Bobbi Kristina Brown Defends Skinny Bikini Photos

    March 13, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Bobbi Kristina Brown and husband, Nick Gordon, are lashing out after fans reacted to Bobbi Kristina’s super skinny frame.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s daughter shared pictures of herself on vacation over the weekend in an ity-bity-black bikini.

Her husband Nick Gordon posted a pic of the 21-year-old newlywed with the caption, “I gotta bad b––––.”

When the Twitterverse and the media began commenting that she was too skinny, the duo lashed out with Tweets of their own.

“My baby is perfect the way she is,” Gordon Tweeted on Tuesday, peppered with a few choice profanities. “And for the record she was made that way why change I know she is beautiful.”

Bobbi Kristina joined her husband on Twitter in her own defense, saying she was built just like her famous mom.

“I am my mothers child! Have you ever heard of a #fastmetabolism ?” she wrote. “Damn, lol, it’s incredible how the world will judge you 4ANY&EVERYthing.”

Criticism is not something new to the newlyweds. They caused a stir when they married in January.

Brown and Gordon were raised as brother and sister when Houston took Gordon into her home at the age of 12, so when they announced their engagement, it created another brouhaha from the media.

As reported by People, Bobbi said her marriage to Gordon had the blessing of her grandmother Cissy Houston and said Whitney wanted them to be together.

“I would tear up, this is exactly what she wanted, us together,” said Brown.

However, other reports said that Cissy was furious over their relationship.

Apparently, Cissy told a close friend, “What they’re doing is incestuous.”

“Krissy has told her grandmother that she doesn’t need her blessing to marry Nick, and the more Cissy objects to the relationship, well that only cements Krissy’s decision,” Star magazine reported a source as saying at the time.

Image via Twitter, Nick Gordon

  • carol

    It just slays me…people would not make comments about FAT people the was they do about thin people! I used to be heavy (over 200 lbs) nobody ever said to my face “your too fat” Now that I weigh 117, people think its ok to make nasty comments about being “too thin” I say mind you own business! Get a life!!!

  • Curt Pangracs

    I wonder how she could possibly defend not getting her teeth fixed. It’s not like she’s broke or anything…

  • Char Jacobs

    I think she looks great, but her teeth looks awful if she was my friend I WOULD tell her it does.

    • Nanners

      She has a space between her front teeth. Is that what you think is bad? I think it’s fine…she doesn’t have snaggle teeth.

  • Nanners

    After my mother passed away I lost about 20 lbs from anxiety and.coworkers and friends were starting to make comments about how I was too skinny and salads are rabbit food. I was at a healthy weight for my height and it really bothered me that people were making these comments. Bobbi Kristina looks fine. She is built like her mother who was skinny.

  • Charlene

    I am going to comment because I have watched this girl over the years.. yes she had a little weight on her when she was a child.. but she has never been this skinny when her mother was living or the past year or so.. she is every skinny now compared to that last year. she was not fat last year or the year before that.. There is a change it has nothing to do with her metabolism.

  • nom de plume

    “My baby is perfect the way she is,” Gordon Tweeted on Tuesday, peppered with a few choice profanities.”
    Preach on Gordon, now go back to banging your sister wife.

  • Simple

    You both are gross and that is what your going to be known for marrying your brother/sister. Dumb ass if you are RAISED as brother & sister that is off limits.

  • Bicycle Girl

    This is what the byproduct of two crack cocaine addicts breeding looks like ^

  • prosperity

    So let’s get this straight. Kelly Ripa (who is an anorexic if I ever did see one) is considered ‘healthy’, but Bobbi Kristina (who is ten to fifteen pounds heavier than Kelly) is looked upon as being ‘too thin’? What a joke!

    • C. Gallarzo

      You are so right. Just because Kelly works out and is Vegan (which I think is a great way to disguise anorexia) no one says she’s too thin. Anorexic people work out like crazy (just like Kelly) and don’t eat (again, just like Kelly). Ewww

  • pat

    SHE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She is just a kid…..(under 21 I assume).

  • Peter Htims

    Oh…. i was hoping she was dead

  • Lizzie Gowers

    In my opinion, not counting that unfortunate gap in her teeth genetics gave her, she looks fantastic.

  • C. Gallarzo

    people usually look better / prettier when they lose weight but not her, she looks like a tranny! Fix those nasty ass teeth already. You look ghetto!!!!!!!!!!

    • rocme

      Did David Letterman look ghetto the reason why he got his teeth “fixed”?

  • Marquitta Davis

    I’m almost positive that some of you hiding behind old, posed, and unauthentic profile pictures, would also receive some of those nasty comments too!


    • fanoboss12


  • Estella Davis

    that’s as cute as can be and I like her hobo bag, also.

  • Sharkfan

    She’s thinner than she has been normally over the past few years. I don’t think she’s any thinner than a lot of other people in the public eye, but I’m guessing that people are reacting the way they are because it’s such a dramatic change from how most people remember her.

  • luvviegurl66

    Some of you are a bunch of illiterate f#cks. What’s wrong with the gap in her teeth? its thousands upon thousands of people with gaps. My daughter have a gap and so does her son. I’m pretty sure its no problem being that she is a health administrator making over 80,000 yrly to fix her gap. She loves it, I love it and it doesn’t take away from her looks not one bit. She chose not to get braces when she was younger and I honored that. If her son chooses not to get braces, she will honor his decision also. As for Christina being small, she was never really big, except for when she was a young child. Whitney was always skinny as heck with no breast and her daughter is built the same way. Christina is curvier than Whitney with more booty. I think she looks perfectly fine…..she’s a lovely girl. If you’re fat, people complain, if you’re skinny people complain. The problem is that the people that are complaining can’t talk about anyone. You better believe something is f#cked up about them.

  • Harvey Mushman

    If she is FAT or SKINNY who gives a damn, aint nobody’s business but her own!

  • justine

    I only see a fit pretty girl. But I can understand the backlash because these days so many people are heavy that its beginning to be acceptable…and its weird to see a petite, lean,fit person.