Blue Frogs, Spam and Email

    January 24, 2006

The folks over at Blue Security launched a new version of their Blue Frog software for users of Google’s Gmail, MSN’s HotMail and YahooMail. The software aims for users of Mozilla Firefox and automatically reports spam from the user’s email account. It’s also got an download for Thunderbird.

Blue Security has focused in recent months on helping to get spam under control. While some have chosen to attack spammers head-on, Blue Security has put together a cooperative of sorts with a “Do Not Intrude Registry” that allows users to report spam. Blue Security then goes back to the sites advertised by the spammers and posts a complaint.

If this system were just one or two people, it might not work, but with 100,000 or more, spammers pay attention. With this new tool they’ve added another dimension to this. Users can download the extensions from Blue Security and add it to one of their “big three” email accounts.

“Webmail users have never had appropriate protection from the increasing threats of unsolicited e-mail messages,” said Eran Reshef, founder and CEO of Blue Security. “Spam filters are not enough. For the first time, Blue Frog allows webmail users to actively fight spam by automatically reporting the messages from their webmail application, without the fear of exposing themselves to further solicitation or retribution.”

Blue Security has added some other features to this as well including Linux compatibility. Reshef said in a phone interview they now work with small businesses with small domains of less than 200 emails. These groups can register for free for their service. Larger groups can be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Blue Frog also went open source. As with any open source project, this allows developers to contribute their tools and ideas. This is how the Mozilla Thunderbird extension came into being.

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John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.