Bonanzle Rising to eBay Competition

By: Chris Crum - February 2, 2009

Nearly every time we post a story about eBay, we get flooded with comments going for the site’s throat. We’ve often pondered what kind of competition eBay has, many anti-eBayers will be quick to point to a site called Bonanzle.

Bonanzle is a site that reached a million listings in 6 months and was voted the best eBAY alternative according to Many of these listings and votes no doubt came from disgruntled eBay sellers looking for a fresh start from a site with less controversial policies.


While I have seen a lot of sites mentioned as possible alternatives to eBay. I have not seen any mentioned nearly as often as I have seen Bonanzle mentioned. Now it’s getting a little exposure too, which is exactly what any eBay competitor needs the most. eBay’s brand has simply proven too strong to be overtaken, and that will likely continue for some time, but as some of these other lesser known sites get more attention, things could start to change. Mashable’s running a piece on Bonanzle. Jennifer Van Grove writes:

One of the fastest growing eBay alternatives just hit a major landmark and chances are you’ve never heard of them. Bonanzle, which combines an online marketplace with social media features, has now had one million items posted to their site – an impressive feat given it just launched late last year.

While eBay is struggling to keep their footing, Bonanzle is growing exponentially with over 170,000 unique visitors in December.

Read the comments on any number of eBay articles around the web and you will no doubt see glowing testimonials for Bonanzle. The site’s users have spoken and almost seem to be recruiting other sellers who feel they’ve been wronged by eBay. And the number of those who feel wronged seems to be bigger than ever. Although I should be clear that there are still many people happily selling on eBay.

Bonanzle looks like one to keep an eye on. Hopefully they have paid attention to the grumblings of the people that have gotten them to this point and can avoid any similar turbulence in their own future.

Chris Crum

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  • Dede

    Bonanzle gave sellers back control of their business and at the same time made it simple and fun.

    • Guest

      Yes, ebay balanced control between seller and buyer, truly disgusting behaviour.

      it is definitely better when the seller is free to do whatever they want, whether it be false advertisement, inflated shipping costs and hidden fees, drop-shipping or delayed shipping, fakes forgeries items not as described, and nondelivery

      It’s too bad ebay made so many changes to stop this sort of thing, and I hope that when bonanzle gets lots of traffic they don’t end up banning this sort of selling practice.

      • Guest

        Naivety will get you nowhere. eBay at this present time is influx with scammers. Buyers are still being ripped-off in very large numbers which was perpetrated by eBays inability or unwillingness to truly fix the problem.

        So they went after a huge general area and fixed into place a general sweeping motion that throws out many good sellers on eBay.

        They have fixed into place an environment where only the super big sellers are buffered.

        Yes you can still sell as a small seller on eBay but the curve is very steep and any misstep will send you tumbling.

        Now what you have on eBay is not only a continuing scamming seller problem because the true scammers know how to circumvent the system.
        I wont get into those particulars here.

        But you now have a large scamming buyer class on eBay. I have a constant 20% nonpaying bidder issue in which I have endured to many negs due to me demanding payment.

        I have gotten negged for not returning a customers message on the same day they sent it.

        In the past you could have written them a neg for this and other sellers would have been warned. Which would have kept jerks like this from doing that stuff.

        Take a look at the FBs of sellers on eBay. I have several competitors
        whom I watch and they are all on the edge of being suspended. People are leaving negs willy nilly for the lamest things.

        Item wasn’t the color I thought it would be; Seller said I would get it in a week but got on saturday. Im not kidding? I have had FB calling me a scam 3 days after I sell the item.

  • mrsmoondog

    You are correct, Chris. We Bonanzle Sellers ~are~ recruiting. Disgruntled eBay sellers have been looking for a viable alternative for years, and the large majority of us that are selling on Bonanzle agree that a truly viable alternative has finally appeared.

    We are purposefully rolling the Bonanzle snowball all over the web, picking up buyers and sellers by the thousands. Most all that we attract with our campaign very much like what they see and stay at Bonanzle to buy, sell, or both. And then many join us in pushing our snowball around the web and bringing in even more buyers and sellers.

    Why do they stay? Why do they actively join us in recruiting? Why do we believe so strongly in Bonanzle? Because Bill Harding and Mark Dorsey took the time to figure out what small online sellers wanted and then added their very own personal and personable touch.

    No listing fees. Zero. Zip. None. Low final value fees. Ease of listing. Top notch support. The ability to negotiate and share info in real time right in your Bonanzle Booth. A warm and helpful community. Importation of your hard won feedback. The ability to upload your items to Google Base. And wonder of wonders, Bill and Mark actually listen to the users on Bonanzle, implementing a ‘suggest then vote for what improvement you want next’ system.

    They talk to and with us. They keep us apprised of what they are doing, and what they will do in the future. If they have an issue they need help with, they ask us to help resolve it. And all of this is done with a warm, wacky, and sometimes not so subtle sense of humor that users see pervading throughout the Bonanzle site. Now I ask you, would the management at eBay ever do any of that? No. They, in fact, do the exact opposite.

    You may be thinking, “Ok, that sounds good for sellers, but what about buyers? Are they there?” Yes. They are. Currently there are almost 23,000 registered users. Of those there are 7032 booths, which are the seller’s stores. And 1,018,158 items listed in this hour.

    When buyers first arrive on the Bonanzle homepage, they see a colorful and attractive interface with an ever-changing block of items for sale. There are Hand Picked Lists, where users can surf through all the listings and add 14 items that they like randomly, or as a theme. Creating and/or looking through these lists can be a bit addicting. The Search system on Bonanzle has undergone a few changes per the member’s requests, making it easier to use. You can either search directly for what you want, (no “best match” leaving out many seller’s items), or cruise through all the listings using the homepage, the browse feature, or the Hand Picked lists. These things make shopping and buying on Bonanzle is just plain fun. And yes, people really are buying. Oh, and did I mention that buyers can pay with Google Checkout, money orders, Paypal, and in some cases, even personal checks?

    We’ve got a long way to go to reach eBay’s numbers. But considering that Bonanzle is just 6 months out of beta, we’ve got a very good start. (I can’t even imagine how well Bonanzle would be doing if the economy wasn’t in the mess it currently is.) I encourage all those small sellers who are looking for a viable place to sell their items to come over to Bonanzle and see for yourselves what it is that makes this site the fastest growing sales venue on the web.

    Thanks for reading,
    mrsmoondog of Graphics by mOOndog on Bonanzle

    • Chris Crum

      Looks like quite the start indeed.

      • Chuck Anthony

        Hello Chris, The top brass at eBay knows exactly where they stand with both their advocates and their malcontents. The controversy will only serve to make eBay stronger in my view because healthy competition is always good for big business. Besides, there’s plenty of room in the marketplace for other players and yes, some will emerge as viable alternatives. It’s inevitable at this point.

    • Guest

      All of these nice features will lead to failure, of course…
      having no insertion fees means there is no revenue to hire support staff, to patrol the site removing fakes, knock offs and forgeries.

      It’s great for sellers, absolutely wonderful, and that’s why the bad sellers that couldn’t hack it on ebay by following the rules are flocking to you.

      It’s bad, really bad for the buyers, because you have nobody looking out for their interests, no support staff.

      Small final value fees, again, great for the sller, and maybe for the buyer too if it is reflected on the item pricing, but it sounds like the prices aren’t all that good anyways.

      Personally I don’t want to shop around for an item, just to find there isn’t “really” a price, that I have to second guess the listed price and submit an offer.

      Why not just drop the deception, just say what the stinkin’ price is already, so the consumer can decide if they want it or not.

      Oh yeah, I know… so you can sell it for far more than what it is worth to the consumer that just wants to buy, and not play bidding games online with someone who has nothing better to do than sit at the computer all day, every day haggling over prices for items available on ebay with “by it now” pricing better than their suggested? maybe buy it now? pricing.

      Importation of hard-wib feedback is a wonderful feature, but that has it’s prblems too.

      Ebay has discontinued some types of sales because they were being abused for the purpose of artificially inflating feedback ratings, that is sellers buying their own items and giving themselves positive feedback, from electronic transfers of efiles etc…

      So the inflated false ratings will be imported, of course.

      That’s OK for me, with 100% positive every one earned, but as with every other problem, the problem lies in the ability for the deceptive people to abuse the system.

      These are problems ebay has been working at for a long time to fix, but thte people going to this site choose to stick their collective heads in the sand and say ” we like it the old way, when we could deceive each other and rip each other off at will, we don’t like the problems to be fixed so we’ll start our own defective site”

      Another problem with importing ebay feedback scores, is it not an admission that the user from ebay has established a reputation by selling on a reputable site, that the ebay brand is trustworthy and whomsoever they label as being a good seller or buyer is also trustworthy?

      Why not, then, buy and sell on ebay, which is trusted, instead of trying to rub off some of their trust on a new brand with no established trust of its own?

      • Guest

        excuse me? eBay is trusted??? I have a feeling that you wrote on eBay’s behalf …
        Every company has its own strategy on how to run business. Not to charge a fee for awhile and build the brand is good strategy. So, I don’t see something wrong with. It’s a COMMON strategy.
        If you wanted to ^%% off this company, you are not successful in your attempt.

      • Barbara

        Can’t buy on the bay anymore as I don’t have a PP account. I don’t trust EB at all. I trust some sellers that I often bought from there, but I can go to these sellers’ own site and buy just as easily. If I don’t trust EB as a company, I sure am not trusting the other company they own with any of my personal banking information. I did, however, buy four things off the Bonanazle site this weekend. The sellers there were delighted to accept my money order.

  • Guest

    It should probably also be noted that, because selling on Bonanzle is so darned easy, that many of those 7035 sellers would actually be only buyers at another marketplace, and are indeed buyers on Bonanzle, but because it only takes 5 minutes or less to post items for sale, they setup a seller account, because why not? I think that a majority of the 20-some thousand users on Bonanzle have bought something at some point.

    • Chris Crum

      That’s interesting.

  • not_buying_yet

    I would love to start buying off of Bonanzle, since I was a big buyer and super small seller on Ebay. Got a shopping addiction okay.

    But I noticed that the seller are pricing their merchandise too high on Bonanzle. (e.g. Nine West shoes from two seasons ago going for $70 dollars when I can buy this seasons for $40)

    I mean I can get a better shoe deal at amazon or at my local brick and mortar stores, who are all having really great deals right now. What up with the pricing of auction merchandise on this site, cause it holding me back from buying!

    • mrsmoondog

      Have you tried making an offer on anything? You can make an offer by adding an item to your cart then altering the price and sending it to the seller, by meeting with the seller in their booth and negotiating in real time, or by sending a private message through the contact feature. Many sellers are more than willing to negotiate.

    • ontopofjunkmountain

      In response to Not Buying Yet. I guess it depends on what your shopping for. I shop regularly on Bonanzle for the exact opposite reason. Most sellers, including myself, accept offers lower than the already low prices. They will combine shipping, offer coupons, hold special sales events, called Bonanzas, and just about bend over backwards to make a sale. Please don’t judge on your experience with one booth. Spend some time with us, chat with us, haggle with us, we’re a fun loving bunch.

    • Guest

      so you are gonna base your whole opinion on Bonanzle from one booth out of 20,000 plus members and over one item in a million listings …not reality here if you ask me …and no one did ask me but this is a public forum!!!!

    • Guest

      Admittedly some items are priced too high. But remember that while the site offer tons of fixed priced items it also offers buyers the unique ability to MAKE AN OFFER. I believe some sellers price a bit higher in order to keep the offers in check from lowballing the price.

      Hope you check the site out again using this information. I find Bonanzle energetic and it’s growing fast. It’s a great place to window shop.

  • Karl W.

    I was thinking of buying something on Bonanzle but I was quickly turned off by all the designer fakes and repeat adds of the same things listed over and over again.Who wants to browse through a category when each thing is identical to the previous one? Sheesh, no thanks. It looks like out of that million items, maybe 400,000 are exact duplicates.
    I did like the look of the site and it was pretyt fast tho.

    • Bill


      Our duplicate items filter was updated about a week ago to be far more strict about the items it imports. Since more than half of our inventory was imported from eBay, we had been susceptible to the same duplicates that plague eBay. If you email us with the sellers/categories you’re seeing duplicates in, we’ll get in touch with the seller and work with them to eliminate the similar listings. We have worked hard to keep these to a minimum, but it’s admittedly difficult for Mark (the co-founder) and I to monitor all of 1m listings.

      Same for designer fakes. Again, I’m not sure what category you were looking in, but in our more popular categories (collectibles, purses, clothing, jewelry, antiques) we have a pretty active user base that helps us identify fakes when they arise. Once we know they exist, we try to have them off the site within 24 hours.

      Thanks for the kind words about our design, and I hope you’ll stop by again sometime. Both the issues you bring up are very important ones on our radar — but neither are easy to perfect — especially for a startup without the fat cats to pump in millions.

      Bill Harding

      • Guest

        if you guys spent as much time maintaining the site as you do to self promoting reviews of yourself by your cronies and sock puppets…

        maybe you wouldn’t be plagued by all the same problems ebay went through, and fixed already.

  • Guest

    Hmm, duplicates on bonanzle. Would that be 2 or more sellers selling the exact same items? Wow who would have thought. Of course there are duplicates, it’s called competition.
    As for the fakes, I don’t see any. Any the Boyz take care of any that do pop up.

  • Nancy

    We have just started listing our items on the site and found the people, energy, etc. to be amazing. We hope more people will come aboard and at least give it a shot!

  • ecbeauty

    After a grueling and frustrating and for some devastating year of eBay changes for many the time has come to start breaking away from the ever increasing oppression of eBay. Many people are turning to Bonanzle and there is a good reason why- it is your best opportunity to succeed in your escape from the sadistic eBay marketplace. For many this won’t be an overnight departure, but departing they are.

    So, why is Bonanzle the one?

    The first time someone suggested Bonanzle to me I was 1 turned off by the name – really it is a funny name- and 2 the look was kind of funny too, so I did not view Bonanzle as a serious opportunity. However, as time went on and eBay became more unbearable I decided to give Bonanzle a shot because it was easy to start there. You can import your eBay listings – though it only takes about 45 to 60 second to do a listing on Bonanzle so copy and paste is very simple. You can also import your eBay feedback number, which of course is nice because none of us want to walk a way from are very hard earned reputation and start from scratch again.

    So I imported my listings and feedback in October while in the process of all the damn eBay revisions, but because of the revisions I had to postpone opening my booth, because I wanted to put in my crisp non-eBay degraded photos so revising on Bonanzle for me was on the list too. However, revising all of my 900 + listings on eBay replacing my template due to the new listing page format it took me over 6 weeks to get through all of them. So I didn’t get to opening my booth until December 14th and I was so incredibly excited and encouraged when I had my very first sale on December 19th and even more encouraged to learn that the buyer had signed up as a member to purchase from me. That is the true testament of the viability of a site – can it draw outside traffic leading to sales and Bonanzle does!

    Excited by my very promising experience I told everyone I know about Bonanzle, because there is no reason to keep a good thing a secret:). I am not the only Bonanzler excited to share the opportunity of Bonanzle with others in fact the user initiated word of mouth marketing has caused an explosion of growth for Bonanzle. The excitement for Bonanzle is due to the unique features and fantastic perspective and qualities of its founder Bill Harding and Co-founder Mark Dorsey.

    A look at the growth of Bonanzle

    Bonanzle officially launched on September 3rd 2008- only 5 months ago
    Bonanzle reached 10,000 members on November 23rd 2008
    Bonanzle Reached 18,000 members on January 6th 2009- (on January 6th Bonanzle had 670,409 listings, 5686 Booths, and 3,488 sellers)
    January 27th 2009 Bonanzle hit 1,000,000 listings
    Today January 30th at 9:29 am Bonanzle has
    1,031,856 listings
    7,735 Booths
    7,101 Sellers
    24,185 members In 24 days Bonanzle has increased by
    361,447 listings
    2,049 Booths
    3,613 Sellers
    6,185 users

    in 24 days – that is phenomenal – and apparently makes Bonanzle the fastest growing marketplace EVER!

    The Bonanzle attributes of success

    easy & quick listing – literally takes a minute or less

    caring and vibrant community – we work together to support the growth of Bonanzle and our success as a whole by sharing ideas and contributing the various resources we all have to help one another

    active commitment in the growth of Bonanzle by its founders – outstanding attentive customer service, constantly working to develope the infrastructure to support the growth and usability of Bonanzle, and what Iappreciate most acknowledgement and respect that its users are actual people.

    a user driven ever improving site – users drive the improvements through suggesting enhancements and voting for them.

    The fees are more than reasonable at:
    to $9.99 – 50 cents FVF (eBay is a $1.20 FVF)
    $10 to 50 – $1.00 FVF (eBay is an average of $6.00)
    $50.01 to $100 – $3.00 (eBay $9.00)
    $101.01 – $1000.00 $5.00 (eBay $66.00)
    $1000.01 + $10.00 (eBay 12% to $50 & 6% +)
    eBay fees are based on general store/fixed price format

    Listing fees
    Bonanzle $0.00
    eBay $0.05 for stores (+ subscription fees + picture service fees) $0.35 for fixed price

    The seller decides the payment methods and Bonanzle is set up for Google Checkout & PayPal

    Bonanzle provides the url & file for Google Base and outstanding instructions on how to set it up- and better yet Google actually accepts the listings – for me 100% unlike eBays feed

    These are some of the winning qualities of Bonanzle I’ll let you discover the rest:)

    Oh- I have now sold 18 items to 14 people and my fees were a whopping $14.00- can’t beat that!

    Check out Bonanzle I am confident you will be pleased

  • Seller

    I am selling on bonanzle for a time.But the serach engine needs to be improved and if you create a cataloge for books like Muze catalog it will be helpful for sellers to list books and you will get most sellers from amazon,,alibris etc.



  • Guest

    I am not happy with the payment method change on EBay. I cannot pay by MO there anymore and it is my preferred way for payment. Since I’ve always received the merchandise, (at times I’ve even put cash in the mail successfully),I have no need for the “more secure practices of payment by PayPal, etc. It seems monopolistic and I for one will not give into any kind of coercion.

  • Guest

    Well I’ll just tell ya. Being sick and tired of the this thing called greedbay, I’m going to have to check this Bonanzle out. From what I’m reading, it sound like the place to go for selling and buying.

    If you want access to over 500,000 wholesale items ready for dropship, go here

    You can even get your own site, one that can look similar to this one. Which by the way makes me money every day. Or sign up for dropshipping for free!

    • Guest


      I am wanting to go into dropshipping but we have to ensure it works. You say you make money every day. Can you tell me if you had to SEO your site once it was up? Did you have to do anything special to get the sales you are getting?


  • ocdgirl2000

    Looks like the ebay cheerleaders are getting scared, and threatened. They understand that if 90% of the other sellers leave, that the millions of buyers will follow!

    Then that leaves the cheerleaders and the advertisers on ebay all by themselves. Wouldn’t that be the last laugh for all the ex-ebay migrants who left?

    Even funnier, what will happen to the ebay stock price? How much lower can it go?

    Bonanzle is an awesome site. If it had “auction format” listings, in addition to it’s fixed price listings, it would take the world. There is still something to be said about an auction where the bidders establish the going sales price of an item.

  • Guest

    This is especially for new Buyers at Bonanzle. The offer all types of payment options, Cash, MO, Personal checks, Google & pay pal .

    Plus most of the sellers offer best offers so where can you go wrong. I been with Bonanzle now for several months I buy & sell there and you can even chat on a sellers window or email the seller for any question. Nice friendly community,

    Hope to see you at

  • Alilbirdy2

    There are so many good comments about Bonanzle, and all of them are true. Here is my story.
    I sell Digital Designs, Logos, Banners for web sites, Business card designs etc…. When ebay decided they didn’t want any Digital items, that could not be Shipped via the regualr mail. I stopped selling.
    When I found Bonanzle, I was selling again. My buyers do not have to pay shipping, because I upload their finished item to a web host and they can get it there. NO SHIPPING CHARGES !
    I made about 170.00 in sales on Bonanzle between Nov. 2008 and Jan 30. 2009 that is the difference between Ebay and Bonanzle. You can sell, and since Ebay doesn’t want digital items on their site, I am more than happy to offer them on Bonanzle, And Bonanzle is more than happy to have me selling on their site.
    Oh yea, I paid .50 cents in selling fees in Nov. In December I paid 1.50 in selling fees, and in Jan. I will be paying about 5.00 total that up, for a three month selling frame and I have paid 7.00 to sell 170.00 worth of Digital designs. Now I ask you is it worth it ?
    To me it is.

    One last thing. The small time sellers are treated just like the big time sellers. Equal ground for all. Is it any wonder people are flocking to Bonanzle, when it has everything going for the seller and the buyer.

    Yes I am a seller, but I am also a buyer, so let ebay go on about their disruptive progress, and we at Bonanzle will go about our business of making money even in a bad economy.

  • Bejooled*Glitterbug

    I have bought and sold on feeBay for over 10 years and suffered through all the (in my opinion) ridiculous changes. I have a store there and am currently a power seller under another ID so really have been immersed in the feeBay culture, hating it more each day.

    Then I found Bonanzle through a feeBay friend and immediately opened my booth. It took maybe 5 minutes. I am not shy about saying that I LOVE BONANZLE!

    There are many great posts before this one about the differences between the two sites. One of the best differences is that there is no need for a photo hosting site — you upload your pics directly from your hard drive — for free. For me, that eliminated a major time-consuming step in listings.

    The most fun aspect is the ability to converse with other booth holders and buyers in real time.

    I would just urge anyone who is dissatisfied with feeBay to seriously check out Bonanzle.

  • Theresa

    They are on ebay!
    Yes ebay has made many sellers run.I`m not one of the ones who has ran.I`m one of the ones who is enjoying that so many have ran and now there are less items on ebay,so mine will sell faster and for more money.

    Yes this Bonanzle place is getting angry ebayers to list their items there,but where are the buyers. I have talked with about 25 people who are now listing their items on Bonanzle,and just ONE of them was thrilled to of had her first sale.

    It will take many many years for any marketplace to offer what ebay offers …and thats BUYERS!!

    • Guest

      The buyers aren’t only at ebay. I’ve sold many items since I started at Bonanzle just 2 months ago. And I’m not an *angry* ebayer. I’m a realist who sees the changes that ebay is making as detrimental to my business.

      Bonanzle has over 24,000 registered users with about 8,000 booths. (my numbers may be off, I dont have them memorized) That means that more than half of the registered users are not sellers. That makes them buyers, or lurkers who are on the verge of buying.

      In this economy, what you’re selling is just as important as where you sell it in determining your chances of success.

  • Guest

    I’ve been selling on ebay for years. I have 100% feedback and my DSR’s are 4.9 – 5.0. And even so, because I’m not a large dropshipping-plastic-made-in-china-crap dealer, people have a hard time finding my wares when they search.

    In search of a better venue, I found Bonanzle. And I seriously will never leave there. Quite simply, the site owners get it. They care about their community of buyers and sellers, they listen to what we want in a venue, they make improvements daily based on our feedback to them. We actually get to vote on what improvement happens next, and they follow through by actually implementing the most voted for improvement. Imagine that!

    The site’s ease of use is unmatched. The social interaction via booth chat is a unique and valuable tool. The community of sellers, who are largely ebay refugees, are determined to be as helpful to each other as possible so that we all have a chance to be successful.

    There are glitches to be ironed out, for sure. It’s a new site, that’s to be expected. But the boyz never rest and they respond immediately when there are functionality problems.

    I cheerlead for Bonanzle all over the web and to friends and family as well. This is the future of online sales for small sellers with unique wares. Sales are growing, and I expect that I’ll be able to completely dump my ebay business in a very short while.

    Bonanzle is my home. Come join me!

  • Guest


  • Hillary

    Hi everyone

    I’ve heard about Bonanzle for some time. No I do NOT know the founders. I have to say, they have come a long way. I list on Etsy but will definitely be opening a store on Bonanzle as well.

    Ebay made itself a FAD. They did so by eradicating the community in favor of “Amazonification” which has basically failed.

    Griff had a post on Ebay’s Seller Central about basically getting rid of “bad customers” in a manner that makes that customer bad mouth you to all. He wanted to know what we thought.

    Ironically, Griff failed to consider that this is EXACTLY what Ebay did to many sellers (intended or not). Bonanzle is a beneficiary of this unintended largesse. Sellers bad mouth Ebay in DROVES and have left in Droves.

    My humble advice to Bonanzle is to use the OLD Ebay formula–VALUE your community, respect your sellers and buyers, and make sure you have a good IT Department that will tell you the truth! (IE- Best Match was an utter failure-likely because it was prematurely launched and no one dared say otherwise).

    Listening to your sellers and not middle management drones wil get you much further..something Ebay is beginning to realize.

    Finally, put aside a War Chest of money, because you better believe if you are successful, Ebay will eventually come allong with some trumped up theory and SUE you. It may eventually make business sense for them to either do that or try to buy you out.

    Best of Luck!

  • Ejvind

    What great news. Competition is always good, but this is a particularly good one.

    Ebay f.. up and hopefully here we have an alternative that rocks.

  • Matt

    This is the fastest rise on any alternative to ebay I’ve seen. This may finally be the competition to ebay we have all been looking for.

    I have only been on Bonanzle for a short time and have already made several sales.

    Teela Books @Bonanzle

  • Guest

    They still have a ways to go before putting any real dent in eBay’s business- but glad to see possible viable competition, as someone seriously needs to kick their **s. Sort of like that school-yard bully who needed to be seriously smacked back into line or expelled…

    The only downside I see here is the name. “Bonanzle” is a pretty lame name IMHO, not sure if it will be as “catchy” as the eBay name- Catchy is very important for brand recongition and staying power in consumer’s minds. I wish Bonanzle the best of luck and I’ll have to go check it out. Ebay sucks now…..bad.

  • JC

    I’ve been on Bonanzle for quite some time now and have yet to have a sale. I’ve heard similar stores from others. I’m sure that it’s good for some people but for me, at least right now, it’s not that useful. I do far better on my website and about that I cannot complain since that means that I get to keep all of my profit. Still, it would be nice to find an ebay alternative or two on which to list, as well.

    • notebayorbananzlefriend

      I left eBay because of the their greed and alienation of sellers
      i tried Bonanzle but it just dont feel right seems like it’s buying it’s traffic and they must be bots traffic because there no buyers
      I am trying a new alternative competitor use what term you like the offer no insertion fees you can trade stuff and chat and blog they even allow you to import your ebay and other venues feedback to bring along your hard earned reputation

  • Guest

    I left ebay a while back, and have just discovered Bonanzle. I have now joined and have started listing tems. Time will tell, but I like it already. The fees are dirt cheap compared to feebay.

    If you are looking for one source for all your dropshipping needs, proceed to

    You can even get a site similar to this one of you want.

  • Jim Young

    No matter what excuse you can come up with, there will always be someone trying to take a slice of the internet auction pie. Even if you don’t like the way the current management runs eBay; if you are a seller, you will ultimately go where you can make sales. Yes, you have to pay higher fees, but they are the king. It’s like if you want to buy a McDonald’s restaurant franchise. You’d have to come up with a million bucks after everything is said and done to start up. McDonald’s is king.

    The word is now; don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Diversity your marketing efforts. Both eBay and Amazon had over 59 million people each last year. I’m checking Amazon myself and also play around with Bonanzle.

    Keep pluggin!

  • Chelle7

    You are very amusing WPN! Clearly, you are so lacking in commonsense that you do not even realize eBay’s new policies are ripping you off if you purchase multiple items from one seller. Are yo really so foolish that you think the true cost of shipping is being absorbed by the seller and you are getting a better deal. How naive and entertaining you are in your childish perceptions of the world.

    I feel obliged to educate you so you can stop making a fool of yourself.

    No one in business is going to take a loss on shipping just to make you feel better in fact eBay’s intent is not to decrease your costs. If a seller rolls the cost of postage and materials into the product price eBay earns 12% off of the increase in price of the item. eBay does not get a commission off of the cost of postage. eBay encourages sellers to build the cost of postage into the item price and to charge priority to avoid lower scores on shipping time. Feeling special now?

    Lets take a look at the insane increase in fees when a sellers builds the cost of postage into the listed price:

    If a customer purchases 7 items from me I charge a flat 4.60 regardless of quantity purchased. eBay’s shipping strategy is offering free shipping and rolling the postage cost into the listed item price. If someone buys 1 item there is not a difference in their total cost they will pay the same either way. However, for those that buy more than 1 item with the shipping cost built into the price their costs increase substantially.


    My policy – $4.60 total shipping cost for any quantity

    eBay’s strategy means I have to load the price into every item to ensure that the postage costs are covered in one item purchases. So each item has to have $4.60 added to the price of the item. So the buyers costs increases from $4.60 to $32.20. Is that still feel like eBay’s looking out for you or is it clear now that eBay has suckered you into the delusion of thinking you are eBay’s priority??

    eBay’s system does not permit a seller to discount the price beyond the cost of postage charged. So I couldn’t even discount a multiple purchase customer to relieve them from the insanely higher price. eBay sure does care about you don’t they LOL? Grow Up

    Your assumption concerning the character of those selling on Bonanzle is another indicator of your naivety. Why you assume the sellers who are content on eBay are the good sellers is beyond me. If you take a good look around you the next time you visit eBay you will see the trash is exploding in abundance for two reasons 1) anyone possessing self-respect will not tolerate having a service provider degrade them while collecting over priced fees, and 2) eBay in its self-interested standard has decided to charge a fee and let international sellers list directly on (US). This means all of those fakes (that none of us want on the site) from china & Thailand are overrunning categories that are susceptible to counterfeits. In essence eBay has decided that you are so special they are willing to trade you for 10 cents and the commission gained off of buyers who are ripped off by these crooks. Yep, eBay’s working diligently to rip you have in any possible way they can.

    Inflated feedback – you are so funny. Sellers cannot purchase from themselves it is illegal shill bidding. eBay tracks and suspends shill bidders. What you are referring to is eBay banning digital download sales, but again that isn’t because you are so special. The feedback BS was exactly that BS eBay used to try to make more money. Digital download items are typically low cost so eBay’s commission wasn’t much. In eBay’s typical fashion they came up with a fantastically self-serving strategy. With less than a weeks notice they put 10s of thousands of legitimate sellers out of business- unless they were willing to list in eBay’s classified category, which is 20 dollars per listing per month.

    A little math for you

    A listing template sold for 10 dollars and ebay at the time made 10% commission – $1.00. A digital Book could sell for 3, 4, 5 dollars so eBay made 30, 40, or 50 cents. Not much is it? However forcing these people to list in classifieds eBay rakes in the money. Even if Digital download sellers sold 100 50 cent commission down loadable books eBay only made $50.00 in commission and listed in a store 10 dollars in listing fees. Now even if the seller only listed 5 books a month eBay earns an additional $40.00 than when listed on eBay. Still feeling like eBay gives a damn about you?

    As for the price of items. Many sellers have left for no reason beyond eBay’s out of line fees. It simply is not worth selling on eBay when eBay earns more off the sale than the seller. I do not price my items any differently on Bonanzle than I do eBay and my prices are not negotiable just as they are not on eBay. However, your complaint of negotiating prices is a common practice on eBay initiated by the buyer so I don’t see why this is “bad” on Bonanzle if a seller is willing to negotiate and neither should you. if you do not want to negotiate price don’t just pay the listed cost and be done with it.

    A seller willing to negotiate on pricing is not a crook inflating the cost with the intent of over charging the unsuspecting consumer. They are simply willing to hear a buyer’s offer and consider accepting it. Again if that isn’t someone’s cup of tea than they don’t have to attempt negotiating the price. Aside from that – duh of course we want to sale our products for the highest price possible this is business after all not a hobby of fronting the money for products and selling to you at cost. Again, Grow Up!

    Stick with ebay your buddy looking out for more of your dollars even if it means you are defrauded by a crook selling counterfeits. Enjoy the new shopping experience of eBay it was created with your dollar in mind.

    • enchanted

      I have been selling on ebay since 1997. I cite actual postage in my auctions, and although I should include cost of tape, padded envelopes, I don’t. (that’s why I won’t get rich) regardless. If someone wins two or more auctions, I rewrap the packages and cite a new postage amount. I am one of those seller that actually saves my customers money and found a way around the cited amount if they use paypal. I don’t like being charged extra and I don’t bid on any item from a seller if I think they are selling low and trying to make up the difference on postage costs, so why would I do the same? I don’t. I know that I am one of the dying breed from the early days because I still send a personal email, although I have gotten to use some boilerplate paragraphs, but still put in personal words; I send an email when the item is shipped and I follow up in about a week to ask if the item has been received. I don’t care if they leave feedback, although again it is nice, but I don’t pressure anyone. I have enough feedback so that people are comfortable bidding on my items. Sometimes I list ‘stuff’ from my house I no longer use and I have some neat items I got at elsewhere.

      I too am disappointed by the ever increasing ebay fees and in fact I had stopped listing for almost a year. It just isn’t worth it. However, after reading of the other opportunities ‘out there’, I will check out the sites. Ebay didn’t become famous over night and I remember when they actually had people answering the phones, so other auction sites just have to sit tight, offer good service, reasonable rates and get publicity. An auction site that is a close hold “secret” among people, is not a good thing.

  • Alessandro

    I’m using Ebay every day, like the majority of online people.
    I think that the key of this success was depending on many factors :

    1) Ebay is internationally known and translated in every language.
    2) Ebay is the first really Auction website.
    3) Ebay bought the international payment platform : Paypal.
    4) Ebay is a trusted service.

    But Ebay have also a lot of cons, not only pros :
    1) You pay for listing, you pay Ebay when you sell and you also pay commission to Paypal…
    2) Too many people sometimes is equal to dispersion.
    3) Ebay doesn’t accept some objects like ebooks.
    4) There is no support at all, and you are abandoned alone.

    And so on…
    Now probably Ebay will stay in first position for life, but you can try
    for that reasons a new emergent Bidding website like Bonanzle…
    I made it and I’m happy !

  • JLh

    I’m a buyer, but I do not shop at Ebay like I used to. It used to be a place where you could get a good deal on products…I’ve bought clothes, cosmetics, books, movies, small appliances, etc. Now when you do a search what comes up are the biggest sellers (who may not have the best deals), and the prices are not good. By the time I pay for the product and shipping, I can usually get it cheaper new at a store (online or walkin). I have been using Craigslist a lot. I have looked at other sites, but not found what I was looking for so I will try Bonanzle. Also the last time I had to use customer service with Ebay it took forever for a response and never took care of the issue…and it was a simple tech problem with a coupon they had sent me.

    • AvocadoLane

      The community is wonderful and the owners of the site have the quickest customer service I have every encountered. When I opened my account I had a problem, emailed support, and within an hour they had me up and running.

  • NYM Arts

    WOW !
    BONANZLE is gaining alomost 2 THOUSAND users a WEEK now.
    And just a while ago it was 1 thousand a week….
    There are So Many Neat things to choose from…
    I found MINT Ren & Stimpy talking figures,
    Antique Christmas things,
    And of Course, I sell my Special Mica shades for Antique Lamp Bases on BONANZLE too.
    So many Lamp Parts,
    BONANZLE has MORE OLD Photographs than Ebay !
    And it’s gaining in many many categories.
    Pottery lamps, postage stamps, and Car Ramps !
    See You There ! ! ! ! !

  • Satellite TV PC Software

    I personally still use Ebay for the simple fact that the policy changes they implement benefit me. Ebay has a new ranking system, and nobody really knows the algorithm they are using. They use to rank auctions by the ending time. Now, some sellers with as many as 30 day left before their auction ends can out rank a listing with less than an hour left even with listing upgrades that supposedly push their listing to the top. This new algorithm makes listing upgrades worthless because a seller like myself can list without upgrades and still get more visibility. I agree with other disgruntled sellers that this seems a bit unfair, but of course I am going to play the game as long as it’s still beneficial for me to do so. I think ebay will probably change this new policy if they lose enough sellers…then again…I said the same thing when they did away with digital deliver. Who knows!

  • Michael

    I joined Bonanzle as an alternative to eBay. Too early for any sales but i do enjoy the interface and the community. Check out my booth here:

  • alternative

    here is a list of alternative sites that are WORTH looking at.

  • Spoken truth

    It’s no good trying to rival eBay, unless you have a way to divert loads of traffic.eBay has used the affiliate to bring in the buyers in the past and to this day.If Bonanzle wants to win this war, they need to create a affiliate program that allows affiliates to display all the products Bonanzle has to offer(not just banners and text links).This way the affiliates with websites can promote them,write about them, blog about them…you get the picture.Sellers may be fedup with eBay, but affiliates are as well…as they are getting screwed by eBay, Auctiva, Vendio, Inkfrog, Onecause and a whole host of others!Commission theft is very high now, on eBay.The first eBay rival that implements this idea, will win, and bring eBay down!Simple really……the magic of the affiliate is the secret to success in this game!

    • Renee

      Spoken truth speaks the truth: if Bonanzle wants to skyrocket to fame, join the affiliate game.

  • Guest

    Have you guys heard The Power Sellers Union
    are basically forming their own website/ marketplace it will be open in march!! You can check it out now at
    http://WWW.PSUSHOP.COM supposedly they are going to have tons of options!!

  • garryj

    I started selling on ebay years ago and really enjoyed the whole community experience. Later i had a shop and was able to make a supplementary income by selling at good prices and providing good service. A few months ago I closed my shop -EBAY & PAYPAL WERE MAKING A LOT MORE MONEY THAN I WAS and the fun had gone out of it. I would welcome any successor to ebay that could bring back the original community spirit.

  • Web Hosting

    With the recent posts that i have read about ebay and its competitors it will go down soon

  • AvocadoLane

    The owners of Bonanzle go above and beyond in providing the best customer service for sellers and buyers alike. Bonanzle is growing in leaps and bounds. This is largely due to the fact that we (owners, sellers, buyers) are working hard to make a better place where everyone’s voice is heard. Word of mouth is an amazing thing, and Bonanzle inspires all of us to work together to accomplish amazing things.

  • Guest

    Ive been selling on ebay for 10 years ,I have thousands of positive feedback and Ive signed up with bonanzle , go on the ebay forums and go on the forums of bonanzle and see the difference .

    you will seldom hear a good word about ebay their generally hated by their sellers especially their book sellers like me .
    they tripled the price of having a shop and tripled the price of listing for me overnight, they ruined their feedback system , and now they cap postage so that if I ship a book that costs me

  • Guest

    Bonanzle is a friendly atmosphere and is growing like crazy. I love having my booth there! I highly suggest Bonanzle.

  • Guest

    Wow I could believe my eyes when I read my latest WebProNews email. Bonanzle? Bonanzle is no where close to being an Ebay competitor. Bonanzle has 1,052,069 auctions currently running. Ebay has 24,453,667 auctions running.

    Now that in itself is not where I was shocked. There are 2 other websites that are much closer to being Ebay’s main competitor. Ecrater has 1,632,631 auctions currently running, and Ebay’s main competitor Ebid has 2,413,874 auctions currently running and was voted 2009’s best Ebay alternative. NOT Bonanzle.

    I always knew WebProNews was selling their services as an advertising agent but WOW! I can’t believe they actually wrote a misleading article like this which I have to believe was obviously baught and PAID FOR.

    If you would like to know where the online auctions sites stand in rankings, Powersellersunite keeps a running tab on all serious online auction sites. Here is a link.

    I’m an SEO and a former Ebay Power Seller. I would like WebProNews to know that when you let your ethics go as you have with this article you will find yourselves with the same reputation as Ebay has created for themselves.

    I will forever be skeptical about articles I read from WebProNews from this point. Which is a shame because in the past I have often turned to them for SEO news and trends.

    I did not include my name in this article because if WebProNews does go down the same road that Ebay did then I do not need the retaliation. I hope that WebProNews will take this criticism and realize that they should conduct themselves with more integrity.

    • Guest

      I need to make a correction in my last post. Ebid was voted ‘Best Ebay Alternative” for 2008 not 2009. Sorry about that.

    • maggie

      Just to correct a correction. eCRATER has 0 (zero) auctions. It is a totally fixed price site and yes it has over 1.5 items currently for sale but no auctions. Some sellers copy their eBay auctions to eCRATER without editing them but they are wrong and only mislead shoppers.
      Items remain on eCRATER without charge until sold or removed by seller.

    • Guest

      Number of Listings

      Change /

      As of
      eBay view charts

      -166734 auction listing down from yesterday

      February 1, 2009 8:07 pm
      eBid view charts


      February 1, 2009 8:08 pm
      eCrater view charts

      6139 auction listing down from yesterday

      February 1, 2009 8:12 pm
      Bonanzle view charts

      12615 auction listing down from yesterday

      February 1, 2009 8:09 pm

      It should be pointed out that eBay also includes STORE LISTINGS by Platinum Sellers with thousands of listings to their “Auction” listings tally.

    • Guest jonny

      how old are ebid and ecrater ? Im not sure but I remember them being around for years

      how olds bonanzle ? couple of months live ,name registered I think a year ago

      I joined bananzle a few months ago the place is up and coming

  • mommyto3

    This article should really be Bonanzle as a competitor to Amazon. Bonanzle is more of an online mall as it does not run actual auction. eBay is still thought of as an auction site even though they are pushing for more fixed price listings. Lots of the sellers I know of collectibles and antiques prefer auctions not fixed prices sites. It just seems to me that every time auction sites are mentioned out comes the cheerleader for various ecommerce sites flooding the comments about their sites be they auctions or fixed price and of course if something is mentioned often enough people go to check it out. I prefer to list in an auction format so Bonanzle is not a site for me. I am in the process of opening a store at eBid as they are an auction site with international availability and actual auctions.

    If you want fixed price go to Bonanzle or any of the other ecommerce malls for auction site you need to ignore the cheerleaders and check out some other sites. Too bad all the alternative sites don’t have such active cheerleaders or they might even be true competition.

    • MicheleP

      The writer has left out the fact that Bonanzle sellers also offer OBO ( or best offer) , Bonanzas – items listed at discounts of 5 to 50 % or more, and LIVE Auctions hosted by the Seller !

      She is certainly right about one thing Bonanzle shows no signs of wanting to be another eBay .

    • Guest

      Perfect response from an ebay cheerleader

      • mommyto3

        I have not and will not sell on eBay since 6/08. I have no use for their constant changing of the rules. If anything I am a cheerleader for true auction sites.

    • Guest

      I agree that there are always people who come here just to plug their websites. Kinda like this tgoselldotcom idiot. Just to clarify though I’m not affiliated with any of the websites mentioned in my post.

      I would love for Bonanzle to do well and if they do I’ll sell there but the reason I posted was to point out what WebProNews is doing.

      It’s extremely unethical to call yourself a news website then be paid to write articles for advertisers that are full of misleading statements. I will never trust WebProNews again.

      I’ve begun to question every story I’ve ever read here.

      • Guest

        I have to agree with your comment but and I say but when your talking about a certain item,product or service and the topic is what it is then why not show what you have as an alternatve.


  • Guest

    No Matter how much you shamelessly Self-Promote your site, still looks like it’s run out of someone’s bedroom. Give it up.

    • Guest

      whatever you say my buddy you should have ran for office smart as you are.

      • Guest

        I’m smart enough not to waste $65 on a pre-fab auction site that no one will use. Admit it, all you did was go to usanetcreations and bought a auction-site template. Who would give you money to list on that?

  • SteveRene11

    Did You KNOW that way back in Jan of 2006-07 when I was VP of Bus Dev we went passed One Million items in less than 90 days!


    Auction site count (updates every hour)
    Site Number of Listings Change / % As of:

    1. eBay view charts -12,833,228 – 347475 -2.71% – June 2, 2006
    2. OnlineAuction view charts – 2,063,218 – 10966 – 0.53%
    3. Yahoo view charts – 981,843 – 23025 – 2.35%
    4. Bidville view charts – 964,365

    • Guest

      That must be an old article you are refering to. OLA is way down and is now in 6th place among auction sites.

  • Guest

    its not how big the website is its the amount money you make from the site so i do not care who has the most users. its how you get buyers to your site and make them buy get it information from i just trying to make you understand its about making money not how many users you have. this is the point i am trying to make not spam .

    • Guest

      go to and scroll down to the bottom. Click on the “powered by” link that leads to usanetcreations.
      Ready Made Auction Websites. YOU, TOO can own a turn key auction site for only $65 !! Yes, and you will be a millionaire !!

      • Guest

        its about the money not the site but getting buyers to buy from you i could care less about what you think about my site. i think that this thread is just a way to sell your websites cause i do not hear anything about making money just alot of bull and waste of my time.

      • Guest

        Sell your Tasty secret Family Food Recipes if restaurants do not give away there recipes so why should you. Setup listing say 50 items at .49 per item would but 25.00 in your pocket and no listing fee. they purchase your recipes then you email them the recipe easy

      • Guest

        Sell your Tasty secret Family Food Recipes if restaurants do not give away there recipes so why should you. Setup listing say 50 items at .49 per item would but 25.00 in your pocket and no listing fee. they purchase your recipes then you email them the recipe easy
        money at

  • milo

    IF they are so concerned about everything why not stop China and SE ASIA from flooding market with Counterfit trash and what about child labor at .05 Cents a day at 12 hr days in INDIA AND PAK>
    As for Chineese goods Try dyed fake JADE and NON SILK SILK or THE BEST IS 1500.oo PURSES that are rip offs, FORGET the over 1 million Elephants that will be here when we are all dead . WHAT about the SHARK who control the rest of the oceans population THE CHineese and Japaneese are killing 3 million a year for THE FINS !!!! and EBAY got PAID ( BY ANTIO WHAT EVER GROUPS) better look at some padded bank accounts of the many EXECUTIVES who did under table stuff . not to PROMOTE ELEPHANT IVORY and TO stop PORN ! But what about the people that EBAY woo’ed to the site then cut the same people off at the neck .. also got rid of all military after promoting people to sell it …….

    • Guest


  • Guest/Current Ebay Seller

    I have to say, i also am begining to see the light!, and am looking to explore a better more profitable, seller friendly site. Ebays fee’s are a profit killer, not to mention there stupid one sided DSR’s. The new Beta also sucks! There has been many changes and increases, in a short space of time, and none of them are productive to the survival of small business.

  • Guest

    I have just put an item up for sale at Bonanzle in the last month. The friendliness of the place is noteworthy and I join the people who are recommending it.

  • Guest

    eBays fees are extreme, and their policies though there to protect the seller and buyer are strapping the hands of honest people who just want to make some money.
    Bonanzle has opened the doors to a more social network of sellers and allows you to sell your way at a reasonable price but don’t forget about They too are not an auction site but they are eBay’s closest rival in terms of listings and people. They have 20+ million items from 165 countries 10983 sellers currently logged in at 5:30 am EST on a Monday morning. Many eBay sellers are there too and trying to establish themselves.
    The site in a box sites are legitimate sites but will never rival the top 5 so as for me I simply choose not to put my energies where the outcome will never be much.
    It all comes down to forever chasing a dream but it’s a shame with the internet and all of it’s resources, research is not a #1 priority but the promise of greatness is.

  • Guest

    Savvy internet shoppers use google to locate items for sale on the internet. Only a moron would limit their online shopping experience to just ebay.

    The future of internet shopping is google search, not ebay.

    Any smart ebay seller is going to have multiple sites on the internet. I use ecrater for items les than $8. I use Ebay to sell brand new made in china junk, and I put my good antique, collectible, fleamarket, garage sale stuff up on Bonanzle for free.

    Ebay is still the best auction site, but it is a ruin of it’s former self. And the auction playing field, both on line and B & M, seems to have leveled. Not as much bid price disparity as back 8 or 10 years ago.

    BONANZLE actually has me excited to list and shop again!

    I’ve got that old “jonesing to list” feeling ,back!

    • Cheryl Piemonte

      I read your article about BONANZLE and, seems like a place I need to check out.

      I tried selling products on ebay and, all I do is pay ebay every month for listing my items. Oh yes, I have sold products but, ebay ate all the profits.

      I have found some truely amazing sites to list my products on and, I might add have been successful. I can not wait to try out Bonanzle as it seems like the place where I, the seller, can actually profit from.

      Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind sharing some of the profit with a site when I sell something but, to charge for listing it in the first place really sucks.

      So now I am off to Bonanzle to check it out. I sell products from my two on line stores CherylsGifts2Go. & I feature terrific products at reasonable prices.

  • Cufflinks

    I agree, ebay is toast… Give it 10 more years, a new King will be on top…

  • 319jersey

    i stopped selling sports jerseys on ebay because of the high fees and crazy new rules started my own website as well i started to sell on Bonanzle betwwen the 2 business as is good as it was on ebay with less overhead cost and lot less rules. i would advise everyone on ebay to do the same

  • Guest

    There are certainly a variety of options available. When sellers are listed in a variety of places, they are more likely to be exposed to more traffic and more shoppers.

    I have been exposed to a great community atmosphere and excellent customer service at Silkfair. Wanted to feel a part of a neighborhood and got a warm welcome. The quick responses in forums, no listing fees and ease of using the site are very encouraging indeed. It’s a selling site worth looking into.

  • Guest

    What are the top auction/selling sites besides the ones being mentioned here? Any one know?

    • Guest

      You should checkout this site to keep track of new Ebay alternative sites;

    • VonnieLee

      I’ve been selling online for 10 years and I see as a viable alternative to selling on eBay.

      Etsy is not an auction site, but the fees are extremely reasonable visa vi eBay or some of the other online shopping malls.

      Etsy started as a venue for artists, but has now expanded to accomodate sellers of vintage goods.

  • Guest

    Wow! This is all very interesting to know. I am happy to hear there are other opitions besides e-bay. E-bay use to be fun! I started there when e-bay was first getting known and there were no rules. Greed has taken over when it comes to e-bay. A site that cost them nothing to start and was fun, turned them greedy once they figured out a system to take all our profits. Use to be everyone including e-bay was having fun. Now the only one who is having fun are the people who run and own e-bay.

    They really ticked me off when they found a way to double profits and take not only from my final value sales, but they now have pay-pal and they steal from our shipping fees. Yes, steal. May be a strong word but its a fact. I sold a book, had $3.00 S&H, some how ebay managed to slip in and change the shipping fee on my listing. When the auction was over that book was shipping for $1.80 and I couldn’t tell the buyer there was an error. I sold the book for $2.25 and actual shipping was $3.20. Then they paid with paypal to boot, paypal charges based on total figure, it don’t set aside the shipping cost. So I lost even more on the shipping.

    I don’t even look at items on e-bay anymore. Everyone has found a way to take the fun out of it. Sellers jacking S&H through the roof, e-bay being selective about who sells what items. I had a whole list of items removed by e-bay because they did not like that I wrote one line in my listing …”more items coming soon”.

    I am going to go check out Bonanzle for sure. I loved listing items, meeting people and buying. I would love to do it all again. Thanks for the info!!!!

  • Mr. Lolo

    LOL! I hate feeBay with a passion but Bonzanzle or whatever is going nowhere. They’ll be forgotten in a month of two just like the millions of other eBay alternatives that have popped up and disappeared over the years. The buyers are just not there; just ebay disgruntle sellers’ noise.

    Amazon is the only serious competitor. I am using Amazon more and more. Hard to believe but I find things there I can not find on ebay.

  • Guest

    Ebay is a rip off…They have gone greedy all of a sudden and noweat up all the profits ment for the seller…..I had to build my own site due to this and have raked in

  • alex

    every one needs to wisen up and know at ebay is not the only auction site otherwise ebay would keep sucking out money from our pockets……When i wisended up was wen i came in contact with this website which taught me the secrets on selling my products without letting ebay making money with me……..

  • BuggyStuff

    If any one auction site would discard their EGO and finally figure out that they will NOT slay the dragon that is ebay UNLESS they make a site VERY similar to ebay, with the former EASE of ebay, and simply do it for LESS


    • Guest Very easy to work.

    • NYM Arts

      If Ebay was So Great, it would be BONANZLE :o)

      DUH !





  • Luiz

    Well Ebay Still the biggest guy out there!!
    Bonanzle is growing but still far away from ebay… is small but is nice to everybody help them. More competition is better.

  • Mechelle

    10,000 new members from Jan 6 to Feb 6 2009


  • Guest




  • Tgosell very easy to use, no Auction listing fee, checkout easy cash, money order, check, Alertpay or paypal. have shipping link on top of page for shipping. looking for former ebay sellers that have been kickoff ebay or have left because of high fees. wish to make our sellers very happy to keep them with us. so Email me at let us know how to make you join us at today we will listen to you.

    • Guest

      I like the fact that tgosell is a auction website and has buy it to buy right away but you can also list as a listing at set price nice.

  • Guest

    You should try BARNBID dot COM no listing Fees plus you get $100 credit to your sellers account, free classifield ads etc… If you need a alternative try barnbid. check it and dont forget to download the toolbar thing. Its nice… you can sell anything there…

  • Guest

    Come check us out and support our new site where everything is free to list including stores and such. the fee is only 2 percent and only if sold. Very nice site.


  • Guest

    The owner of Bonanzle put much thought, and work into the site. Bonanzle is user friendly, with very low fees. Loved it!… However I left.


    • Guest

      sign up at ship were you wish old style auction website.

    • Guest

      I understand what you are saying but you need to understand what sellers are going thru when it comes to selling out of the U.S. First many sellers have their products shipped from a warehouse or manufacture. They set the guidelines for who we can ship to. If you are not under those guidelines, then if you do ship out of U.S., you have no legal support to retrieve your items our money. With scammers all over the world that seem to be all over the internet, it is hard for a seller to know if the sale is legit or not. By the time a seller finds out if the purchase was done with a stole card, you’ve already shipped the product. It sometimes takes over 30 days before you ever know this information. So, sellers are very leary of seller to someone in a country that they can’t get any legal satifaction from. I know in my store, it depends on what product and what manufacture is shipping. Most of my products don’t ship out of U.S. but I do have some. The cost is another issue for many sellers.

  • Guest site has no auction listing fee.

    • Guest


      • Guest

        well i signed up for bonanzle a few months ago only had 6 sales sence there the people on the forums are rude and if you are not a payed member then your opinion about anything does not matter. all your listings are linked to amazon so your potential buyers are getting linked there and taken away from your listing. You can only have that removed if you are a paid member. I would not mind paying a company if they advertised. there are no real buyers there as of yet so i dont see the benefit of paying a monthly fee. Your not allowed to make mistakes on the forum or they will criticize you.

    • Guest

      I cannot even look at your site.It is like a candy shop full of green and red colours.Please change your website colors to some goog ones so that somebody will atleast look at it.Great ebay alternative ?.You must be joking?.Right?

  • Guest

    I joined Bonanzle several months ago and agree – the forums and people there are very rude. I am from the U.S. and saw how members slam buyers/sellers from other countries in the forums. In fact, most people are rude to anyone new. I shut down after 2 months. I couldn’t take the constant harassment.

    Unregistered people are allowed to buy which causes a whole set of other problems. And I’ve read about the scams going on at Bonanzle in the forums. If you are lucky enough you can catch a post or two about all the scamming and underhandness of their loyal cheerleading section – if you are fast enough. They delete those threads pronto. They delete any post or thread that does not show them as the shining star they think they are. READ THE BONANZLES RULES AND YOU’LL SEE THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO VOICE ANYTHING BUT LOVE FOR THEM OR YOU WILL BE HISTORY. No suggesting how they might do things differently to improve. No saying how you received a rude bmail and would like harassment to stop. No saying that you were dogged out in a forum by other members. If you can’t show the love you’re not allowed to say anything. If you have an opinion that doesn’t match the other posts or the site owners you are closed down and locked out.

    Never had these kinds of problems on Ecrater.

  • ebayer

    well it does seem that bonanzle is gaining foothold..these days the edge is the social aspect which it seemed as though ebay had at one point but has fizzled. Need the great eBay solution to revive the biggest online marketplace.

    • George

      When I think Ebay I often think of auctions were bidders are at war and prices are inflated. Sellers win, buyers lose. I think this is were the solution could be found.

      Here’s an idea that looks promising and different: . It uses an old concept of dutch tulip merchants where prices are constantly declining and buyers basically choose a price that best suits them personally. This is a definitely a different theme, one that is genuinely different from Ebay.

      I think that in order to compete with Ebay, one must offer a new concept.

  • Guest

    The world’s NUMBER 1 Online Shopping destination is eBay!!!!

  • Guest


    Lately I’ve been seing a lot of alternative to eBay sites. The one that realy was an eye catcher for me is called It is very difficult to lift a brand new site of the ground, nut these guys are realy doing a good job doing it. Prety good for a site that is new. I hear a lot of talk about it, and even though they are fairly new, I’ve been monitoring their progress and i do see that a lot of people are registering. Not sure if these people are sellers of buyers but they seem to like it, maybe because its free.

    • Guest

      Look good, hope more people will start using it, had a few questions and got my response right away. Just registered myself and starting to list items. Very excited.

    • SellerRights

      Way to go guys, and award winning alternative. Keep up the good job. I love it. :)



    • SAM

      Hi there
      I agree with this expression about eBay condition NOW: “NOW ITS THE NAZI GERMANY OF AUCTIONS SITES. SUSPENSIONS FOR ITS SELLERS AT ANYTIME, FOR ANY REASON, WITHOUT LOGICAL EXPLANATION.” With my 35-years retail business experience I’m feeling on eBay as I’m in a jail! They want to destroy my 7-years tough job to build my eBay store and they get hurt me several times in very crude manner! We have to joint to F–K THEM NOW!
      Sincerely, S.Z.

  • Corner Brook Classifieds

    Interesting. I haven’t used ebay in years for many of the reasons stated here.

  • American Knight

    I fail to see where Bonanzle are any other alternative is making any impact at all. Most of the traffic is directly from its own members, not just bonanzle all of them. You are better off opening your own website so you can control your own seo, sure they can get the buyer to the frontpage but that’s it. They can’t get them to the storefront. And if anything I have seen Ebay listings increasing regardless of what the pundits say, also none of these alternative can even come close to Amazon forget Ebay, what about Amazon. All these write ups praising this alternative and others shows me they are not marketing experts, just writers with an opinion. Until these market places give more control to sellers with their storefronts, they will all just be an insignificant part of the greater market.

  • Guest
    this is the real bonanzle and it has been said it is all smoke and mirrors
    go see your real bonanzle which is not just a hand full of people but an actual company with more than 5 people

  • Guest

  • margi

    hi, ur post is nice,
    here is some thing i explored!!

  • Guest

    Until i got taken for $100 from an unscrupulous seller. I will still sell there, but buy anything??? NO WAY!!! Say what you want about eBay, but what happened on Bonanzle to me would NEVER be tolerated on Ebay. That seller has my stuff and my money and I am SOL.

    • lara

      Check out – real company – real site – real support – real buyers. List and Sell any item!

    • Guest

      that seller has my stuff and my money ????,,first time ive ever heard of a seller selling goods to a seller,youre comments are complete garbage and total nonsence

  • Guest is a better site… just launched

  • AnnaMarie

    I bought something on this web site, Bonanzle, and it turned out the seller was bogus. I had my money stolen because I bought the item with a Visa gift card and they do not replace stolen funds! This web site is responsible and should pay me back my money but so far has ignored my requests.

    Beware of what you buy and who you buy from, this web site can NOT be trusted. There are thieves on this site waiting for suckers.

  • Guest it really is free and you can do the Auction and even have a store all for YES!!! Free!!! a real ebay alternative. (and they do not beg you to do all their advertising for them LOL).
    I see chris has been erasing all the comments about the Bonanzle Hoax Chris they pay U well for being an ASS LOL Keep up the good propaganda oh and you still have not informed us on how Bonanzle who is Ibusiness and wordpress selling site and not an auction is an alternative to Ebay auction and selling site?? Can you be an unass and tell us where you get your info?? How about trying some research once in a while like a real reporter webpronews HAHAHAHAHA what are u an alternative to the NY Times or better yet LOL OH no you are an equivalent to the Journal news by Gannett newspaper LOL LOL You should grab mark. tom and that what his name the creator of bundiggle?? and go on comedy central.. UH oH 6+14=20 wow Im human yeah!!!!! prevent spam LOL

  • goodbyebonkers

    Bonanzle will never compare to Ebay. They come off as another selling site but it really is just another social network full of bigots and people who do not believe in freedom of speech. You get blocked if someone doesn’t like what you have to say whether it’s right or wrong. All about kissing up to the big boys. No buyers there at all and people do not stay there long because of the people in the forums with the bullying and abuse of features which bonanzle allows from the members who kiss their but. Stick with Ebay if you are in it to make a living.

  • Colin

    They closed me down for having lots of items and no feedback, they don’t reply to customer service emails, if your a power seller go elsewhere.