Bobby Valentine’s Job Is Now Radio Commentator

    January 7, 2013
    Chris Crum
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NBC Sports and Dial Global announced today that former Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine will join the NBC Sports Radio lineup as a Major League Baseball commentator, effective this month.

Commentary is not completely new territory for Valentine. In addition to managing baseball teams, he has also provided analysis for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball.

Valentine will call in weekly to NBC Sports Radio affiliates and speak with hosts about baseball topics. He’ll also become a part-time co-host of a daily (Monday – Friday) talk show that will debut in April. This show has yet to be named.

“I can’t wait to get started on NBC Sports Radio,” said Valentine. “I’m looking forward to talking to our affiliates and network shows, and to being a major contributor to the network. I always state my honest opinion and I can’t wait to share it with NBC Sports Radio listeners.”

“We all known that Bobby V. will bring a passionate and opinionated voice to NBC Sports Radio and we can’t wait to light that fire,” said Chris Corcoran, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Dial Global. “Along with Stan Van Gundy, NBC Sports Radio offers two of the most opinionated former major league coaches, each of whom will bring our affiliates and advertisers excellent and compelling content every time they speak”.

Rob Simmelkjaer, SVP, NBC Sports Ventures and International, added, “Bobby Valentine has always possessed one of the greatest minds and sharpest tongues in all of baseball. This will be must-hear radio.”

Valentine was dismissed from his position as manager of the Sox after just a single season with the team.

  • Pooch

    I have never found Valentine to be neither informative nor entertaining. I would not listen to any show he is on, and in fact would go out of my way to change stations.

    • beijingyank

      Sorry you feel that way. I can tell you never met the man personally. It’s a shame because Bobby V. is great!

  • beijingyank

    Bobby is a class act. A real stand up guy. He was treated terribly before he left the Mets for Japan. He is one of the best managers the Mets ever had. The Mets need him back.

  • Joe kubeck

    He was jerk when he played, he is a jerk now. no where near as smart as he thinks he is.Go homeretire. As a former player and a Red Sox fan hiring him was stupid,firing him was just covering up a stupid front office choice