Borderlands 2 Launch Trailer Released on the Eve of Launch


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The trailers for Borderlands 2 have so far been fantastic. Specifically, the launch date announcement trailer was fun for those who enjoy dubstep, and the later "Wimoweh" trailer calmed things down for those who enjoy the classics.

Today, on the eve of the game's launch, 2K and Gearbox released the launch trailer for Borderlands 2. While it doesn't have the flash and creativity of the previous trailers, it does set the stage for what players can expect to find themselves up against.

It appears that the vault hunters will racing Handsome Jack to a special vault that contains an unnamed horror. A horror that could end all life on Pandora. Save the planet, yada, yada...

Anyway, while the story is sure to be a nice touch, there are "bazillions" of guns to collect, starting in less than 24 hours. Check out the last trailer before players get their hands on the title itself: