BlogWorld Expo: Both Sides Of The Pro Blogging Coin

    September 22, 2008

Perhaps you’re part of an organization that needs to hire a blogger.  Or perhaps you’re an unattached blogger who wants to connect with a real corporation.  Either way, speakers at the BlogWorld Expo covered important basics during a session called "How To Hire A Professional Blogger For Your Business."

(WebProNews spent the weekend in Vegas at the BlogWorld Expo and chatted up the brightest minds in the blogging business.  Stay tuned to WebProNews and WebProNews Video for updates.)

Gregory Go
 Gregory Go

Gregory Go,‘s guide to online business, started things off with a discussion of metrics.  Consistency in every respect is a key thing.  Readers will expect posts to reach a minimum length, and a certain number of posts per week will also be necessary.  Then, from the company’s perspective, there may be standards relating to page views, unique views, search referrals, and inbound links.

Both blogging employers and employees should be able to embrace another tip Go shared: "Blogging is about marketing and you have to promote your blog after you write your post."

Darren Rowse, editor of Digital Photography School and ProBlogger, next discussed the subject of how employers and employees can meet.  On a general job board or a more niche site, he applauds the use of ads with very specific headlines.  To further ensure no miscommunication takes place, the ads should include as much information as possible, and employers should acknowledge all applicants.

Will Chen, Wise Bread‘s editor, wrapped the session up by further exploring the matter of guidelines and boundaries.  All parties should benefit from a discussion of content ownership, legal statuses, representation to the public, compensation, performance expectations, ethics, and policies regarding mistakes.

WebProNews Reporter/Anchor Abby Prince-Johnson contributed to this article.