Bluewolf Forms Pact With Google

    June 28, 2007

Google hasn’t yet mentioned the deal on its Official Enterprise Blog, but luckily for us, Bluewolf issued a press release.  It turns out that the company “has joined the Google Enterprise Professional program to help organizations more efficiently and effectively implement and deploy Google Apps.”

The division of Google that’s known as “Enterprise Solutions” has had a busy few days -first came a deal with Dell, followed by one with Ingram Micro, and now there’s this breakthrough with Bluewolf.  It really makes you wonder what’s next.

That’s assuming, of course, that three deals in one week isn’t all we’ll see.  Also, in terms of “seeing” (or at least understanding) the result of this latest arrangement, you should know that, “Called the Bluewolf Enterprise BluePrint for Google Apps, the Bluewolf solution provides businesses with planning, configuration, integration, migration and change management tools for Google Apps.”

In terms of both who’s an intended customer and what sort of experience is at work, the press release continues, “Targeting innovative mid-size and enterprise organization, Bluewolf will leverage its expertise in SaaS, garnered from its work as a implementation partner since 1999, to implement and deploy Google Apps.”

So, even if Bluewolf’s name is less recognizable than that of Dell or Ingram Micro, the company has some pretty impressive credentials.  In a statement, Scott McMullan, Google Enterprise’s Google Apps Partner Lead, even said, “We selected Bluewolf as a Google Enterprise Professional partner because of its extensive experience with implementing on-demand applications.”

McMullan then added, “We’re looking forward to Bluewolf extending and integrating Google Apps by providing deployment and development expertise.”