BlogWorld: Matt Mullenweg Keynote

    November 8, 2007

Matt Mullenweg is the man behind WordPress, Automattic, and the popular blog “Photo Matt.”  So as the keynote speaker at the BlogWorld & New Media Expo, he discussed blogging, Automattic, and WordPress.

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Mullenweg wasn’t self-centered, though; instead, he gave advice that could benefit everyone.  “There’s a million different ways to approach your blog, but you have to find what you love,” Mullenweg advised listeners.  “There’s other people out there like you, and they will find you and love your blog.”

More concrete suggestions included a tip to use Google’s and Technorati’s tools – they may help you get noticed.

Still, not everything’s foolproof.  On the subject of Automattic, Mullenweg was humble enough to state, “Hopefully we will stay alive.”  And assuming survival occurs, he plans to keep the company “as small as possible.”

As for that well-known blogging software, Mullenweg readily admitted that there are “parts of WordPress that suck” (such as its spellchecker).  But in looking to the future, he believes that writing itself is “the soul of WordPress,” and merely wants to see the software used in different ways and on different platforms.

WebProNews Video anchor Abby Prince contributed to this report.