Successful Blogger Makes Conan O’Brien and Ellen Show

Wine Library TV's Gary Vaynerchuk

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BlogWorldWebPronews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson was present for the keynote delivered by Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV at the BlogWorld Expo. Vaynerchuk talked about how "America is a branded society."

(WebProNews spent the weekend in Vegas at the BlogWorld Expo and chatted up the brightest minds in the blogging business. Stay tuned to WebProNews and WebProNews Video for updates.)

Vaynerchuk is a self-trained wine expert who runs the popular video blog Wine Library TV. He has appeared on Conan O’Brien and Ellen Degeneres’ shows and has grown his family’s $4 million business into a $45 million one.

Wine Library TV

“A brand, once established, builds equity,” says Vaynerchuk. When it comes to advice for success, he recommends spending 2-3 hours a day reading and commenting on blogs. "You want personal relationships… connection is the factor," he says.

He also says you have to "pump out" your content. "That doesn’t mean tweet, that means a blog post or video post," says Vaynerchuk. "If you want to build a business, you have to work your face off!" In other words, sell yourself. This concept was stressed in other sessions as well.

Just take a closer look at Wine Library TV’s site. Note Vaynerchuk’s simple use of a "friend me up" box on the right-hand side. The box links to his presences on each of the social networks that he is involved with. This is a tremendous way to connect with potential customers, or just people in general who are interested in what you are offering.

If you want to sell a company, then you have to make money because that’s what people are looking for. To do this, you must network, sell, build, live, and breathe what you do. To get the most traffic to your site without spending any money, you HAVE to spend hours and hours in your community. "Your job is to suck people in and connect with them," says Vaynerchuk. "You have to be you all the way."

Update: We have posted a video interview with Vaynerchuk here.

WebProNews anchor Abby Prince-Johnson contributed to this article.

Successful Blogger Makes Conan O’Brien and Ellen Show
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  • http://jumbocdinvestments.com/cd_rates_bog ChrisCD – CD Rates Blog

    Great success story.  Although, one thing to note is they were doing quite well already. 

    However, the advice is solid.  Get yourself out there.  I may have to check into a Zork.

    • Chris Crum

      Yes, they were doing well, but look at how much better they are doing now – about a $41 million difference.

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    The zork and that guys beard is the selling point of these blogs, hehe.  Video blogging is the cheapest and most personal way to reach your customers.  The guy also has awsome enthusiasm, he really knows how to sell his blogs.  Good for him

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    Being me is the only way to be! I don’t know any other way to exist.

    I’m thinking about starting a safety tip blog for my safety and security web site. My passion is to help people, especially women to take back control of their security. I’m trying to pick up good information to help me when I get started.

    Thanks for this great blog!

  • http://www.hophunt.com Free PPC Traffic

    The blog has already established solid system. Video blogging takes it to the next level.

  • Guest

    This is very interesting stuff,I appreciate you sharing this with us!

  • Blair Jett

    I`ve been hearing a lot about how blogging helps attract visitors to your site. My site GhostHauntings.Org is doing fairly well just by using search engines. It`s getting 3 to 4000 visitors a month. Some would say thats still pretty low, but it`s much better than my other site NightmareOnChatStreet.Com which is only getting about 300 a month.

    Both sites contain great content, GhostHauntings.Org is one of the better paranormal sites online containg true information & photos of ghosts & hauntings. Nightmare On Chat Street has a lot of great content too & deserves more traffic. I guess I better hit the blog scene a few hours a day like this article recommends. 

  • http://nightmareonchatstreet.com Blair Jett

    In my previou comment it asked for my homepage, but when I entered it it wouldnt accept it. Why? Makes no sense.

  • http://www.wegotsecurity.com Billy

    This is a great concept and I look forward to reading more on this.

  • http://mistressrana.blogspot.com/ Mistress Rana

    I have to agree that blogs help with successful promotion, but I seem stuck on a minimal number.  I didn’t realize that advertising my (ADULTS ONLY, PLEASE) blog at http://mistressrana.blogspot.com within a comment to another blog might increase hits more dramatically.  So, I’m going to give that a try.  I appreciate all the free information for promotions and advertising that’s available on the internet.  Now I wish someone would direct me to a good third party merchant and honest advertising for adult sites on the internet.  I have waded through way too many frauds and scams and poor customer service, almost to the point of disillusionment.  Has the internet become the scam highway rather than a great product for the masses?  Thanks, Mistress Lila

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