BlogWorld: The Challenges Ahead

    November 9, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The evening keynote panel from BlogWorld talked about the challenges their firms face, and how this might reflect on the general blogging world.

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BlogWorld: The Challenges Ahead

Keeping a blog-focused company moving forward will be an ongoing challenge, according to the panelists chatting at the evening keynote. At Pajamas Media, Roger Simon said work will continue on building their advertising network. The unique audience they have could really boost the CPM rates they can ask of advertisers.

Jeremy Wright of b5media said they have to grow based on what the audience wants. Not the so-called A-list of bloggers, but a more modest group of people who are more of a real world audience.

At Technorati, blogs aren’t the only content they have to track. New CEO Richard Jalichandra said it’s not so much about search anymore, but discovery. Why? They are tracking some 300 million "social media objects" now.

One theme recurred throughout the broader discussion, that of the depth and breadth of quality content appearing in blogs. Roger credited the passion of bloggers with making it work, while Richard noted his first week on the job found him delving into lots of content that he wants Technorati to discover better.