Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors

Company Approaching Milestones After a Year

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Bonanzle has been around for a year now (out of beta). We’ve been watching it grow for the better part of this year at least. 

Now the company says it is quickly approaching several milestones. Co-founder Mark Dorsey tell WebProNews that Bonanzle is just days away from welcoming its 100,000th registered user, for one.
Mark Dorsey

According to the site Power Sellers Unite, Bonanzle is a little over 100,000 listings away from becoming the top alternative to eBay. Right now, it is only behind eBid, and of course eBay itself.

eBay appears to even be recognizing Bonanzle as legitimate competition. A new survey from the company asked participants which other websites they use  to sell items, and it listed Amazon Marketplace, Overstock, Craigslist, personal website/online store, and Bonanzle.


Bonanzle is currently developing an API that will allow third party developers to develop tools to enhance users’ Bonanzle experience. This is expected to launch by the end of September. Bonanzle also recently launched an affiliate program called the "Syndicated Seller" program.

Bonanzle previously told WebProNews that it doesn’t really focus on competing with eBay. They said this competition was something that was probably paid more attention to by users than themselves.

Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors
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  • Lisa

    Bonanzle is a playground social site full of games and forum banter. Most sales are seller to seller, ‘traded’ items. The forums are a nightmare, full of mean spirited cliquish activity. If you are a serious on line vendor, Bonanzle is one to avoid.

  • Guest

    Fed up with Bonanzle? I have two words. Atomic Mall. They are simply put, freakin fantastic! I’ve had my AM store since late April, and yes, things started off rather slowly. I didn’t get my first sale until July 1. Since then? 65 sales. That’s creeping up on my total sales on Bonanzle since February of this year.

    Google Analytics? Bonanzle $10. Atomic Mall – FREE for EVERYONE

    Traffic? I’ve had over 35,000 item views. That’s not a misprint.

    Professional? Check out the homepages of Atomic Mall and of Bonanzle and then you tell me.

    Simply put, if you’re actually trying to make a buck selling online? Atomic Mall is for you.

    No, I don’t work for AM. I’m just an EXTREMELY SATISFIED member.

    • Guest

      @guest: ROTFLMAO!!!


    • http://www.ecrater.com Still an eCrater Fan

      Google Analytics is offered free on eCrater too… I can’t believe bonanzle charges for that? Esp $10!!! Sheesh!

      I know they need to make money in order to run the site properly, but the more I hear, the more I’m thinking they’re leaning a little towards the greed end of things… too bad… I had such high hopes for them.

      Again, I’m going to stay with http://www.eCrater.com I just love it there, great sales and it’s ALL FREE! :D

      • Guest

        GA is free everywhere but Bonanzle isn’t it? I mentioned my surprise in the bonz forums that it actually costs to use GA? I couldnt believe it, Is it even legal to charge for that? What a crock! & Bonz users are so brainwashed they didnt believe me when i started naming all the sites that gave you GA for free… screwy place

  • http://www.redballauction.com Thomas Hagler

    Well let’s put all of the online alternatives up. Don’t forget to try www.redballauction.com low listing fees and free to sign up. I know small numbers 32 people signed up with just under 180 items listed, but it is growing.

  • http://big-ticket-opportunity.blogspot.com/ Delords Marketplace Guru

    There is no Doubt that a lot of People are Tired of Ebay and Many Other Auction Sites, There’s a New Auction Site that’s Launching Fully Very Soon, Its already Making Waves with lots of features being added to make both Buyers and Sellers Excited.

    Its Free to Join and Without Any Final Verification fees,
    you can check them out here,

    These Two Stores are from one source and very simplified.
    Try it out, you also get free listing Vouchers.

  • http://www.blueraydvdripper.net/ Bluray

    It’s so crowd.

  • Guest

    Wow..incredible and so true. I read the long letters written about Bonanzle and their games..their lack of sales…the mean spirited people that walk the halls..waiting to pounce on someone..and it is true..

    they say we hide and do not show our names..if we do, we will be crucified… and that is also true

    we complain to the boyz about illegal things, sellers that are ripping people off, fake items, they do not do anything…

    there are clicks..if you belong, you might be heard and like a herd of cows..they will follow you..until they get sick of you..then they pounce on you…

    then you have the expert tail kissers…”Mark this…Bill that…” I wonder if that gives them a discount? :)

    I could go on and on..and they wonder why I think the website is a joke! it is..that’s also true

    • Guest

      You sound like one of the trolls I run into on some discussion boards.

      There is some dopeyness on Bonanzle, and some insider chumminess and cliques, and the response to queries is not instantaneous and there are glitches in the site. But mean-spirited?

      Sounds like a pot calling the kettle situation.

      • Guest

        I agree with you totally. Somebody needs to be looking in their own back yard for the trolls under their own bridge!

  • doingfineonline

    To anyone who puts any weight into all the negative comments here… first, if a poster can’t state who they are, that should tell you something about them.

    I highly suspect that most are atomic mall members. Here’s a little background for you…
    AM and Bonanzle started up just about the same time. Since day one, AM members had tried every trick in the book to knock down the tremendous growth of bonanzle. One of the first big slams were regarding duplicate listings, which is true that there were many. As with anything new, bonanzle had to get on the ball and start deleting them. Did they get them all, No. But they learned how to change the auto importer to detect them and not let them through. There are still duplicated that get through, but they are dealt with on a daily basis. Same thing with fakes, and rarely do you see any porn because it’s dealt with as soon as discovered.

    Some AM members went all over the web leaving negative comments about Bonanzle. They even have a member who is a so called ‘reporter’ that wrote a very negative article… boy, did that ever backfire.

    Point is, go look at powersellersunite for a quick look at the numbers. Bonanzle has over 2.3 million listings, while Atomic mall has a little over 194 thousand. Ask yourself this… who will get the traffic? Also ask yourself if both sites started around the same time, and one has well over 10 times the amount of listings and users, which site would you associate with?

    I think you’ll also see who all the negative ‘guest’ comments here are coming from. Those comments are just one more attempt to bring Bonanzle down. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now.

    • Guest

      Bonanzle has enough of it’s own problems created by Bonanzle members without any help from any other site. Bonanzle needs to stop blaming everyone else for their problems and look within their own membership. If they get rid of the chaff, they would be better off and they would find many less complaints. For the record, I am not a AM member.

  • Guest

    Everything just has to be so negative. Makes one wish that the computer should have stayed off and not get out of bed.

  • Guest

    A new site is coming very soon it is called mumgo they have a coming soon page up and a way to sign up for updates on the launch, I am always looking for a feebay alternative.

    You can check it out at http://mumgo.com

  • Donna Blest

    Who cares?

  • Guest

    This comment section is no better than the Bonanzle forums.

    Several comments have been deleted.

    Seems honesty is not wanted here either.

    • Guest

      1. the reason people comment anonymously is due to inevitible retribution and harassment by Bonz forum regulars and staff. 2. Comments are probably being deleted due due Bonanzle’s ability to write big scary emails. 3. WPN shouldnt cower to Bonanzle staff 4. person below who states all negative comments are from atomic mall users, not true, i’d never heard of them until just now.

      • Guest

        I will assure you, that my comment was removed.

        It was entitled, The Truth About Bonanzle.

    • Rich Ord

      Nothing is being deleted, I assure you.

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

      • Lisa

        Thank you Richard, I hope nothing is being deleted. I have read every single comment here. & NO Im not a pro anywhere or a con anywhere seller, i do not even know what atomic mall is and i list an item on ebay maybe once every six months. I believe you should use whatever works best for you, but that said…

        out of all the venues i did try, Bonanzle was the worst in my personal sales but even more discouraging are the handful of regular members that dominate the forums, harass you and use the inner site IM system to spread libelous comments about you and your business to other Bonanzle users. Absolutely a rotten foundation of members.

        every single post here stating the brutality of treatment via the forums, the message system(s) and even taking it as far as to harass you using your booth message system relentlessly is absolutely TRUE.

      • Guest

        I will assure you, that my comment was removed.

        It was entitled, The Truth About Bonanzle.

        • Guest

          I thought I should also add, my comment was nothing but the facts, no foul words or anything like that. It was the facts and a link was even provided to one of the facts.

          There was nothing that could have been considered “nasty” as you stated in your 9/16 article.

          What it looks like is that WPN is covering up for Bonanzle.

          I expected more of a trade publication, like allowing the truth in the comments section. Looks like that isn’t the case here.

          How sad.

  • American Knight

    I have to respectfully disagree with the article of Bonanzle being a viable market. I have checked intensively the site traffic of Bonanzle and other alternatives and none of them have the traffic they profess. Bonanzle’s traffic can be directly attributed to the growth of their listings, by that I mean the traffic is direct (from within its own site) its great to have 2 million plus listing but it doesn’t really count if no one is looking other than your own members. Sure its easy to list most sites are easy to list. But I would rather have a site that is hard to list with traffic than a site that is easy to list without real traffic. The Alexa rank a lot of people like to parade is easily manipulated, so easy that McAfee, Norton and others have classified the Alexa toolbar as malware. So sorry Chris, the milestone that Bonanzle has achieved leaves the seller short.

  • Guest

    Hey yeah lets join bonanzle where you say and do what ever you want to anyone.
    sell to each other. call people all sorts of names and just run wild and pretend its the best acid trip that has come out of the west coast. LOL
    ebay alternative hey west coast come out come out where ever you are LOL.
    what a bunch of west coast hype
    the site is slow, and after a all most of what 2 years and items in your shop just disappear and not cause they sold. sell at bonanzle? LOL
    another west coast joke
    and how is bonanzle who is not an auction site be an alternative to an auction site ebay?
    can’t you bloggers get a real story going?
    oo they pay you a percentage from bonanzle.
    I seen that up over there where you can advertise at places like this on the net for a fee from your so called sales LOL.
    you know that more than half those shops or booths at bonanzle are closed.
    they just never took them down right DUH WHA!!! LOL west coast is so hip I really LOL LOL
    cheeeeeese you internet bloggers are starting to sound like FOX NEWS
    gimme me a percentage Ill say anything
    OK just tell mark hes cute and bill hes a hunk and your in at bonanzle

  • Guest

    Atomic mall and bonanzle are they the same owners?
    I was there and they say free but once you sign up you have to deposit $10 in to their account?
    how is that free?
    then they charge you when you close up there radioactive crap shop
    and bonanzle you gotta be kidding it is all smoke up your and mirrors
    all west coast venues these west coast venues do a lot of bull out here on the net
    figure that is why they all got fired from Ebay
    Ebay started cleaning house a few years ago and all these LOL alternatives to ebay and these real funny bloggers have come up everywhere
    alternatives to ebay no wonder you all got fired from ebay
    do you all know what alternative means?
    how about the difference between sellers buying from sellers under false ID or just a buyers ID and a seller ID you know where you have a bunch of different IDs and pretend to be some one else LOL
    a whole bunch of people who have three or more booths cause they cannot fit their items in one LOL and are so stubborn cause it is free LOL LOL
    half the shops are closed cause those real people got tired of waiting for their so called fellow bonzlers to do something about the cliques there
    they ravage thru the discussion boards saying what ever they want and just say oh mark you are so cute and that bill he’s a hunk LOL LOL
    I know all this cause I actually did the research and did call mark a cutie many times and bill a hunk and I was in and in with the clique just went in under an alias opened up a bogus shop
    didn’t matter cause sales there are null
    and just did what the clique there is doing and wow LOL
    you west coasters just keep doing those drugs you’re just fine LOL LOL LOL LOL
    me me me me
    Thats what they should call bonanzle me me me me me

    • Guest

      Once again, try to learn English BEFORE you access the internet in your attempt to communicate with the world. You are embarrassing yourself and making a mockery of the English language.
      For crying out loud, go back to school and stay awake this time!

  • American Knight

    Unlike Bonanzle, Atomic Mall has verifiable traffic, but overall its rather low, most sellers report views from Google Analytics as 3-8 visits per day. Bonanzle probably gets even lower because of the Alexa toolbar. That being said neither site can boast about sales, when many critiques place their str below 10%.

    But Atomic Mall may get the upper hand later this year when they roll out their auction format, but that remains to be seen, whether they can actually get people to the site to bid, both sites as well as all so called “alternatives” lack a trust factor in getting people to their respective sites.

  • Guest

    There are a lot more verifiable auction sites out here that really are alternatives to Ebay
    and a lot better selling and buying sites with real traffic than bonanzle and atomic mall
    as Far as Bonanzle and Atomic mall
    Bonanzle is clearly a hoax but does keep true to it being a free selling and buying site
    atomic mall boast it is free and then will not let you finish signing up unless you deposit $10-$150 into their account
    bonanzle is not the best outhere and is not an ebay alternative, but when it comes to bonanzle versus atomic mall LOL
    Bonanzle wins thumbs up, and that is not saying much when bonanzle is a big hoax when it comes to its ratings in how many booths it actually has with sellers and the amount of sales and its traffic, and so on
    same with atomic mall
    Alexa is even a bigger joke

  • Guest

    Why do you have to be so negative?
    The comments here are not actual negative comments as they are true comments from those who had booths there
    They do attack you and enjoy it and I would go as far as saying that Mark? Bill? if they are real?
    are enjoying taking the money from these gullible people who pay to be there and have done a lot of free advertising for bonanzle and atomic mall and let themselves be attacked
    Some of the people at these places are employed/investors
    all the money is on the net now and it is gonna get worse as these greedy bloggers and phoney LOL ebay alternatives? (no auctions but are an alternative?) are popping up hoping the gullible public will fall for their false or half truths and these bloggers (internet mags) are getting a percentage for putting out the false stats
    its the INTERNET PEOPLE you can stick up a bunch of phony auction sites and selling sites they have templates for them and even sell web auction sites and will maintain them for you LOL
    The negativity is bonanzle allowing these people there to harass others
    there are better selling and auction sites out here
    A friend of mine sent me an email he got from mark when my friend complained about getting harassed there mark replied its OK? just ignore it? how do you ignore people who follow you around in there and call you names and come up behind you in a post post nasty words to you and show their clique then delete it? and then be told its OK?
    another good one is they suspend those who defend themselves against the people who have been harassing them and do nothing to the ones who are the problem?
    Something is not right there and now it has come out that they are iBusiness and wordpress also with amazon(aws)
    bonanzle-webstore.com take a look at the pricing to set up with bonanzle?
    It is all a scam
    come home come back to Ebay

  • Guest

    you are so right
    I looked into what you’ve said and Ebay is cheaper, and these hoaxsters are blowing smoke up the bonzule!!
    Plus your items sell there at ebay
    everything is going up food, gas, clothes, look at what these people at bonanzle and atomic mall and the other selling sites are asking for their items and then shipping and handling
    They are making it up in the shipping and handling some are even saying that the S/H is free
    but it is added to the price of the item?
    Ebay actually is protecting the Buyer and seller
    even the bonzlers are fueding over there as their fellow bonzlers rip them off LOL
    just like the other selling sites
    Hey that other post is right also Ebay is cleaning house and the S*um are running to you know where
    Then I went to that bonanzle-website.com address you give and wow look at the prices they ask
    GEEEEEZ!!! yahoo is doing a free set-up (waving the $50) and charging $20-$30 dollars a month to set up at yahoo?? and these bonzlers and others are crying they cannot afford it? it is cheaper at yahoo and Ebay plus google is free at Yahoo and ebay and many other reputable and verifiable selling sites that date back to 1995, 1994, 1993.
    but yet they can do free advertising for ibusiness and word press and amazon(aws) plus pay $10- $20 to be at a place where you are treated like %$#& and not sell
    And selling to fellow sellers at your site who come in under assumed buyers and buy from you plus selling to each other under your name does not count as real traffic stats or sales quotes
    And the owners of these places LOL HUH, DUH wha HUH “Does not compute”

    • Guest

      Just one question.
      Is English your first language, or are you learning as you type your ridiculous post?
      I’m amazed that you are even permitted to use a computer never mind access the internet and communicate(?) with the outside world.

      Good luck with that English thing.

  • Guest

    I dont understand Bonanzle? Whats up with all the people emailing me etc?…I also started http://bidtunnel.com and its like the old ebay but free. I think Bidtunnel is going to be a great ebay alternavie free auction website.At Bidtunnel you can use 5 free pictures and there is no seller fees.Plus sellers can leave neg. feedback if needed.and its paypal intergrated.
    Try it its free and easy http://bidtunnel.com

  • HereUntilSold

    Is Bonanzle a Good Market Place, Yes

    Do you get sales at Bonanzle, Yes

    If Bonanzle Members listed their ID’s when making a complaint would they be Raked over the Coals. Yes … Simple Fact that You can not mention anything other than Rosie Remarks in the Forums or you are sent to Drama or Poofed, With the email treating you like a child or suspending you from Bonanzle.

    I sold on Bonanzle from Feb, 09 until 1 week ago. I had Fun in the Forums and also had the bad times. When anyone started a thread asking for the checkout to be fixed or anything that was needed it was deleted.

    Now all the Thank You Mark and Bill topics seem to rise to the Top. The Boyz work hard 24/7 and they deserve it, only in their mind. So many things need to be fixed there it isn’t funny. So many members and I mean Honest Hard Working members who spend their days promoting Bonanzle for the Boyz, seem to be doing it for nothing. They can’t even get an honest answer anymore.

    Would I sell at Bonanzle again, Absolutely I would if they would let me. The Members there for the most part are Awesome People.

    I would like to see Bill and Mark listen to their customers, the people who put in hundreds of thousands of man hours to make Bonanzle what it is today. Instead of Ignoring any Request to make Bonanzle a more Buyer Friendly Venue.

    Bil and Mark did not Make Bonanzle, They gave the members a foothold to stand on, then the Members Built Bonanzle into what it is Today.

  • chacacabru

    >Just one question.
    Is English your first language, or are you learning as you type your ridiculous post?
    I’m amazed that you are even permitted to use a computer never mind access the internet and communicate(?) with the outside world.

    Good luck with that English thing.< Is this all you can do mark, bill, tom who ever you are?
    Going around calling people names bullying people and making up fictitious stories about how you started from looking for a place to sell your left over house wares LOL
    You are a character. We all know you are ibusiness and wordpress and got a bunch of psychos to do free advertising for you
    Defermation of character is only illegal If it is not true and when it is true its called “get help”


    (Is Bonanzle a Good Market Place, Yes

    Do you get sales at Bonanzle, Yes

    If Bonanzle Members listed their ID’s when making a complaint would they be Raked over the Coals. Yes … Simple Fact that You can not mention anything other than Rosie Remarks in the Forums or you are sent to Drama or Poofed, With the email treating you like a child or suspending you from Bonanzle.)

    LOL LOL LOL If they would let me sell there again I would LOL LOL
    hereuntilsold LOL LOL are you for real LOL LOL
    (Would I sell at Bonanzle again, Absolutely I would if they would let me. The Members there for the most part are Awesome People.

    I would like to see Bill and Mark listen to their customers, the people who put in hundreds of thousands of man hours to make Bonanzle what it is today. Instead of Ignoring any Request to make Bonanzle a more Buyer Friendly Venue.

    Bil and Mark did not Make Bonanzle, They gave the members a foothold to stand on, then the Members Built Bonanzle into what it is Today.) LOL LOL hahahahahahahahahaha
    this webnews article is so funny LOL LOL any time me and all these others go in to bonanzle all you and them do is cry about no sales attack newbies and LOL this is so funny LOL LOL
    and it seems that there is no bill or mark just some old wallet photos from sears of 2 bald guys LOL LOL Im your friend im your friend what your not gonna buy my dirty laundry get otta here
    LOL LOL come on everyone get them they just came here to sell
    don’t they know we are it LOL LOL

  • Randy

    Hi, I just found this article. I dont know what the one slightly incoherent reader was saying about Atomicmall.com charging a fee? to close your store ?? That is completely not true, and they don’t require any payment at sign up either. I registered using my credit card and built my shop there with 200 (207 actually) items and never had to pay a nickel. Not real clear what tha t fellow was talking about, but his post was barely legible so I may have not gotten his point exactly right.

    Anyway, I am signed up with both sites + Wensy and Bonz was originally my favorite. Now I favor Atomic Mall mainly because of the difference in sales. Both sites have it on the ball, but I really like the look and feel of A.M. a bit better. It jusT seems a little more intuitive and easy to nav, but of course everyones mileage varies. I Love the new features also and lately have made more sales by taking offers and dickering than direct sales. What fun! Wensy is good also but mainly for more specialized things like collectible items.

    All in all they are all good alts to ebay. Uggh!! never again Mr. Donahoe!

  • Guest

    Bonanzle is not a auction site if you like the way the old ebay was checkout tgosell sell the way you wish.

  • Guest

    have you ever heard of penny auctions? One such place is a penny auction site called www.Bidito.com that allows users to sell products. They also do an auction similar to ebay that don’t let last second bidders by increasing the time. It’s perfect for sellers, buyers, everybody.

  • Harv

    I really like Bonazle, its different than ebay and amazon and hard to figure out at first, but the people here respond fast to your questions and seem to really care. With ebay fees out of control, its about time, someone like Bonanzle comes along and allows people to list for free. Great job and we can deal with the other problems.

  • Paul

    pricefalls.com is another eBay alt that has been growing pretty rapidly. Every time I go back there to look for items their site has evolved dramatically. By the way, they work on a Dutch Auction system, which is pretty interesting.

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