Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors

Company Approaching Milestones After a Year

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Bonanzle has been around for a year now (out of beta). We’ve been watching it grow for the better part of this year at least. 

Now the company says it is quickly approaching several milestones. Co-founder Mark Dorsey tell WebProNews that Bonanzle is just days away from welcoming its 100,000th registered user, for one.
Mark Dorsey

According to the site Power Sellers Unite, Bonanzle is a little over 100,000 listings away from becoming the top alternative to eBay. Right now, it is only behind eBid, and of course eBay itself.

eBay appears to even be recognizing Bonanzle as legitimate competition. A new survey from the company asked participants which other websites they use  to sell items, and it listed Amazon Marketplace, Overstock, Craigslist, personal website/online store, and Bonanzle.


Bonanzle is currently developing an API that will allow third party developers to develop tools to enhance users’ Bonanzle experience. This is expected to launch by the end of September. Bonanzle also recently launched an affiliate program called the "Syndicated Seller" program.

Bonanzle previously told WebProNews that it doesn’t really focus on competing with eBay. They said this competition was something that was probably paid more attention to by users than themselves.

Bonanzle Standing Out Among eBay Competitors
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  • Guest

    I am a seller on bonanzle and what you see is not always what you get. yes there is almost 100 thousand members but there are many inactive ones, and many sellers that have asked for there booth to be closed completly and support will not close them because of the number of sellers will decrease. There are many items that are just imported and dumped and fakes and other things but they will not get removed because of the numbers.

    so if they cleaned house over there then the numbers would drastically be reduced.

    One other thing that i find distrubing is that the feed back over there is manipulated. If someone gets a bad feedback they wine to the forums or support and say they did nothing wrong and the buyers feed back gets removed. Tell me how any one else can determine if the buyer had a bad experience or the seller was not up to their expectations.

    so never look at the sellers feedback and say oh 100 percent and think nothing can go wrong. they remove feedback all the time.

    so the feedback is fake, the listing numbers are not right as they wont remove items that need to be, and the member numbers are not right as they wont remove sellers that ask to be removed or ones that just abandoned the site and never came back.

    I like the place only of the socical networking aspect of it, sales are next to nothing but it is a place to go and chit chat.

    • Guest

      what R U so angry about…Bonanzle is a great place to buy and sell

      • Guest

        No, boner – nanzle is a great place to LIST. Maybe to buy, sure. But to sell? Not much. It’s mostly sellers selling to sellers. Which means:
        Seller A sells to seller B.
        Seller B sells to seller A.

        So – in essence, seller A and seller B basically just traded items, and both are out shipping. Not much profit in doing that long term, now is there?

        Sure, the buyers ARE trickling in from google, but it’s slow, and THAT entirely depends on US spending half (or more) of our waking hours PROMOTING, PROMOTING PROMOTING. Guess what?

        IT’S NOT WORTH IT! Until the little fellas running the joint are willing to PAY FOR SOME FRIGGING ADVERTISING, it’s going to go down the drain.

        Meteoric rise in members, eh? BUll crappy, m’dear! There are less than 20,000 active members on that website, most likely less! And yes, I DO HAVE TIME TO COUNT – it’s not like there are enough sales to keep me busy, righto?

        So – again, have some Kool Aid.

        • Guest

          @GUEST, Sounds like you are a disgruntled seller that is never going to be happy anywhere, unless everything is handed to you on a Silver Platter! WELL YOU KNOW WHAT on Bonanzle you do have to promote your booth,as I have been doing for 1 year now,and I have made many sales on Bonanzle promoting and advertising my store the same way I would if I had A store in the mall!
          OUR LITTLE fellas (AS YOU SO FONDLY CALLED THEM) have done their up most and provided us with all kinds of tools to promote our booth, And still continue to do!
          AND if you have time to Count from 1 to almost 100,000 users in the period of 1 year,Then you had time to promote your booth as the rest the rest of us has done and NOT RELY ON YOUR neighbor to do all the work for you! When I signed up for Bonanzle no one promised me A Rose Garden IN FULL BLOOM,I had to grow it on my own!AND THAT AIN’T NO BULL CRAP,my dear!!
          So to you I say to you looks like you drank the wrong KOOL-AID and it left a venom,That is spewing out of both sides of your mouth!

          • I am the venom spewer.

            Caps lock, honey, just on the left side of the keyboard! ๐Ÿ˜€ There ya go!

            I have promoted my booth, I even paid for an ad MYSELF without begging for help from other users in the largest newspaper in my state. And that ad didn’t say a WORD about me as an individual, I did it all for Bonanzle as a whole. I’ve spent a minimum of 6 hours every day/night JUST promoting. That doesn’t count listing time. Promotion works, yes, I do agree. I am simply curious as to why Bonanzle won’t support us, after more than a year by paying for some advertising. Are we not worth it?

            Imagine the influx of customers at this time of year with well placed advertising! My best sales are currently at Atomic Mall – and those folks who run it ARE paying for advertising. Sales are picking up like mad over there. I’m still listing at Bonanzle because I DO want to see it succeed. I just wish that we, the sellers, could get some backup from the admin there.

            Now, relax, take a deep breath. I’d hate to see that kool aid go down the wrong hole! Keep getting angry over someone elses opinions and yes, that will look so very good for people reading this who MIGHT be interested in checking out bonanzle! Let’s be a touch professional.

          • http://www.webpronews.com Bob Watson

            Good eBay Alternatives:

            Comparing websites to sell on (NO… eBay is NOT #1 !)

            Computerworld surveyed over 20,000 sellers in the last year (2008-2009), about their experiences on online selling. Here are the results!


            The website you DON’T WANT TO SELL ON IS EBAY. They care a rat’s fart about sellers, have no customer support, and you will be suspended for simply selling a pencil. Of course, they keep your positive seller account balance, and will never reinstate you again, after following their bogus eBay fax document reinstatement process. eBay shares have risen, based on speculating Amazon will buy out eBay. RATING: F


            Until Warner Bros. recently took over ioffer, it was not a bad site to get a bargain. Now Warner Brothers and other so-called “eat-my-own-puke” C.O.P.S. will suspend you, even if you list 100% legitimate factory-sealed original & authentic merchandise. Positive account fees of suspended ioffer sellers are refunded, though. A sheer waste of time website. Rating: D-


            Wannabe ebay site. No traffic, no sales, just some so-called customer support reps, who will put your account on hold or suspend you for no reason, whatsoever. Don’t buy a seller+ lifetime ebid membership. Why should you? Too expensive, to pay $59 flat just to be suspended and then file a Paypal claim against them, to get your money back. Lacking customer support. Ebid behaves as if its the next ebay, but doesn’t live up to it. Time and money waster. Avoid! RATING: E


            No customer service, almost as bad as ebay, horrific website design.
            Don’t bother. No hits, no traffic, no sales. A shameful waste of time. Avoid it. Rating: F


            Fun and easy to use website. Very low final value fees for sellers. Keep out of disputes between buyers and sellers. Will only suspend you, if you directly steal money from buyers, and don’t deliver goods. Great customer support. Let’s you import feedback from other websites, treat people with respect and courtesy. Plain and simple fun. Rating B.


            Where else can you sell anything 100% free? No listing fees, no FVF, a haven for sellers of anything. Fantastic customer support, will remove unjustified or retaliatory negative buyer feedback (since sellers cannot leave feedback for buyers). Easy to use, import items and set up shop. Again, THERE ARE NO SELLER FEES. Top rated website, the number one alternative to any other website for sellers on the internet to date. Rating A.

          • Anonymous cuz I’m scared of the eebies… lol

            Thank you for that Bob! ๐Ÿ˜€

            Love that “A” rating by eCrater! :) :) :)

  • http://www.bonanzle.com/booths/chicagobelow cb on bonanzle

    Bonanzle has other marketplace beat on certain features. I do believe that in time, Bonanzle can be bigger than ebay.

  • http://www.bikeshopcastlehill.com.au Home Solar Power Systems

    Bonanzle is the best ebay alternative. Bonanzle also has booths, which is their own version of an online store. It is like the storefronts we find on eBay and other alternatives

  • Guest

    I list on bonanzle (minimal sales there) – I’m one of the sellers who had multiple booths and ended up wanting to close 4 of them. The so called “boyz” will NOT delete the booths, they are still listed as ‘active sellers’ and ‘active booths’, and I know many others who’ve told me the same thing. It’s a NUMBERS game, and yeah baby, drink the kool aid. Keep believing it all.

    Why will the gentlemen in charge NOT spend a single penny on advertising? They’ve pulled in plenty in fees and membership fees. They can afford to do it. No – they expect the sellers to do all the work for them, while they sit there, fiddling with code and figuring that’s enough to justify their existence. It’s not.

    Give us something in return for our hours and hours and hours of promotion, both online and in real life. PROVE that you give a damn if we can survive on the pittance we make selling to OTHER SELLERS. THEN, and only then, with the little boyz running bonanzle get even a modicum of respect from me.

    as for you cheerleaders, hey, check it out! the Kool Aid is over there, go take a nice big drink!

  • Guest

    Bonanzle provides the framework for a person to sell their wares. You do have to do the promotion of your booth.
    I am on several sites and the sales are slow for all of them too. I cant blame the site owners or administrators for the fact that my items are slow in seling.
    The other sites I am on do all the advertising, all the promoting, and I have sold 2 items off them, and 11 on Bonanzle doing my own promotions.
    People are not buying like they used to, myself included. If you are offering collectibles or jewelry it is a hard time to be in that line of products. People are cutting down on frivolous purchases.
    If you read the news, you will find examples of the economy still being in the dumps. If people have less discretionary income to spend, they most likey will not spend it on items they dont really need right now. I know I dont.
    I have seen people lash out at everything and everybody because they are not making money. The time to blame everyone else is past.
    Time to look to yourself to find the answers on how to make money.

  • Guest

    Every site you go to sellers sell to sellers. Most every time I sell on my other site it is to a buyer but after looking at their feedback it is also a seller usually.

    Yes, Bonanzle has a select group of people that make socializing selling games of it but it is SELECT.

    There are many, many booths that are showing their signs of taking off from the business that is coming our way!! And yes we have had to advertise but I’ll tell you this. I gained a lot of knowledge in how to advertise and by this was indirectly made aware that I had not been promoting my other website elsewhere like it could have been. I was given no tools and no information. And now here at Bonanzle I have those tools and information. Matter of fact, more than enough :)

    I have also spent a lot of late night hours up on Bonanzle and I just do not see empty booths. I am sure there are a few abandoned ones or a few with hardly anything in there, in which many sites have sellers where there are only a few items. But I just do not see empty booths like is being said here.

    If new folks are reading this, come on in and visit Bonanzle. We welcome you. We offer easy contact for customers. We are a friendly and fun community. We want your business and we appreciate it. You are not just a number to us. Be there!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Of course you do not just SEE them. What you have to do is look at People – run a geographic search. Any area will do. Then, from the results, just start clicking on them. You’ll see TONS of inactive users with empty booths. Because, I’m sure you are smart enough to be aware that if a booth is EMPTY, only the booth owner can SEE it. Right? You knew that, I just know you did!

  • http://www.renagadesrelics.com Renagade

    Congrats to Bill and Mark and all the crew…..your hard work and dedication is starting to pay off. The site has seen good days and bad, and has suffered some growing pains and will have some more.
    Many of us sellers who have been there from the beginning can tell you just how much work we all have put into growing this site. When we talk growth, it is not so much about the numbers but as it is about the viabilty of the site as a true competitor in the tough world of eccommerce.
    Is Bonanzle for every seller? …NO. No more than eBay, or any other of the marketplaces.
    Is Bonanzle a easy place to sell on? NO. It takes work, but you know, so do the other sites. The days of list and forget are gone.
    Is Bonanzle a buyers market? You bet. You can find many quality items and sellers who still believe in customer service.
    I find it sad that you have so many whiney people in the world that have nothing better to do than to slam this Site , and other marketplaces, because they are not raking in the sales. And I also find it sad that they are too ashamed to state who they are.
    I AM the Renagade …And before any one calls me a ‘cheerleader’ or offers me ‘Koolaid’ I recommend you research me first….I am FAR from it.
    But I am big enough to know no site is going to do the work for me…it is up to me, and I also know a winning site when I see one.
    Again …CONGRATS Bill and crew!
    Now …excuse me …I sold some items last night Bonanzle…and I have to get it in the mail today.

    • Jenn Moore

      You state: But I am big enough to know no site is going to do the work for me…it is up to me,

      I ask: Why? Ebay (the old ebay we all loved) used to do the work for us and it worked out great to everyone’s advantage. WHY are our expectations lowered now? Why shouldn’t Bonanzle put a bit of money into advertising to benefit everyone, but especially us, the sellers who have worked out butts off for over a year? Why do we expect less of Bonanzle management then we used to expect from venues that worked so well for us?

      When Bonanzle (as an entity) is willing to put their money where their mouth is, then I might stand up and support them in public forums such as this one. Until they put up, ………I’ll just shut up!

      • Guest

        An “empty booth” is a buyer who registered and gave themselves a user name.

      • Guest

        When was the last time you saw or heard an eBay ad?

        I remember IT from years gone by and SHOP VICTORIOUSLY, also years ago.

        None of the selling sites seem to do any advertising other than dropping spam via email.

      • Somebody’s Mother

        I agree that there is no point reinventing a wheel that simply needed to be put round again.

        Some of the website’s seller functions remain awkward, even though there is software to ease these bumps. The glitches are irritating.

        How many non-members can actually figure out the sort of screwy reverse auction set up? If we could have the old Ebay, with sensible seller policies, and the old Ebay discussion boards, Bonanzle (or whateverle) would make hash of Ebay.

        Boys will be Boyz – Maybe some non-sycophant Mamas are needed as advisors.

  • http://www.keralahoneymoonpackage.com/ Pravesh Pushp

    great achievement, congras to Bonanzle

  • Guest

    There were less than 1700 members when I joined Bonanzle. I totally agree that Bonanzle is not all it’s cracked up to be. Support is so limited as to be non-existant, even after repeated emails.

    My booth is currently empty (again). Occassionally I go list a few things, then remember why I left in the first place. It’s just sellers selling to other sellers. There may be a few people who are getting those sales, but the vast majority does not.

    It’s been up to each seller to make sure their stock was uploaded to Google and other search engines. They tout how quick it is to list an item – I guess so, you only get so much to work with and 4 photos per item, you do all your own advertizing and then they want to take a cut if you happen to sell anything. Sure it’s not much, but give me a break. Go to eCrater with 10 photos, No fees, and search uploads provided. Sales are Mucho better!

    • Guest

      I agree with all – except ecrater sales…but that is my own fault for not spending enough time listing there. Once I get a decent amount of product listed, I’m betting things will pick up.

      for the others – I agree with the kool-aid postings. Drink it in ignorance and keep on smiling!

  • Mendozam

    I joined Bonanzle way back in August last year – when it was still in Beta. I don’t know where this nonsense about “sellers selling to sellers” is coming from. I think less than 3% of the things I’ve sold on Bonanzle has been to other sellers. The vast majority of my buyers come in off of Google searches -many making their first (and second and third) Bonanzle purchases. I’ve had more repeat buyers on Bonanzle than on 9 years of eBay, but these people seem to be buyers only- mostly collectors. I see people say that it’s all sellers selling to sellers – but I haven’t see it play out. Sellers just generally DON’T buy. They won’t buy something they can find on their own. Think about it. That’s why they sell.

    • Guest

      go to the forums at bonanzle – read! Key word: READ. Then tell me that it’s not sellers selling to sellers. Of the 187 sales I have had since August 08, 160 of them came in Aug, Sept, Oct and Nov 08 TO OTHER SELLERS. Then I stopped wasting HOURS a day in the forums chatting and playing and making nice. I’ve had 27 sales in the last 8 months, all to anon buyers. If I were to go and conform, and make nice nice with the other sellers again, spend all my waking hours pretending I give a flip about the other sellers and their families and jobs and lives and troubles and all that jazz, my sales would pick up again.

  • Allan Kraig

    When they decide to start having regular auctions, I will start listing there .. they need them to get some ACTION stirred up .. otherwise the listings will just set there with no activity .. if the buyers know they may snipe a deal there then they will show up .. there are many smaller auction sites growing FAST because of the now void caused by eBay going to fixed mostly price listings .. bonanzle go to auctions & let the fun begin .. I will commit to 1000 listings if they do ..

    • http://brewstersgiftshop.com chris

      I’ve seen it mentioned over and over again about Bonzile, Ecrater and other sites as being an auction site. If you’ve been able to place a bid on any of these sites please let me know. I like Bonzile and the others but I can’t say I’ve sold a whole lot.

      These aren’t auction sites they are set a price and forget it site there is no bidding. They are great as a store front but there is no excitement from the AM I GOING TO WIN THIS AUCTION reaction.

      I’m not much of a fan as far as how ebay has treated its smaller sellers, but it is still a True Auction Style site.

  • Guest

    Bonanzle is so far behind its not even funny. They won’t close out a members booth, so they can keep padding the membership. What a joke!

    If you want sales, go to Atomic Mall. Advertising is there, google feeds sent for you automatically. Paypal, google checkout, amazon payments, checks, money orders, it there for you to use. They have so many seller tools its unbelievable. Super easy site to list on. None of the problems and complaints that are constantly being discussed on Bonz.

    Bonz is a bunch of mumbo jumbo that does’nt work half the time. “But the boyz have it all under control” I think not.
    Keep playing your little games on the forums, and promoting the Bonanzle name, so when you do actually make a sale, you get to give a chunk of it to the boyz. You’re going to the poor house, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

    When are you people going to wake up and realize you don’t mean squat to Bonz?
    Oh and if you need more Kool-Aid or Pom Poms, I’m selling them like hotcakes in my Atomic Mall store.

    • Guest

      Atomic mall look like a kid’s scratch book.The pages are ugly & clunkered.Very difficult to list,problem with internet explorer.To list a single item takes 1 day.You cannot compare to bonanzle in
      quality may be another crappy site ebay alternative which won’t last long.

      • Guest

        none of what you are saying about atomic mall is true.

        • Guest

          yes its true.Please look at atomic mall .its the ugliest site I have ever seen.If you don’t believe people just take a look at that site.Creepy Halloween like site.

    • Guest

      Wow what sour grapes I LOVE BONAZLE very great admins and members. Yes they charge a small fvf but what I have sold their I have a lot more of the sale in my pocket not so with the other venue I use to sell on I would pay way too much to them. So I am the one loving to go to the bank. Bonanzle is doing such a great job its to bad they have to put up with this type of ridiculous bashing of thier GREAT site.

  • snaggletooth

    Bonanzle could be a good place but it needs a good house cleaning

    get rid of

    empty booths
    stupid listings that have outrageous prices like $100,000 for a dollar item
    how-to listings
    look at my dog photo listings
    my policy listings
    where I ship to listings

    you get the idea


    yes, I am shouting because I can!!!!!

    too many know-it-all’s and they know nothing ( read the forums )

    advertise the joint

    and who cares what kind of cookie you like to eat or what toilet paper you use……..get real people

    stop complaining about buyers, they can read too!!!!

    you complain and I no buy from you!!!!!!

    • Marc Kuhlman

      You are so right on every freaking count!

  • Jenny

    After its first year, Bonanzle seems to have been able to consolidate what it started to do, to offer an alternative ecommerce site for small and medium size seller without the heavy “front loading” of expenses for them.

    The free store set up is attractive and easy for a beginner to use and the end fees on sale are considerably lower than eBay.

    As Bonanzle continues to grow, it is taking its place amongst the leading alternatives to eBay, which had previously dominated this area of the ecommerce market.

    It is sad to see criticisms of the site, which does not cost any seller money to list. It is not perfect, but no site is. Its price (free) does give sellers time to give it a good chance and maintain listings.

    The Bonanzle phenomen is part of the new ecommerce scene in which will no longer be dominated by just one name, as in the past.

    As online purchasing continues to grow, we are already seeing a change in the selling pattern. People are leaving the either/or choice behind and opting for using several different sites to advertise their products. Buyers are getting used to having various options to search from, albeit a little more slowly than the sellers, but they will surely follow their lead in time.

    As the internet reaches a wider audience than ever before and is constantly growing, there is room for several similar sites to ebay and they will all find their niche. It looks as Bonanzle and eCrater, to name but two, already have, and others will follow

    The trend however will be away from the old comfortable pattern of having everything on one site. and for more attractive offers for sellers to use alternatives, without exclusivity. Both buyers and sellers will need to adjust to the future of ecommerce and recognise that Times, they are a changin.

  • Guest

    First, congratulations to Bonanzle for a job well done!

    No question that the selling environment on the internet is changing, and Bonanzle had the foresight to see it coming. You cannot argue with the phenomenal growth. Bonanzle is the newest of all the competing selling venues and they are fast rising to the top.

    To those with unsubstantiated complaints, I suspect you don’t have what it takes to sell online anywhere except ebay where the site runs your business for you and charges huge fees to do it.

  • Guest

    5 months ago, One seller was closed down on Bonanzle, not just 1 Booth, but three booths. A complaint came into bonazle support about their listing. copywrite infringments were sighted as the reason. Selling Tools, Jewelry and Toys, all on the same day.
    The double standards on Bonanzle mean that this seller gets closed down, but other sellers can list the exact same items with the same descriotions, and remain open.
    It’s time Bonanzle got their policies for such in order.

    Freedome of Speach does not exist in the forums. Bonanzle members are not allowed too discuss anything that appears negitive or any problems on the site. The posts are either sent too Drama or deleted. A great way for a sight too grow, hide all the problems from wiew so it appears as though everything is “hunky dorie”

    Bonanzle have still a long way too go before most prople will see them as a venue of the future.

    • http://dropshipgiftbasket.com Chris

      Yes Ebay is still King as far as traffic and pure selling numbers. If you open a website and there’s bad press or issues with your site do YOU want people blabbing all over about the issues. Probably not. Every site on the WWW has its own set of difficulties and it doesn’t sur[rise me to see a little SPIN being put on out there about any website out there.

    • Guest

      People have to remember that when posting on a company’s/individual’s site that freedom of speech doesn’t apply. The owner has every right to edit content as they see fit because it belongs to them. Posting on someone else’s site isn’t a right. Its no different than if someone walked into McDonalds & started talking about how terrible the food is. The manager isn’t just going to allow the person to continue the negativity. They’d be asked to leave & if they refused the store would have every right to ban them from coming back. It might not always be fair or what we agree with but when you’re a guest in someone else’s house you have to play by their rules or leave if you don’t like it.

      • Guest/Owner

        Thank you for the Post: People have to remeber that… Being a business owner and working between Retail and Wholesale clients I can 100% say you will never satisfy every customer, which is normal, and why there are more than one outlet for the same/similar goods and services in every market area. Regardless of the owners care for the customer and willingness to be fair and legally correct some percentage of customers/clients will not be, nor never be, satisfied. No one is in a flawless business and no one can change a situation that just happened 1 second ago. 99% of those who were not satisfied want to exert tons of energy in trying to degrade your business, often unjust and unfair. I feel sorry for the consumers today who I feel are feeling some backlash (in jobs available, income earned, benefits, and loyalty of their companies they work for) all because a small percentage of consumers want to go through great efforts of degrading and even trying to close down these companies who do their fair share of creating jobs, income, and contribute to their own communities. All along they sit hundreds of miles away in their tiny little rooms with a computer and feel knowledgable enough to degrade a company over one experience. Bring on the day when a #1 position in business is just a goal the COMPANY strives for (not a consumers target to knock off) and being in the top 100 means you are still a good company. And, those who just contribute negatively find themselves burried deep in the black hole of the web they have created.

    • Guest

      I have listed both on eBay and Bonanzle, and I can tell you from experience that eBay is far worse! I know SEVERAL sellers that where shut down for policy violations on eBay. The worst thing right now is Avon. If you sell collectibles, then sooner or later you will sell something made by Avon.

      Here lies the problem, selling new Avon IS a policy violation; however, OLD Avon, is a COLLECTIBLE. Now, a lot of people are turning in other collectible sellers for policy violations (vero?).

      Even though technically it’s NOT a violation to sell old Avon, if you are turned in for it your listing is AUTOMATICALY removed and you are slapped with a violation. Yes, in TIME this will be ,or should I say, should be lifted. However, it takes time! AND your violation is there for all to see; you have lost money on the listing and your credibility is stained.

      I think when someone turns someone else in like this, and it is found out that it was not a violation, the person/ business who turned you in should be completely kicked off of eBay, or any place else it happens.

      Bonanzle, so far, has treated me well…much better than eBay has treated me. But I love both! I sincerely hope eBay gets it together. And, I also hope Bonanzle gives a good run for their money!

    • Guest

      Oh for pete’s sake when are you going to stop repeating this topic of yours. You post it all the time at Bonanzle, and every other place that you sell. Who cares, not me nor anyone else. The only thing that changes with your post is how many months ago it happened. Let it go. If Bonanzle is so bad then why are you still there? You are always in the help forums, you hide behind a name with nothing in your booth. It appears to me that you are just disgruntled because you where not following the TOS that everyone has to abide by.
      I love Bonanzle, I sell daily, usually 2-3 items. I don’t play games, I don’t post much in forums. I do list my items, and sell them. I also promote when I can. All of my sales come from google with the exception of a few from sellers who choose to buy things from me.
      Now if you can act like a grownup, list your items to sell, and behave yourself as to the terms that Bonanzle has in place maybe they will let you add them in again. If not, then why keep beating a dead horse.

    • Guest

      I have found the opposite to be true. On Bonanzle we have a community like in no other place. We make new friends, we comment on each other’s booths, on other booths. I also list on eBay and have found them to be cut throat. Communicating with other sellers is not encouraged. eBay owns Paypal and if there is ever a dispute the buyer wins no matter how much documentation you present to the contrary. When you complain to eBay or PayPal they have a standardized form letter mailed out to you. I have personally listed items of various natures on both sides and have never had my ads yanked by Bonanzle or eBay. Bonanzle is cheaper and they present their items in a way where you can compare prices at your whim. And if you dare to sell copyrighted items then you deserve what you get because there is no excuse for that. I do believe that Bonanzle will be the top competitor for eBay. They just need to get more advertising out there so that people realize that there is a viable and cheaper alternative to buy and to pay for thei goods.

  • http://www.baconsdozen.co.uk BACONS DOZEN

    If you want to see how worried ebay is about ebid,Ecrater or any of the other auction site just praise them on the ebay forums and see how quickly your posting is removed.
    To further test the water,post telling everyone they are a load of rubbish and the post will stay.
    I think ebay has now reached the point of no return,in a year or so it will be simply another Amazon or virtual shopping mall.Boring.

  • http://www.gardeningabc.net/ Gardening ABC

    It’s about time that ebay should have some serious competition. I hope bonanzle continue to grow enough to compete with ebay.

    • Guest

      Ditto to that! I’ve been saying for years now that someone is going to come along and give ebay a run for their money because no one can be #1 forever!

  • Guest

    If it came down to choosing whether to list on eBay or having a garage sale, I’ll free up my Saturday mornings. If it came down to choosing between eBay and giving it away, someone is fixin’ to get Lucky. So far I’ve had nothing but a positive experience from Bonanzle.

    I’ve sold lots of things on eBay in the past- enough to become a powerseller. Here’s the ironic part though- I’ve only bought 2 items on eBay: One, a Sprint cell phone and the other a vacuum cleaner- guess what? I never received either item. On an unrelated note I did manage to get my account suspended because… well, i never really did figure out why, exactly.

    If you own stock in eBay, it’s time to SELL because they are HISTORY.

    • Kim

      MANY venues out there to choose from. Been on Ebay for 5 yrs & in meantime checking on other venues too. Sales are down everywhere. No matter where you are at, you will have to work it to get them sales & be selling things that people want too. I listed 5 things on Ebay & at the same time started 2 items in my booth at Bonanzle. Within 2 days I had a sale at Bonanzle & at ebay I finally made 1 sale 7 days later. But, I made much more at Bonanzle than Ebay due to insertion fees, final sale fees, paypal fees—at Bonanzle you have more choices in the dept of how money may be accepted. Another thing is if the customer wants insurance at Bonanzle on an item shipping they can have it without making it an extra ‘add in’ fee somewhere in the listing. Also, if you watch closely to how many people visited, well…in the amount of time I have had things at Bonanzle I have had more visits there than I did within the week I had things listed on Ebay. I roamed ebay 1 day & checked on past sales for items I was selling. Hardly any sales…keep in mind, they are down everywhere on the net. But, I was still able to see some differences in the lil bit I have done. At Bonanzle it is a very much more comfortable atmosphere, you get answers to questions whether it is from the community there or from support. And, you don’t wait forever to get your answers either. They stay rt on top of things which is good. Like any other place there will always be kinks to work out & the sight is different to sell at. But, that will be the same everywhere. Just got use to how ebay did it is all. I still think venturing away from ebay was a good move & will be noticable too:)

      • Guest

        I feel the registered user number given by Bonanzle is skewed & manipulated by site admin, claiming anon users as registered users and tallying dormant and abandoned accounts. & Most hard corp. Bonz pushers have 4 5 6 accounts, so the membership number touted by Bonanzle is deceiving.

        Realistically Bonanzle’s appeal is cheap and dumpy items basically given away or traded.

        A poorly photographed site full of garage sale rejected items.

        Bonanzle is a site plagued with game after game, social misconduct & disastrous forum decorum.

        If you are online for hobby purposes & looking for chat room like entertainment & interested in trading your used potholder for someones used eggbeater, Bonanzle isn’t a site to seriously do on line commerce.

        I inquired in the forums on Bonanzle, how to successfully sell an item. General consensus from multiple users~ 1. list hundreds of items 2. play all the games 3. have huge discounted sales 4. spend hours promoting in the forums on craigslist and twitter & viola! YOU too can sell 10 bucks a week.

        Could you be a Bonz success? sure, but how much time are you willing to invest to promote yourself?

        Promoting yourself is key for any site you list on, so triple that time for Bonanzle and make your item 2 or 3 bucks with free shipping.

        Mr Dorsey gets paid a buck either way

        Remember Kiddies, you get what you pay for.

  • Guest

    Wow … so much hate and hostility here … FeeBay loves this im sure … Who cares who is bigger, what, why, or where … There are lots of alternatives. Utilize the one that serves you the best and move on already … www.ecrater.com … www.alsoshop.com … www.blujay.com … www.atomicmall.com … www.ebid.com … www.plunderhere.com … thats just a few. I get sales on them all. Lots of sales? Not hardly. A sale is a sale is a sale.

  • Guest

    I’ve been on Ebay for years and while sales are down this year compared to last year, I’d take that over my zero sales on Bonanzle any day. I joined Bonanzl months ago after all the hype, wasted hours of my time trying to network and promote – nothing. Not a single sale. All I saw were disgruntled Ebay members who wanted to complain about Ebay. What a waste of time as far as I’m concerned. Ebay is still the place for me.

  • http://www.turkishsweethomes.com Altinkum properties

    Never heard of it but will be certainly taking a look now to see what all the hype is about.

  • http://www.professionalav.com Guest

    Bonanzle? They do not do any promotion for your items at all, except to let you list in Google products. No sale for 6 months. We list all projection screens and other av products in our own website www.professionalav.com.

  • Tim

    I’m a traffic provider and was set up with an account but every time I tried to set up the affiliate account it just loaded incorrectly or said there was a problem with my browser.

    I gave up.

  • Guest

    Decent enough site to list on, particularly since it’s free and relatively easy to use, but don’t expect to sell much. Since March of this year I have sold 13 items, and 12 of them were sold between March and April, when I was fairly active on the forums and played a couple of the ‘games’– all but one of those 12 sales were to other sellers on the site. At the end of August I finally made another sale, for a low dollar item, to a buyer who found the item via Google. To go from April to August without a sale is not really… good.

    eBay, on the other hand, continues to provide me with steady income and none of the problems that others seem to encounter(for which I realize I’m lucky, because I know those problems absolutely exist). I think part of the problem with sites like Bonanzle is that buyers are often reluctant to purchase from “unknown” sites, and since Bonanzle refuses to advertise themselves and leaves that task to their member base– many of whom have no clue about effective, proper advertising– buyers simply pass it on by. eBay has name recognition, though of course their reputation has fallen in recent years due to their own actions– but the buyer base is still there regardless.

    If Bonanzle were to put a little effort in to making their site KNOWN as a viable competitor, I imagine we’d see a rise in shoppers to the site, but until that happens I’ll continue to list my best items on eBay, where I know they’ll sell. Bonanzle is a good place to park stuff that you don’t care how long it has to sit around before someone comes along to buy it.

  • Guest

    I have been selling and buying on ebay for about 5 years now, and other then the sluggish economy, it has always gone fairly well. I have listed in 4 booths on Bonanzle since about Jan. and have made 2 sales. At first , I started working promo’s with the people blogs, but it is a long time process, and seems to be more clickish then anything else. I will leave my items on Bonanzle for the time being, but after the Xmas season, if sales are not even a little better , will shut them down. To be honest about it all, I have started 3 of my own web sites, done far less promational work with them and am selling about 20 times more there then Bonanzle or ebay. To me, building your own web sites, and doing your homework there, takes no longer then either of the other places, with far more rewards. It does take time and persistance however, but in the end is really worth it to me. I pay NO fees to sell, list or anything else. I can take checks, money orders , or of course paypal.

    My advise to all and any out there who really want to sell on the net , would be to creat, build and continue to promote your own web site. Once you are established, it is really worth it. The pride and satisifaction will belong to you, and only you. You will then earn all of your sales, and if your really selling things that people want, they will come back and back. I even talk to a lot of my customers on the phone and make sure my jewelry is the right size or color or what ever for their needs. When you think of how much time you spend on the fee pay or bonana or what ever, just imagine how much you could accomplish on your own for your own site ! You can see one of my sites here: www.southwestjewelryatitsbest.com

  • Guest

    I love Bonanzle .. But until they start advertising – The sales will be minimal. (Even with sellers promoting their own booths)…I know there are a handful of sellers who are busy …But the majority of sellers are not……Bonanzle cannot stay in business with only a handful of sellers doing well.

    I see banner ads all over the internet for other venues (E bidz and Ebay)…I see ads for Ebay mostly. I wish I saw Bonanzle banners.

    The truth is – That people (Potential customers) don’t know about Bonanzle and they should.

    I hope Bonanzle will seriously consider the importance of an advertising campaign ….. Especially with the Holidays being right around the corner.

    This is why people are still selling on venues they dislike (Such as Amazon and Ebay)… They have the traffic….They have sales. They advertise. Potential customers have heard of them.

    This is extremely important.

    • Guest

      eBay & Amazon advertise with your money- all the insane fees. Why not purchase your own adwords if you want that so badly? You buy them for eBay and the whole of eBay benefits buy them to benefit only you.

  • Guest

    I saw, I listed, I promoted away at Bonanzle to no avail. There are no sales there to speak of so I am listing away elsewhere again. The management of Bonanzle needs to pick up some of the advertising and promotion of Bonanzle, other than that if you don’t mind super slow sales it is a great venue. JMO

    • http://www.ccss.us Dianne Ulery

      I have shops (7 yrs)on Ebay, Esty, my own website and Bonanzle. Sales are slow everywhere this year. My ebay sales are DOWN TO 1/3 their usual. Google Me: Dianne Ulery

      Bonanzle sales are also slow, but the venue is GREAT and fees are Very Low. Booths and listings are FREE, so I am not paying lots (like on ebay) while I wait for the buyers to return. Love the Live Chat in my Bonanzle Booth. Customers can ask questions and get to know me before they buy. LOVE IT. Setup is Simple and Easy. If you do have a question, you get answers in seconds… not days. Emails sent to Bonanzle Help are answered by the owners in minutes, not days.

      I am thrilled to hear that Bonanzle is growing so quickly. I’m tired of ebay (FEEBAY) making more money off my jewelry sales than I do.

      • http://www.dbayauctions.com/indexStore.php Guest

        I also sell on bonanzle i have sold a couple of items but i am charged a fee of $24.00 a month and a end of auction fee i also list on a site called 570auctions at (http://www.570auctionscom) they are not charging any fees to the first 1000 sign ups ever no listing fees no end of auction fees no fees for bold, highlight, featured, gallery or even pictures all for the first 1000 sign ups also a featured store is free. There are many auction sites springing up but alot of them won’t last it depends on the amount of sellers products and prices and rankings they receive by the search engines.

        • Guest

          You are not changed a 24 dollar fee on Bonanzle unless subscribed to a premiere membership. Bonanzle has 0 pre-sale fees

  • http://www.hemihotrods.com Hemi Hot Rods

    I choose to know longer use either but instead created a site just to market the niche market goods that I deal in and to enable others to do the same.

  • Chris Walker

    YARPOOL is a lot like eBay without the fees! The other alternatives are just confusing people.

    • http://www.dbayauctions.com/indexStore.php Guest

      570auctions at (http://www.570auctions.com) they are not charging any fees to the first 1000 sign ups ever no listing fees no end of auction fees no fees for bold, highlight, featured, gallery or even pictures all for the first 1000 sign ups also a featured store is free. There are many auction sites springing up but alot of them won’t last it depends on the amount of sellers products and prices and rankings they receive by the search engines.

  • Chris Walker

    YARPOOL is the best eBay Alternative because the layout is familiar and the fees are extremely affordable and they are promoting on Twitter and Youtube www.twitter.com/yarpool
    You can check out there music video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlzOKy0QvqQ

  • Sharon

    Whew, I’m amazed at some of the comments here. I think eBay must be paying people to post negative comments about other sites!

    I think the key to success in selling online these days is to have your items at different venues. I do that, by having my own website and stores at Bonanzle and eCrater. Though most sales come from my website, they also come in from both of these other venues. Some buyers are still only comfortable if there is a feedback system in place.

    (I had to really laugh at the poster here who complained that some negative feedback might be removed at these sites — they called it “feedback manipulation” — wow! The number one complaint at ebay is how unjustified bad feedback can be left by buyers and the sellers are helpless to do anything about it! I would say that the fact that the owners of these sites look at the issue and do something about it is one of their many positives.)

    I suspect that some of the people complaining here are ones that imported their listings from eBay and then failed to clean up their listings — from “visit my ebay store” to “check out my other auctions.” That is a big turnoff for buyers.

    Anyhow, I think Bonanzle (and eCrater) are both great sites, with tremendously responsive owners. I don’t engage in the social aspects of either one much, and still have what I consider to be good sales. Not great, but good. And I think the greatness is in the baking phase, soon to be rising.

    BTW, very cute here how we have a math question for the captcha, instead of words!

  • Edmoondoh

    I found a good list of alternative ebay sites here:


    I now use all these sites to sell on, and sales are going well,
    To be successful at selling online, you have to be selling in at least 10 channels, promoting your brand through to your main site.

    That page has a great list, including bonanzle,

  • http://www.dlmentertainment.com Guest

    I’ve been on Bonanzle since February with a total sales of 78 pieces.

    I’ve been on Atomic Mall since July 1 and have sold 62 pieces.

    11 pieces a month at Bonanzle

    32 pieces a month at Atomic Mall.

    Do the math.

    • Guest

      The math says that you received 11 extra orders in the month that you would not have had received otherwise. Don’t complain, but be appreciative!

  • Guest

    The technology of Bonanzle is superb, but their busines plan is not.

    They are trying to cater to all possible product groups, but the market as already saturated with that kind of marketplaces, like Ebay or Amazon, which provide broad but not deep inventory.

    The market needs niche venues with deep but not broad inventory, so per product group.

    Also, Bonanzle has become one of worst seller abusers by policing its site intensely for sellers not dancing to their ‘always smile’ sign. That is an antiquated and ineffective sales approach. selles do not need to always ‘smile’ to be able to sell. It never worked in B+M. And that policy chases away sellers.

    Also, the seller base of Bonanzle is very narrow. No major professional large seller is interested in them. The place is largely populated with ‘stay at homes’ partrtimers, who really, although goodwilling amateurs, are not qualified to lift the site to the next level. Stagnation, as can be seen, is the result.

    Good place for clothes, soap, cheap jewelry or perfume, but not much more. Kind of a ‘girlie’ place if you ask me.

  • http://www.better-networks.com Guest

    Hi There,

    We sell on Amazon, eBay, Bonanazle, Vendio, ioffer and a few other sites.

    We also have our own web sites:


    We sell Provo Craft, Quickutz, Cricut and Silhoutte SD products.

    I can tell you from experience that Bonanzle has done a great job on making their web site user friendlt, but frankly they have a long way to go. In last 6 months we have sold one item on Bonanzle, yet we’ve sold hundreds of items on the other sites I mentioned in this post. I think they are at a huge disadvantage on their marketing effort. They need to spend a few years on marketing their web site through SEO and promotions before they can get anywhere close to other marketplaces. I think it’s just matter of time before they gain momentum.

    Competition. It’s a great invention of capitalism!!!


  • http://www.gardenfurnituresets.net garden furniture sets

    Never heard of this before but looks like a good sustainable company to me.

    Going to head over there now & have a good dig about.

    home garden furniture

  • http://www.suround.com suround

    I’m not yet so interested same bonanzle, because this site is still new and not many are using the services of bonanzle. very different with Ebay, which is best for merchants selling goods. www.suround.com for sell.


    I sell on eBay and my own Yahoo store: http:// DonsCycleWare.com. I dropped Amazon a few months ago. I have about 10,000 sales since 2003. The eBay traffic has definitely slumped since last year.

    I have signed up with Bonanzle and I’m importing my eBay listings. Apparently I’m number 26 in the que.

    If you are interested, my Bonanzle booth name is: DonsCycleWare. Check back to see how I’m doing if you are interested.


  • http://www.ecrater.com eCrater Fan

    I hate to say this, but I’ve been on Bonanzle for a year and have had 3 sales. Myself and others dislike their code, as it runs very slow and eats memory, causing a lot of us to crash, esp with a slow connection. It makes me think about what the poor buyers feel and how quickly they hit their back button.

    Kind of like when ebay started choking our machines with their crap.

    One thing I really don’t like about having a “booth” there is that your items, by default, show highest price first… total buyer turn off… apparently you have to pay them to be able to make your least expensive or even in order by date listed the default.

    Not very cool of them and rather stupid if you ask me, since the majority of buyers will again, simply hit their back button. It felt a little too much like extortion to me, esp over such a trivial issue, so I’m not going to devote much, if any, time to Bonanzle…

    Instead I will be devoting my time to my http://www.ecrater.com stores where I average a minimum of 40-50 sales per month, per each store (I have 5 there).

    They don’t look as “pretty” as bonanzle, but they load WAY FAST and the service is incredible, not to mention FREE! :))

  • http://bbmedia.com.au Garth Penglase

    I know that you wrote this comment just to get another backlink to your site, but really, couldn’t you have come up with something better than this? You said “(ebay) always will have a huge grip on the market place” – unless of course we have a look at examples such as WordPerfect being supplanted Word, Borland replacing Dbase, and then Oracle replacing them; Novell and Microsoft; or Google supplanting Yahoo, and looking into the future… Microsoft’s software dominance dwindling to a fraction of what it was once open source (Linux, Open Office etc.), Google & Apple have had their way. Nothing lasts forever. Not even communism (think Berlin Wall).

  • Superbigbob

    Bonanzle is terrific alternative!

    Easy to list. Easy to register. EXTREMELY friendly and helpful staff and users!

    About to register their 100,000 th user in about their first year.

    Ebay has the traffic but is losing sellers like wildfire with their asinine new policies. Over the last 2 years, ebay has changed virtually every policy for sellers and raised their fees exponentially. It is ridiculous not to be able to leave a deserved negative feedback for a non paying bidder. Or a buyer who tries to extort you because they know the sellers are powerless to leave a negative feedback. With their ban on paper payments, they have forced sellers to accept paypal and pay higher fees. Their default “best match” advantages the diamond level sellers and dis-advantages the average seller in exposure. My sell thru has dropped from 80% to under 30%. Best match also gives better exposure to free shipping forcing sellers to use free shipping which ebay gets a bigger final value fee. Ultimately, a $20.00 item with 10.00 shipping now sells for 33.00 with free shipping to accomadate the $30.00 PLUS the additional ebay fees. Ebay is really costing the seller extra fees with free shipping which gets passed on to the buyer. This actually costs the buyer MORE so ebay can get a bigger cut while fooling the buyer into thinking they are getting “free shipping”

    Bottom line It’s more expensive than ever to sell on ebay and so much of a pain, it’s becoming less and less attractive. Bonanzle fees average 1/3 of ebay with no listing fees, no picture fees and a much smaller final value fee.

    Bonanzle is on the way up and ebay is on the way down.

  • John

    Bonanzle has interesting concept but its grows will be limited unless they find the way to expand to other categories and bring buyers rather then sellers milking other sellers.

    Right now its people selling some grandma stuff which is completely unappealing to myself personally. Someone who wants to sell software will sell nothing. If you have some old socks with holes then probably try bonanzle freebie category.

    There are not many alternatives out there, ebay is still the king, then amazon. Some mentioned some poor looking sites like ecrate, some others .. those won’t hang around for too long. Poorly made copies built by 10 year olds.

    • Guest

      I think I’d like a review also please. www.myomu.com

  • http://www.hdvideoconvertermac.com/ HDVIDEOCONVERTERFORMAC

    Proper competition may lead good service.

  • http://www.bdv-unix-skills.co.uk bdvunixskills

    For me the most important thing is to have competition. Users know what they like and don’t like and will make the ultimate decision. Good quality competition is the winner for everybody.

    Regards Vince

    • Felix Soleto

      I agreed with you Vince.

      I am a restaurateur, for many yeas I run a Spanish restaurant in a small English village, in total I was 14 years on my own with not competition at tall, then we were join by a couple of wine bars and an Italian restaurant and in six month my trade double.

      Welcome competition any time.

      Felix Soleto

  • Felix Soleto

    With all the knoledge that we have, what about few of us getting togrther, create our own site and making it the best. I have the name:


    • Guest

      what about joining me and helping myomu.com no listing fees. Cheaper than ebay and bonalze on everything!

  • http://countryjoescollectiblestuff.com Country Joe

    Couple of quick comments, Bonanzle isn’t a direct competitor of ebay because it’s not an auction. We need another GOOD online auction site.

    I mainly sell from my own website http://CountryJoesCollectibleStuff.com but also have a couple of hundred items on Bonanzle, http://eclectic-collectibles.net make some sales now and then but I really don’t put the time into promoting it that I should.

    One problem I notice is that they don’t advertise for buyers which needs to be done. Of course they don’t have eBays wallet to work from. If you sell on Bonanzle you need to promote yourself.

    Anyhow in the long run the price is right and I like Bonanzle and think it may do well in time. Now the trick is to find out what sells best on there.

    See ya, Country Joe

  • Guest

    No one who tells the truth wants to leave their real name for 2 reasons.

    1. If they are still with Bonanzle, they will be eaten alive by the demons there for their comments here. There are some very mean people on Bonanzle that do not like the truth to get out.

    2. They may not want their name tied to this story because they know most of the statistics are manipulated and the credibility of Bonanzle is in question for many reasons.

    And as far as the negative comments, same story, different day.

    Check out the comments on the old articles. Also note Bonanzle’s owner, Bill’s comments on the AuctionBytes article. That tells people a great deal about how things are done there.



    • Guest

      You have this so very true i still have a booth there, i dont have much in there now as i have not had many sales there i sell more of craigs list then here on bonanzle, but this is true if they find out who is not being a cheer leader then you will be in a world of hurting. i have received one of those nice emails from bill saying if you dont like it then leave

    • Guest

      Very very true. If the Bonanzle Cheer Squad finds out any user voiced any dismay anywhere, prepare for eternal harassment. Your blog your selling sites etc. Bonanzle is the ultimate Stepford site, YOU WILL CONFORM.

  • Felix Soleto

    Competition is good
    Check http://www.notonthehighstreet.com

    In two years they are claming a turnover of

  • Chris Walker

    Check out this sexy cool auction site called Yarpool. I mean it is the best thing since sliced bread. No listing fees, Free relisting, familiar layout, cool import features, post auctions to twitter via yarpool’s twitter account (Thousands of followers)

    Don’t be haters, support those sites trying to lower fees and end eBay’s stranglehold on sellers and buyers.

    If your still young (at heart as well) and hip (you actually have a few friends) then Yarpool welcomes you all!

    Check out there cool video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlzOKy0QvqQ (not for the boring type)

    Checkout there mutual friends around the world http://www.twitter.com/yarpool (Follow them and they actually follow you back and conversate with you)

    Go to there cool site http://www.yarpool.com and join in (One of the most secure places to sell and buy)

    You can join now or be forced to join down the road when the site passes all other auction sites why? because they know how to promote themselves to both young and old.

    Now go get that Boom Boom Boom on Yarpool my little grasshoppers!

    • Guest

      After watching you spew profanity and call a poster filthy names the other day, showing your true self and angry attitude? You know, those posts you had removed?

      I don’t think so.

      Yarfool would be the last place I’d support with an attitude like yours and I’ll be sure to tell any/all of my seller friends — after 12 years on ebay — to stay away from yarfool as well.

      • Chris

        Your making me feel all teary eyed.
        Who cares about your 12 years on eBay, 5 seller friends, ugly ass and finally you? Do i really need to say anymore?

        To me your a wet fart.

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