BlogWorld: Future Of New Media Includes Audio

    November 9, 2007

A lot of the blogs you’ll see are all text; there are also plenty featuring only video.  But according to Leo Laporte, a sweet spot exists around the concept of podcasting.

BlogWorld: Future Of New Media Includes Audio
BlogWorld: Future Of New Media Includes Audio

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Laporte dabbles in many mediums, yet primarily uses audio.  “Any idiot can get a blog,” he pointed out in a keynote presentation about “The Future of New Media Publishing Tools.”  It’s stuff like audio that will set you apart, and Laporte later continued, “There’s value to all media and mixing them is valuable.”

Whatever you do, though, Laporte recommends putting a certain amount of passion into it.  “It’s about interacting and having a conversation with the audience,” he said.  “Most stimulating TV is about emotion,” and as such, sitting behind a desk and pointing at maps isn’t necessarily the most engaging approach.

On a related note: sticking all your audio content on iTunes isn’t necessarily the most accessible approach.  “I really want this to grow,” Laporte told listeners.  “Become a part of the community.”

There’s value in doing this, because, as Laporte continued, he said, “I think the future is bright.”

WebProNews Video anchor Abby Prince contributed to this report.