry is too easy to track, and Brisman’s records are instantly traced by investigators arriving on murder scene.

    It may be a much easier crime to solve with his use of the Blackberry, than if otherwise, a street assault of some sort.

    Authorities may be simply waiting for confirmation from tips, and know already who it is.

  • Guest

    Why on Earth would you want to give a massage to a stranger in a hotel room…SERIOUSLY. Believe me, it was going to be sexual. She probably resisted and then he forced himself on her and then, it went down hill.

    Cops have no idea what CL is all about. It’s more than classified ads about lawn furniture and free puppies. It’s not innocent and people that use it are aware they just don’t see it happening to them.

  • Profiles

    Cops know about CL… it’s not rocket science… the finger prints, blackberry logs, video snaps and tracked emails through IP and peer to peer have already identified suspects… what’s needed now is motive and witness evidence… so anyone having any information should go directly to authorties… past, present and types of behavior is what profiles this individual… any support helps.

    Most likely hooked on gambling debt and has turned desperate and violent… he has enough cash to keep phone service and blackberry, so street addict is not likely…

    • Profiler

      They got him… whoever guessed addict didn’t look close enough at the signs…

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