Blue Ivy: BET Ridicules Jay Z And Beyonce’s Baby, Karrueche Tran Takes Heat From Twitter

    September 3, 2014
    Val Powell
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TV network BET got itself and guest host, model Karrueche Tran, into hot water recently when it made a joke on air about the hair of Blue Ivy, the daughter of Beyonce and Jay Z. Fans of the musical power couple lashed out on social media after Tran read a joke on the BET show 106 & Park at Blue Ivy’s expense.

Tran was a guest on the show on Monday, a day after the MTV Video Music Awards, where Blue Ivy joined her mother and father onstage after Beyonce finished her musical performance. During a segment on 106 & Park titled “Top Six Things Blue Ivy Thought at the VMAs,” Tran read off a list given to her by the show’s producers and reportedly realized she had gone too far when she recited No. 6 on the list: “I really did wake up like this — because my parents never comb my hair.”

Despite the model blurting out, “Sorry, Blue. I love you,” off-script, fans of Beyonce dubbed The Beyhive attacked Tran on social media. She tried apologizing the next day, posting on Twitter, “Now y’all know I LOVE me some Beyoncé and Blue Ivy! I didn’t write this script y’all lol,” on August 25.

The social media onslaught on Tran prompted BET Networks’ president of music programming, Stephen G. Hill, to issue an apology on behalf of his company to the public and to Tran. He wrote a series of tweets on August 26 saying, “Last night on 106 & Park there was a stupid, unthoughtful joke made about a young child. We apologize publically to the child’s parents (and have done so privately) and we have taken punitive actions with those responsible. It was very bad judgment and we will serve you much better in the future. Oh, and please don’t hate on Karrueche; it was NOT her fault. We also apologize to her for putting her in that position.”

106 & Park has gone on hiatus, but supposedly not because of the incident. Instead, one of the show’s producers who was responsible for the joke was reportedly suspended.

  • love

    Oh shutup it’s true and all of y’all know it’s true her hair is never combed or done it’s always nappy and all over her head except for that one time it was in a ponytail, if they don’t know how to do her hair they can pay someone to style it, and saying that she has black textured hair isn’t an excuse I’ve seen plenty of black textured hair babies with their hair done, they just don’t do her hair and if she wasn’t the daughter of Beyonce and Jayz all of y’all who is “standing up” for blue would be thinking the same thing (does he parents ever comb her hair?), also Beyonce has black textured hair but we don’t see her walking around like that, she wouldn’t dare let us see her like that so why let her baby walk around like that?

    • mzunga

      People we have better things to get upset about. The kid’s hair is never combed, who cares? Grownup’s walk around looking the same way. You should be getting mad about what the Grand Old Party, and the Tea Party are taking away from covertly instead of what some rich person’s kids air looks like. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shaun

      Her hair is NATURAL!! Therefore it is always done!! It may not be in a style you all like but that is the beautiful part about natural hair! It is its’ own style! When I went natural, my friends constantly complained about me “combing” my hair because they were not used to the style. But guess what? They got used to my natural curls! Whether we wake up and go or we sit and do our hair, it is sad that people still criticize her. And it could be anyone’s child. I said something when my friends talked about my hair and I said something when people got mad at Angelina Jolie for braiding her daughter’s hair. Black hair is something beautiful in all its shapes. Point. Blank. Period.

      • Bianca

        No. Just because your hair is natural, that does not mean you have to go around with your hair looking a mess. I’m all natural, so I know this. There are natural hair care products for little girls her age. They may cost a little bit more, but Beyonce and Jay-Z definitely have the money to pay for her hair care. It really does just look like she gets out of bed and they put a hairband on her head. It would look so much better if they combed it and put a little bit of product in it. I agree that black hair is beautiful. I fully embrace my natural curls because they are lovely. But, a little bit of moisturizer helps define it and make it shiny.

        • Joseph Gonzales

          since when is an AFRO considered “CURLS”?
          never has and never will…it is just “NAPPY”

          • Spoken


          • Joseph Gonzales

            Yo mommas ignent

    • Diana Skinner

      GAWD!! Just fix that nappy mess and move on!..The marriage is in shambles and the haters want her HAIR spoofed up!!??

    • Athena

      Yea, it may be true that some people are thinking that, but It is not like they can’t afford it, and maybe there is another reason they don’t comb her hair. I notice that her parents have remained silent on the subject, that may suggest there is a reason. Who knows, but I can say this is none of my business or your business or anyone else’s business, no ones but her parents should be concerned about her hair. I have no problem with Blue Ivy’s hair I think she is beautiful no matter what. People need to focus on real issues that are concerning blacks and what is happening in America and around the world now, not Blue Ivy’s hair.
      I was disappointed in BET , for a show of that caliber to ridicule a child, any child, shows what’s the mentality of the people running the show. And that is part of the problem these high paid producers and Executives are way over paid for there skill set. I think the children of these stars should be off limits to the media and to the public. I mean I and most people who have children wouldn’t be so quiet as Beyoncé and Jay-Z , if someone was ridiculing our children. This has turned into a vain, selfish, petty and greedy world and people need to focus on some real issues.

      • Spoken

        It’s called letting your black hair BE black hair. You dont have to straighten it, put a weave in it, perm it, texturize it, put a wig on it, none of that crap black people need to learn to accept their hair the way it grows out of their head then maybe they’ll have some cause it wont be falling of their scalp cause of all the unnatural crap they feel they have to do to it so ignorant fools aren’t criticizing them like they are this 2 year old.

        • Joseph Gonzales

          I know a lot of blacks who try to be anything but black. Michael Jackson for example.

    • Spoken

      It’s called black hair. It’s not meant to be combed. Why can’t you be black and natural without being nappy/unkempt/whatever its just more pressure the media puts on people to not accept themselves.

    • ab1228

      If anyone has a mixed baby, they would know that dealing with mixed or African American babies hair is difficult in itself. They probably don’t want to put products in it because it will ruin her hair. Grease, hairspray, straight perm… all of that will ruin her hair. My sister is half white and black and the second she did a straight perm to her hair it was never the same.

    • Ms I Have a Life

      This is absolutely ridiculous! Why is everyone worried about that child’s hair?!?!? Get a f****** life! Jeez….smh. I’ve never seen so much nonsense over something as petty as this. Yall need help for real!

    • Joseph Gonzales

      why is nappy hair being referred to as “textured?”

  • deborah

    why would a grown person have anything to say about a child’s hair, it unfortunate that black people always want to be or look like other people, that is because they don’t know their own beauty or history, we are going natural so what is wrong with blue ivy hair nothing, what’s wrong is having something cruel to say about someone else’s child and thinking it’s ok, I hope to not see her on 106 and no where else in the future!!!

    • Traci Ford

      Ms. Tran didn’t write the content of the list. The show’s producer (who was suspended) did. People are cruel. If The Carters didn’t have anything to say about it publicly, why should you care? Blu Ivy ISN’T your child. That’s the thing about having excellent self esteem and being confident with who you are as a human being. No matter what ANYONE says about you, you don’t care because you know who you are. One would hope the Carters are raising Blue Ivy to live that ideal. #trollsbelongunderbridges

      • unbelievable

        Tran still made the decision to make the statement. .If it were a statement that spoke negative of her boyfriend. .she wouldn’t have said it. Then she decided to say sorry Blu…my point is that she had control over her situation. ..and for the sake of FAME she decides to say it. I also noticed that she’s excellent at playing victim. ..When she was on Keke…she blamed Rihanna fans on social media, for bullying her, why does she want people to feel sorry for her? If it’s all about her and Chris…who cares what ppl say about u or too u…she cares because she’s seeking fame…why does she even need social media? Plenty of ppl date celebs and u don’t know because they aren’t seeking fame…I’m not a fan of Chris, Rihanna, or Tran,. Just calling it how I see it. Tran is most known for being a GF to CB. Maybe she should be content with that. But I guess it’s hard when the person your dating or hanging around is famous and u see ppl falling at their feet and screaming their name..u see the benefits of being a celeb…and u want it for yourself. Kate at have a lot of y all fooled but I see right through her…she wants to be seen as sweet and peaceful…but yet she ends her apology to Blue With LOL…WOW…If she’s so peaceful and Zen like why does she seek fame? Why does she date a person like Chris Brown? He’s on the volatile side..nothing peaceful and Zen like about him…He still hangs around with gang members and they are into the drinking and drug scene. I can’t understand why so many are fooled about this girl…smh

    • Joseph Gonzales

      I talk about EVERYBODY’S kids…it’s what makes me and others laugh. It is called humor.

  • Meyer lansky

    Why are people so “offended” (there’s alot of that lately it seems) by a joke? Would they have been upset if it had been a white baby? No. That is because some people felt the joke was directed at the texture of her hair, instead of messy hair, which it was. There are much more important things to worry about than a kid’s sloppy looking hair.

  • Meyer lansky

    Oh, and I also think that Blue Ivy unfortunately looks like her father.

    • dajia

      This is the best comment I’ve seeen .

  • Name

    yall act like beyonce…jay z…or even blu ivy pay yall bills. it was a joke so #keep calm cause you dont get no brownie points for defending her. And if she is the richest kid alive then she can afford a hairstylist. But i guess thats how yall kids are walking round……..and before yall jump to her aide n defense North West is actually worth more than Blu Ivy. Sorry

    • appalled

      North isn’t a 2 yr. old either…Did you read the qualifier?

    • Meyer lansky

      “Yall” should speak and write English so it makes sense.

  • dlphnlvr99

    What happen to freedom of speech?! WE ARE IN AMERICA!!!!!

  • WouldneverPut

    lol BET tries to diss the daughter of the two biggest black stars in the world. Bet Beyonce or Jay Z won’t be performing at the BET awards for a long time. In will come the ass kissers giving Beyonce a lifetime achievement award to smooth things over.

  • School’d

    Yes because a hair joke and not her joke of parents are going to scar her for life.

  • Noneya Bitness

    LOL For all of you who think her hair is bad really need to think about what you’re saying. Are you people now advocating for children to be as fake as their parents? The girl is cute and her hair cuter. I love that Beyoncé in all her fakeness keeps her daughters hair real.

  • tina

    Im not a fan of jay, b and ivy but hopefully its not affecting the parents too much because the baby is too small to understand what’s going on. I can guarantee there are more blacks talking about that baby’s hair than whites. Because they love African Americans, nappy natural hair. Whatever you do to the baby’s hair it’s going to still be nappy. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just a different texture from other nationalities. Black people minds have been so brainwashed and programmed to believe that there is something wrong with the way that baby hair looks just because it isn’t straight or put up in bowrettes. As long as they comb her hair so it won’t get locked up and I’m sure they do. it’s still going to be nappy if they comb it.

  • Jade1

    Why is it that everyone always points out how rich Blue is? What does that have to do with anything? Is it right to tease a child for her hair? No, of course not! But, it’s also not ok to hate on someone who clearly was shocked by what she was reading and it’s also not ok to put someone on a pedestal for the money they have or who their parents are. You guys are sickening over Jayonce or whatever they’re called. They are not perfect or so great that they are untouchable. Ya’ll would probably be shocked at how they really live and what they think of all their followers. Ya’ll laugh at everyone else who gets joked. Get a life and stop worshiping these people. Ever heard of Jesus???

  • Joseph Gonzales

    Don’t be jealous cuz she got nappy ass hair AND one of the richest 2 year olds on the planet. B n JZ don’t care about you fucking losers.

  • Mr. Very Desperate

    Sup y’all! DJ Wikka Wikka Chow Cow here! I’m gonna slap the orgasm outta you beetches!

  • Mr. Very Desperate

    Beyonce can take a fat dump on my hair for $1,000. Yeah – I’m desperate.

  • kinkycoilycurly&happy

    I love Blue’s ‘fro. Auntie Solange is a good influence… kind of, lol.

    We are all free to be who we are, naturally. No one needs to comb or style themselves to your liking because you have either (a) personal issues or are (b) ignorant with respect to the makeup of another person’s hair. We don’t all have the same hair texture and the idea that we need to conform to a certain ideal is some supremacist bullshit.

    Wear it loud and be proud!

  • fj

    I don’t get it if she’s into natural hair styles,why does she find the nerve to have extentions in her hair,but lets blue’s hair go ungroomed ,she could at lest put ponytails and hairbows on blue’s hair.

  • Joseph Gonzales

    Apparently it appears that the ONLY people outraged are black folk. Poor, broke ass, black folk. If you for one second think that Jay Z or Beyonkadonk will somehow see your “coming to their daughters rescue” will get you paid. You Be Mistaken Folks.