BlueTie: Helping Hand To Small Businesses

    May 14, 2007

Small businesses often times struggle to keep up with big conglomerates, but now they have an opportunity to function as a big company without the additional manpower.

In an interview with WebProNews at the Web 2.0 Expo, BlueTie Founder and President David Koretz explained to us how his company makes this possible. Koretz founded BlueTie in 1999, with the intention of giving small to medium-sized businesses the same possibilities that large enterprises have.

BlueTie began as a provider of email, but they are now branching out and offering more services. It acts as an organizer and a communicator. BlueTie extends organization through email, calendaring, tasks, contact management, and file sharing to small businesses. The communication factor comes in through email by the sharing functions that are structured into the calendar, contacts, and files component.

It eliminates the purchase of servers, software, and hardware by making most of their services available free of charge. They do offer a suite of services that has additional features for $5.00 per month.

BlueTie gives a small business the ability to perform as a large corporation. Since they would have to buy all the hardware, software, and server plus, hire a team of developers for installation purposes, companies are saving on costs when they use BlueTie applications.

Speaking of costs, Koretz implied credit to Google’s purchase of YouTube by giving the impression that a company should not worry about identifying their monetization model. He does however, predict within the next year businesses will have to explain what their monetization model is. According to Koretz, BlueTie’s applications can help to solve the process of turning user traffic into monetary value.

Despite the benefits already stated, BlueTie has plans to further improve small business procedures. One development that has already taken off is called Featuretisments, which is a model for monetizing online applications. The main idea of Featuretisments is to pull information from various outside sources and put them into one application that the users are accustomed to.

To learn more about BlueTie and how it can promote your business, check out our exclusive interview with David Koretz right here on WebProNews.