Bluepulse Takes Mobile Social Network Forward

    October 23, 2007

From camping gear to kitchenware, “all-in-one” can be a major selling point.  Now, with an update that’ll let users see their messages and updates on one screen, Bluepulse, a mobile social networking company, is hoping to capitalize on this trend.

Bluepulse’s new “universal message box” should spare people a great deal of tapping and typing; an address book that can interact with Facebook, MySpace, AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and MSN will serve the same purpose.

More all-inclusive goodness involves Bluepulse’s newfound ability to interact with smartphones.  BlackBerry users, in particular, are (in)famous for their dedication, so this could be an important step towards gaining a large user base.  And members of that base could bond tightly with each other thanks to a sort of friend-of-a-friend introduction system.

Bluepulse isn’t yet on top of everything – advertising, which would increase income, is still a ways off.  But since studies have indicated that this is a troublesome arena, it’s not such a bad idea for Bluepulse to just back off and see how things settle out.

By the way – Ben Keighran, Bluepulse’s CEO, indicated that advertising might also become an across-the-board matter.  Kristina Knight writes, “Rather than simple text messages or banner ads, Keighran said he would like to use dynamic profiles to insert ads into widgets.  Once a user uploads a widget, it will be automatically sent to all of the friends and groups in their address book.”