Blu-ray Sways An Undecided With DRM

    August 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Another Hollywood player, Lions Gate Home Entertainment, will release its next generation DVDs under the Blu-ray format.

Did Sony just win the blue laser DVD war over Toshiba? Probably not yet, but if Lions Gate’s decision to pick Blu-ray over HD DVD is any indication, DRM might be the weapon that tilts the battle to Sony.

Having a previously undecided studio, in this case the studio with titles from Rambo to Saturday Night Live to Clifford on home video, come on-board represents another boost to Blu-ray. But if a current HD DVD proponent were to switch sides, that would probably signal the beginning of the end of the DVD fight.

Lions Gate Home Entertainment cited a couple of factors in its decision, via a press release. They mentioned the copy protection available, but more importantly, they also noted that DVD replicators have made progress toward mass producing titles in Blu-ray format at “an acceptable cost.”

Money talks loudly in Hollywood, and HD DVD has long claimed its process would be easier for existing DVD replicators to implement, and less expensive. If Blu-ray has found the path to making its format acceptable in cost to an undecided studio like Lions Gate, there’s reason to believe others could go the Blu-ray way themselves, too.

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