Bloomberg Saying Google May Announce Fourfold Increase In Profits

    April 21, 2005

Bloomberg is reporting that an average of 25 analysts points to Google posting profits of $246 million, or 92 cents a share, in tonight’s quarterly earnings report.

Sales are predicted to double to $730.6 million. Google stock is currently standing at $200 even, up just under two bucks from yesterday.

To put this in perspective, Google’s previous quarter saw “actual” earnings of 92 cents a share (adjusted earnings of 71 cents), off income of $204.1 million and revenue of $1.032 billion. So, while the holiday season gave Google higher revenues, Google’s first quarter results may reveal a company that is becoming increasingly profitable anyway.

Actually, looking again, I see the numbers in the article are a bit confusing. It seems to indicate it might be U.S. sales that are predicted to be $730.6 million, while international sales would be $425.4 million. I could use some clarification on this, but if accurate, it would mean revenues of $1.16 billion, an increase over the previous quarter, bucking the market trend of downturn after the holiday season. It would mean that Google’s growth is so fast, it is outpacing the normal results.

Can someone look into this a little more?

Article Reference:
Google Probably Boosted Profit Fourfold on Sales Outside U.S.

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