BMW Rocky Steps Joyride: Man Charged

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Philadelphia police have charged a man for reckless endangerment after he turned himself in on Thursday for allegedly driving his BMW down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art made famous by the movie "Rocky".

The driver of the BMW, 20-year-old Emin Faki, told police that he never intended to go down the steps, but his brakes failed. The police checked the brakes, and when they could find nothing wrong with them, filed charges.

The drive down the steps by Faki was filmed by onlookers on Oct. 24 and posted on the internet, leading police to the driver.

Faki was arraigned on Friday and was appointed a public defender. His next court appearance will be Dec. 18.

The steps were made famous after the memorable (and heart-pumping) "Rocky" scene when Rocky Balboa, portrayed by Sylvester Stallone, runs up the steps while training for his boxing match with Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers). Today, a statue of Rocky Balboa stands at the top of the stairs.

Video via News Distribution Network

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Pam Wright