Boston Bombing Suspect Could Face Death Penalty

    January 31, 2014
    Val Powell
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 U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced on Thursday that the government will seek the death penalty in the case of the United States vs. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. The 20-year-old Tsarnaev is a suspect in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings that killed 3 people and wounded over 260 others. Law enforcement allege Tsarnaev, a Chechnya-born American, planted two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the race with his brother.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who is currently being held in federal prison, pleaded not guilty of committing the crimes with his older brother Tamerlan. Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police just days after the bombing.

Liz Noren expressed relief when she heard the U.S. Attorney General’s decision to seek the death penalty. Noren’s two sons, JP and Paul, each lost a leg in the tragic bombing incident. “It’s important to me. I’m trying to make sense of what happened that day,” she said, “My boys went to watch a friend run the marathon, and one came home 46 days later. The other one, 32 days later.” Noren says she plans to sit in on the trial every day once it gets underway. “I just am relieved that it’s going forward in the right direction, one step forward in the recovery process,” she added.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, the mother of  Tsarnaev, is also disheartened by the announcement. “How can I feel about this? I feel nothing,” Zubeidat Tsarnaeva said in Russian. “I can tell you one thing, that I love my son. I will always feel proud of him. And I keep loving him.

Shortly after the bombing occurred Zubeidat Tsarnaeva was reported to have said that she did not believe her sons were responsible for the bombing and that they were framed by the U.S. government.

Massachusetts got rid of the the death penalty 30 years ago, but federal law permits the penalty in certain circumstances. Given the serious nature of the crime, the Attorney General’s office decided to move forward with the request.

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  • All You Need to Know

    A lot of weird things going on at the Boston Bombing. There are three incidents that I cannot get my head around.

    1. 9/11, I am completely sure we are being lied to about this. The evidence is utterly overwhelming that we are being lied to. Just because the mainstream media won't talk about it at all that doesn't mean the evidence is wrong. Read books, watch video, go overseas and you will find mountains of evidence that shows 9/11 was an inside job. Foreign media openly talks about this. But American media won't even give a researcher 5 minutes on TV. In fact, American reporters are petrified of the topic. Not that they don't believe the conspiracy theorists. They are petrified they will be fired if they talk about it.

    2. Sandy Hook is just odd. Compare Sandy Hook to Columbine. Compare it to other school shootings. It is clear that something is not right about Sandy Hook. The 911 tapes of Columbine and Sandy Hook are polar opposites. The misinformation by the networks. Anderson Coopers disappearing nose — because he was in front of a Green Screen. The cops running into the wrong school and it being passed off as Sandy Hook. The helicopter footage that shows nothing happening at Sandy Hook. The 17 hours of redacted footage. The websites being started a month before the event. The drills. The fake victims. A woman in Louisiana that panicked because her kid was used a fake victim. The list goes on and on.

    3. Boston. Granted this event has less weird things as the first two. But, I will never ever forget the site of a man who lost both legs, being wheeled away totally conscious while having an improper tourniquet. He was wheeled away 10 minutes after the event. He should have bled out in under 2. No way he should have been conscious. I have seen wounds like this. No freaking way he would have been wheeled out. I think there was a good chance he was an actor who had already had his legs amputated. Then there is all the contract killers at the parade. Then the fake photos that were photoshopped. Like I said, not as much as Sandy Hook or 9/11.

    • @All You Need to Know

      9/11 was an inside job. Anyone with common sense, an IQ over 50, and who thinks for themselves knows this. It is so obvious. I have been to the Pentagon. There are well over 100 cameras on the Pentagon alone. The roof and everywhere else. They isn't footage because there wasn't a plane. My guess is it was a drone painted as a plane. That is why you found one engine that was smaller than an airline engine.

  • @All You Need to Know

    America is a joke. It never used to be a joke but it is now. People used to have their complaints about the US but now they have their complaints and they are legitimate. Want to get arrested? Want to get spied on? Want to get lied to? Want to literally go to war for nothing? Come to the US.

    9/11 made me sick. All those people died. For what? So we could go to war. No one cared that we never saw a plane at shanksville or the pentagon. No one cared that three buildings fell when only two were hit. No on cared that we found passports that survived a crash, fire ball, and then a collapse, but some how titanium black boxes didnt. My God people —- those things are the basics.

    On 9/11 the only thing people saw were two buildings getting hit by planes. All the rest we were told by a government that lies to us constantly.