Blue Ivy To Be A Big Sister Soon?

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Blue Ivy has lived the high life and had her incredibly wealthy and attentive parents, Beyonce and Jay-Z, all to herself.

However, rumors are swirling that the adorable little heir to the hip-hop throne might have to share her good fortune.

The source of these rumors are reports by Media TakeOut that Beyonce was spotted on their family vacation in Corsica, Italy wearing an interesting dress with a cut-out belly and was also sporting some sort of gold paint on her belly.

They also claim that she couldn't take her hands off of said gold-embellished belly.

However, as Beyonce also has paint on her leg, there's not really a reason to think that this is some sort of pregnancy announcement. That doesn't stop the rumor mill, though.

A source told OK! Magazine for their latest cover story that the speculation is completely reasonable.

“For the last month, Jay has been fiercely protective of her, just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy. He’s been doing everything he can to ensure that Bey is in a stress-free bubble. He’s informed their entire entourage that they need to use relaxed voices, mellow lighting and listen to only soft music, and he’s said that all of the food Beyonce eats should be organic,” the source explained.

“He’s really doing his best to make sure that she’s as comfortable and healthy as possible."

New baby rumors come just as divorce rumors begin to subside.

It's been a while since speculation of an impending split began to rear its ugly head when Beyonce's sister, Solange, beat up Jay-Z in an elevator, but has everything been resolved?

So, what's the deal? Are they ready to move forward in a happy marriage with a new baby or are they on the verge of splitting up? What's your guess?

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