Bolt.com Drops Dead

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I suspect that Bolt.com has received more traffic in the last few hours than it did in the past week.  Unfortunately (for Bolt), people aren’t using the video-sharing site; they’re looking at its corpse.

“Please be advised that the operations of Bolt, Inc. and Bolt.com have ceased,” states a message on the homepage.  Then – and I’m paraphrasing at this point – it continues, “If we owe you money, or if you want to buy our stuff, contact George E. Shoup, III.”

Mr. Shoup probably started preparing for this attention two weeks ago, when the potential acquisition of Bolt by GoFish fell through.  Or perhaps it was several months earlier, when Bolt promised to pay Universal Music millions of dollars; Universal had filed a copyright infringement suit against the company, and the settlement played a major role in the Bolt-GoFish deal’s failure.

As a result, this final outcome led Read/WriteWeb’s Richard MacManus to comment, “It seems that this is the first major fallout of the YouTube copyright controversies that surfaced once Google acquired YouTube.  While Google has the resources to fight the big media companies, a small company like Bolt.com does not.”

People are already considering the value of the Bolt.com name, though, so there may still be something interesting to find in the site’s ashes.


Bolt.com Drops Dead
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  • Sebastian-raven

    Its a shame they didn’t give anyone a heads up that the site was going down. I had over 700 pictures from the last few years of my life that we posted. It was a place that I thought was always going to be there. I guess I was wrong.

    • DarkWatch

      nothing last forever dude

    • CrazysNicole

      Did you really expect them to give notice? Bolt2 went bye bye without much notice. IT would have been nice of them to send out a mass email or something. They were aware that some members didn’t visit bolt2 everyday anymore. And it would have been nice to have time to save photos, memories and get contact information from old bolt friends.

      My opinion of bolt went downhill over the years.. it just kept getting worse, and while it’s sad it’s come to an end. I can’t say they didn’t deserve it, or that I didn’t see it coming.

      • BC Anselmo

        The original bolt site (Bolt2.com) did give notice of their closure, many of the users transfered over to the new bolt site, yet some did not like the new bolt site and stuck with the old bolt site. however, the old bolt site did give about a two weeks notice and say that they were shutting down because they wanted to focus their energies on the new Bolt site, and so those that visited everyday did manage to transfer before they closed. This new Bolt just closed without notice and many had lost their information because of the “lawsuit” which was really stupid, because I know that many had kept their lives there, and so the rest is history.

        • Guest

          it gave notice on the website for bolt2.. but didn’t email or anything. .which would have been nice.

  • Bruce Wayne

    An additional reason for Bolt’s demise is that they were recently Defendants in a lawsuit which they lost based on breach of contract. The company that sued Bolt was a partner that was effectively run out of business because of Bolt’s tactics. They have a history of working in ways that conflict with legal principles and with two lawsuits against them and a loss already on record GoFish likely realized that Bolt is too big of a risk. Maybe the Bolt.com name isn’t worth as much as one might think.

    • CrazysNicole

      The estimated value of http://bolt.com is: $3,901,950

      This value is calculated based on several factors shown above, including: Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web.

  • 1TUCKER1

    join 1tucker1 bolt.com on face book

  • Maria

    This is out of it.. I was a member of bolt for ages and i havent even been on there to check up anything. and to find out that its just close oh well… theres plenty other sites.. i.e. bebo or facebook… chao

  • Guest

    now it’s stage6 turn to give up…….is this an epidemy or what?

  • Amber Henderson

    thats too bad i did’nt know it closed down until a month ago i was gonna go on that website…i hav’nt been on it so long i wanted to go see all my old friends, and see what it was like…..and BOOM it’s gone, it’s got another site thier now, i wasa soo disapointed.well i guess it’s over!

  • Blood Man

    To anyone who remembers the good old days……to the people who used to find constant mental torture of people on a daily basis funny……to those that tried to make themselves look like something they arent……to all those "hackers", and people with websites linked to bolt just to get around bolts rules as much as possible……and to those who actually met and did the nasty…

    To everyone i met and knew for years, i bid you farewell.

    • Chris Johnson


      • Alex73191



        WTF MAN!!







  • Guest

    well this fucking blows. I wanted to get pictures off of there from years ago..fuckers!

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