Blue Ivy To Be Taken Back By Her Surrogate Mother?

    August 17, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Blue Ivy was obviously born to Beyonce and Jay-Z. I mean, the world fawned over Beyonce’s baby bump for months as we awaited the new heir to the royal throne of Carter.

While there was a minute of conspiracy theory when Beyonce appeared to have a collapsible belly in one video, that didn’t last long since Beyonce quickly began to post bare-belly pics.

Blue Ivy will, of course, always be the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, but there is a woman out there who has been making claims that she carried and gave birth to Blue Ivy.

Now the woman, Tina Seals, says in a suit she filed against Beyonce, that she wants Blue Ivy back.


What’s even weirder is the fact that Tina Seals has a history of making bogus surrogate mom claims in court against celebrities. In fact, Seals has little North West and Prince George on the list of babies she has tried to claim, but of course Kim, Kanye, and the Duke and Duchess have nothing to worry about. Just like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Blue Ivy have nothing to worry about.

However, Matrimonial Family Expert Leslie Barbara says that there is a way in which a surrogate could come back and sue for rights to the baby she carried for someone else.

In New York, paid surrogacy is illegal, but unpaid surrogacy is legal. So, if Tina Seals could prove that Beyonce and Jay-Z paid her for her services (which they didn’t, of course, it’s just an example), thereby breaking the law, she could actually gain visitation rights.

Blue Ivy is safe, though. There are plenty of medical documents proving that Blue Ivy is made of Beyonce and Jay-Z, besides the fact that the resemblance is super-strong!

I hope Tina Seals can get the help she needs and will leave Blue Ivy alone.

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  • rebecca

    She could have used beyonces egg and jay-z’s sperm… that would still give blue ivy the dna of both.

    • Nicole

      No she couldn’t because that would require that she was actually a surrogate. This woman is nuts.

      • http://cyncity.org/ cyncity.org

        Both of you are right…she is nuts, but they could have used a surrogate (just not her).

        • drixnot3

          or she could be both the surrogate AND nuts. crazy people are still fertile.

          • http://cyncity.org/ cyncity.org

            She is a serial suing type that has claimed to be the mother of many celebrity babies among other lawsuits. So, yeah, it is extremely unlikely.

  • katie5280

    What a waste of an article

  • Jerry Colon

    all skanks in my book

  • Jerry Colon

    to think i could of been shitting instead of reading that stupid article

    • Nicole

      Why not read while going?

      • Hi

        I do. Ipads rule.

  • Sheila

    Please do something with that baby’s hair.

    • Ash

      There’s nothing to do. The baby has natural black hair. That’s how it is.

      • Sheila

        not true I have 7 children with “natural” black hair. Her momma don’t go around looking like that “unkept”..

        • Ash

          ReplyMaybe that’s just how the texture of that baby’s hair works. I know several people who’s hair did that when they were little. No matter how much their parents combed of brushed it.

        • Kayla Hiemstra

          Maybe they don’t believe in putting a bunch of chemicals and crap into their daughter’s hair given that she is so young. Besides, just because it looks “bad” to you, doesn’t mean they believe it does. So how about instead of being a judgmental shit, you just accept the fact that it’s not your kid, so your opinion is completely invalid.

          • Sheila

            Bahahhahah…..well Kyla just like you and your nasty mouth I am entitled to my own opinion!

          • Kayla Hiemstra

            It’s Kayla, smart one. And I never said you weren’t. I said since it’s not your kid, your opinion is invalid. But we already can tell you can’t read.

    • Tiki

      I’m sorry but it’s what they want to do with their child. They love the natural look on their child which looks good on her. They are taking GOOD care of her which is all that matters. If you REALLY want to do something about her hair then you find some way to get close to Beyonce and Jay-Z to be able to do Blue Ivy’s hair but for now just be happy for them that they have a beautiful healthy child to take care of.

      • Sheila

        Please hit me up with a picture of Beyoncé with her hair like this when she was that age! She doesn’t wear it “natural” now. Just for the record the name stinks too!! “Blue Ivy” hmmm… I am so happy that I am entitled to my own opinion. Just voicing my opinion. I think it funny that ya’ll want to jump in and protect what doesn’t need protected. They know that without all the media hype they would not be famous. When you want to be a celebrity and “worshipped” for lack of a better word…the chances are you are going to have people voicing their opinion.

        • Tiki

          Excuse me, princess. I can obviously see that you’re one of those people who like to fully voice your opinion no matter what which that’s you so I’ll let that be. It should be the other way around since you are defending your opinion on something they don’t want to worry a lot about until she gets of age or when they want to do it. So you are saying that the media makes them famous? Ha! If it were that easy to be famous then we all would. They’re famous because of their music, hard work, and other contributions they have made to the world of music. They worked hard to get where they are which is respected if they were not famous they at least would have the means of still taking very good care of the child. They don’t care about what the media thinks, you think, I think, or really anyone for a matter of fact but one of the main things they do care about is that child which is obviously well taken care of no matter how she looks. You’re just another part of the ever criticizing media when it comes down to it and not focusing on what is really important.

  • allpoints

    This cow lick looks like a hot mess….

  • Steve GOop

    Hard-hitting journalism, right up there with the Watergate reports.

  • Max

    Now we know why a floor of the hospital was shut down!!

    • hd

      AS WELL AS why they first told she was born by c-section, and then vaginally. Even though I doubt this woman that claims to be their surrogate is telling the truth, I also doubt Beyonce birthed that baby herself.

      • SouthBchBlonde

        MANY people close to the couple were NEVER allowed to touch her belly..The couple made it a JOKE for a while.and said Beyoncé was worried about “germs” with everyone touching IT…one reporter asked if the baby had started kicking and moving yet and got a BLANK STARE..I have never seen a pregnant woman act so strange and DETACHED…never believed she gave ACTUAL birth..!!

    • Athenia

      Amazing how many people believe everything they read.

  • mary

    stupid article!!!!

  • Orion

    Lol Same chick tried to file for custody of Mariah’s kids, and a lot of other celebrities. She is nuts.

  • bmydty

    I don’t ever want to be famous!!!!!

    • Mark2014

      Me either. What a sucky life.

  • Jane Morgan

    She was the surrogate, and they did not use JZ’s sperm they needed a donor for that as well. Dr. Dre was the sperm donor and stepped up and offered his love juice.

    • anony5

      In all honesty I’ve heard that jay z is HIV positive and that’s why she had a surrogate, etc….

  • Mark2014

    That woman was never pregnant.

    • may2014

      bey;s bae

      • Mark2014

        You got that right. LOL

  • Hi

    Beyonce was never pregnant. Normally, she is always half-naked. She started covering up like crazy after supposedly being pregnant.

    • Poop a Doop

      Lmao, that’s your argument for her not being pregnant? Because she covered herself up lol? Wow

  • http://Disqus.com Saros7

    You do know that a surrogate can have a fertilized egg inserted instead? I say she has a strong case to make, hopefully she gains visitation rights

  • LordPeckro

    She should have named her little ‘nog Black Roach! LOL!

  • LordPeckro

    Or Skid Mark! LOL!

  • LordPeckro

    Or Mammy’s Li’l Poo Stain! Freakin’ LOL!

    • Wealthy

      Idiots ^^^…. Your mothers should of named you all little pieces of white trash!

      • anony5

        at least “white trash” had mothers… while yours was out stripping and smoking crack, so she could take care of her other 9 welfare babies


    If it is not Blue Ugly its the Kardahshians

  • jody

    Make no mistake, Blue Ivy was born by surrogate. Beyonce can lie all she wants, there is a picture out there of her just days before the baby was born, and she is clearly not pregnant.

  • Christina Cobb-Kinnebrew

    What bare belly pics, the one in the white bikini that looks painted on.

  • Hpel rich


  • anony5

    Beyoncé never was pregnant. I know that for sure. BUT what I also know is that beyonce and jay z I’m sure had a disclosure signed by the surrogate, meaning that if this woman didn’t want to be destroyed in every way possible, she’d never say a thing. So I don’t think that this really is the woman, but I do think a surrogate exists.

  • Augustine Beary

    This woman’s history proves she is a nutjob

  • cynthis

    What an idiot this woman is! Some people will do anything for fame and money.

  • Bob

    Child as fashion accessory…

  • stacey


  • BlackPorcelain!


  • stacey

    I don’t believe none of it whatever the case may be that baby is set for life and that’s there life and business a child is loved and that’s all that matters beyonce human she can have a dam child like the rest of us woman dam leave that diva alone.

  • Janet John


  • Vangal28

    If people who bring law suits that are clearly untrue had to pay court costs and triple the legal fees for the lives they are harming. This kind of stupidity would stop. The bottom feeding lawyers who pander to these unstable individuals are equally at fault and should be fined enough to deter this insanity.

  • BD

    Apparently, people don’t understand what surrogacy really is. The surrogate mother is nothing but an oven—it is NOT her egg; therefore, she has NO parental rights to the child growing inside her. The baby shares ZERO DNA with the surrogate mother. So how could ANY surrogate claim the child?!

    • Deanna Caldwell

      Surrogacy is not always done the way you describe. If there is a reason the potential mother’s egg cannot be used, they can use the surrogates egg or a donor egg through artificial insemination. So, there are times when the surrogate is the biological mother. However, I seriously doubt that these two would take that chance. Even if the egg did not belong to Beyoncé, I’d be willing to bet their is an iron clad contract that the surrogate or egg donor had to sign agreeing to give up all rights to the baby. No surrogate could compete with these two in court because of the financial situations being vastly different.

  • Pat

    No, what is crazy is the media wasting their time printing this stupid s—t. If this woman had any credibility she lost it all with the numerous dumb lawsuits she’s already filed.

  • Paj675

    Who cares WHAt Beyonce does

    • She sucks

      No shit. She’s lame and I don’t know why people worship her ass. Bet she wouldn’t be ‘queen b’ if she was dark complected.

      • Paj675

        Right….she isn’t anything more than a human and a lame one at that. Good call….

  • Frag Monger

    Poor kid got Jay-Z’s looks.

  • Bob Bilbert

    Those aren’t Michael Jacksons real kids!!!

  • Maria

    Black people always have problem with hair! It is redicules! Just be yourself & accepete your self.

  • roro

    Will the real surrogate please stand up

  • Cheap & Nothing Wasted

    If there are bare belly pix of Beyonce pregnant, then post the link.
    Remember, the pix must show all of her, including the face.

  • Chucky Smif

    GEEEZE!! What causes all these crazy people like her?… DAMN!!

  • Diana

    That is one messed up lady. Claiming to be the mom of celebrity babies. Probably just to say she had so and so’s baby so can be famous which she isn’t.

  • Lua

    I think there is truth to what Tina Seals is saying. Just cause she has history of claiming other babies-DOESNT mean she is lying about this one. Think of it, if you knew someone had a history of lying and you wanted that person to do something for you..knowing that if they told the truth nobody would believe them, then it is ALL GOOD. Then theres a known fact that was made public but yet private. They shut down the floor of the hospital so she can give birth. Money can do many things for many motives. IJS! In any manner…God bless everyone and what they chose to do.

  • Jazzyma

    Please stop with the nonsense. Blue Ivy is Jay Z and Beyonce’s baby. Nothing else to discuss cocerning “this” matter.


    This a BS story so why even post this on any site!!! This country is so F’d up that jealous people always want to believe any negative story on any celebrity no matter how bizarre the story is!!!!

  • Samantha

    I can not understand people who can conceive but do not do it in order no to interrup carrer or loss shape. We need surrogacy because of infertility, and we are grateful to Biotexcom that we achieved success and now we are growing up a wonderful girl.

  • Jessica

    Rebecca exactly just because she looks like jay z and beyonce does not mean that beyonce carried blue I don’t think beyonce was pregnant. I believe this women is crazy but I do believe Beyoncé had a surrogate. Beyoncé is full of shit to me I do not like her but I do believe this story about Tina seals being the person to carry Blue for bey and jay is crazy cause . and the person who wrote this story needs to redo it people act like beyonce is just beyond perfect and that is just a crock of bull I am so not a fan

  • 4DJai

    In my opinion, mental illness needs to be one of the main issues at the
    forefront in our society….I hope that Beyonce and JayZ are not heading for
    divorce, however, if they are, I hope they will not put Blue Ivy in the middle
    of a nasty custody fight…I hope that Blue Ivy will grow up knowing that she is
    and always will be loved by both parents. And, that she will grow up in a home
    surrounded by love instead of one filled with negativity….I wish Beyonce and
    JayZ continued success: personally and
    professionally…God Bless!!

  • Guest