Bob Barker is “Ashamed” of “The Price Is Right”

    September 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Bob Barker says the producers of “The Price Is Right” ignored him when it came time to put together a 40th anniversary show, but he’s taking it rather well.

Barker, who hosted the insanely popular television game show for 35 years, just handed the title over to Drew Carey in 2007. Yet for some reason, the decision-makers thought it prudent to leave Barker out of the anniversary special. The reason? Barker thinks it’s because he spoke out several times against the show for giving away prizes to organizations like Sea World and Calgary Stampede, which he says are “notorious for animal abuse”.

The former show host has been an animal rights activist for years and did manage to get the show’s producers to make small changes during his tenure, such as halting the giveaway of fur and leather coats. However, he hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinion on how things have been run since he left, which might have contributed to the exclusion.

“I don’t know why I wasn’t asked to take part in some way,” Barker said. “But I do know I am ashamed of the show and surprised at their complete disregard for the welfare of animals. Were I still there, a prize to attend the Calgary Stampede would never have been considered. We never did anything that condoned animal cruelty. Apparently, things have changed.”

Barker’s strong opinions on organizations like Calgary Stampede and Sea World–which he says are “notorious” for animal cruelty–have led to some clarifications on both parts. The Calgary Stampede says it “works with the Calgary Humane Society and the Alberta Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to ensure its animals receive proper care”, while Sea World insists that every animal in their care is “content and healthy”.

Although Barker was shown in several clips on the anniversary special–which aired last night–he was not asked to participate, and Drew Carey hosted the show. Barker says he’s fine with the decision, but chose not to watch it.

  • Marilyn Irwin

    If it weren’t for Bob Barker there would be NO Price Is Right-shame, shame, shame on the producers who have little to no respect for someone who put the show on the map of “success”. Won’t be watching anymore, period, nadda, the end.

    • http://comcast.com phyllis buckholz

      of course bob should have been invited, maybe a co-host as one person has said. i understand they invite him on occasion , but this was an anniversary. youcan be sure he was disappointed and his feelings hurt. i do think theproducers who ever made this decision are thinking we made a mistake. no matter what bob said that he didn’t take offense , i think he did. today seniors are put out to pasture and they want you to keep your opinions to yourself.

  • Pat

    Although Drew Carey has come a long way since he started hosting TPIR, Bob Barker will always be considered the king of the show, just as Johnny was to the Tonight Show. It’s a shame that Bob wasn’t included in more clips during the program. There were so many great moments to choose from.
    Bob Barker is a great animal rights advocate and the shows producers certainly know that. It was very petty on their part to snub him for the anniversary show. In fact, they should have invited him to co-host the show. I don’t think Drew would have minded.

  • michael

    Producers were reluctant because Bob Barker had improper relations with some of the girls on the show.

  • Steve Smith

    The price is wrong, B!+ch!

  • stephenf

    If what he’s saying is true (if he wasn’t invited, and there wasn’t a different specific reason given by producers or event hosts), this is really just outrageous. It would be like having an anniversary celebration for the Tonight Show without including Carson (when he was still around, obviously), or a MASH reunion without Alan Alda. In fact, it’s _so_ obviously wrong that it leaves the anniversary show as the loser, not Barker.

    • Brenda Harding

      My thoughts exactly Price is Right Anniversary without Bob Barker is like the Tonight Show without Johhny Carson if alive. If he thinks Sea World and this Stampede place abuse animals that should be looked into. Seems hard to believe especially Sea World being so high profile but its got me wandering why would Bob think that and should be looked into

  • http://jaymenicholewaitt@yahoo.com Jayme Nichole Waitt

    Without Bob Barker There Isn’t Any Price Is Right It’s Very Wrong For Producers To Ignore Bob Barker’s Question About The 40TH Anniversary Of The Price Is Right Bob Barker The Price Is Right For You My Grandma Watched The Price Is Right With The Host Bob Barker Therefore The Price Is Wrong For Producers Of The Gameshow If My Grandma Was Still Alive She Would Flip Over Her Grave About Drew Carey Being The Host Since 2007 Wrong Bob Barker Is Right.

  • James

    I think it was the lowest cut of all, to not have invited the only person who made TPIR so popular. If Drew had been the first, then TPIR would have faded into time just as the old show “what’s my line” which many don’t even haver a clue what that was about.

  • http://cosmiverse.com Akbar Jesus (Chip) Reymundo

    They didn’t want the senile old coot to do anything stupid. Proof of his dementia is his donation of millions of dollars to that fat goof that runs sea shepherds. The other reason is probably because during his tenure at price is right he treated his barkers beauties like his personal harem.

    • Scott

      Sorry but Bob made the show what it was. Drew Carey, while a great comedian… is no Bob Barker.

      • BBfan

        I totally agree that Bob Barker has class and dedication to a worthy cause. Very admirable.

  • C. Lehey

    Bob Barker should shut the F**K up. He is an asshole.