Blogs, PPC and MySpace for Online Marketing

    September 6, 2006

Kauffman eVenturing is featuring several new articles focused on helping entrepreneurs evaluate different aspects of online marketing, from search engine optimization and key word advertising to blogging, online publishing and using eBay as a distribution channel.

A few of the articles:

Giving Online Marketing a Greater Share – Chris Topping (Brick and Mortar/Online Retailer)

Honing Pay Per Click for Targeted Results – Jerry Kenefake (Online Retailer)

What MySpace Means for Marketers – Zachary Rodgers (ClickZ)

The Rise of the Participant Economy – David Sifry (Technorati)

Articles from retailers can be pretty insightful but many don’t want to share what they’ve learned in the same way many marketing consultants don’t give away the best info at conferences. However you can often find nuggest of great information in articles like these.

In particular I liked Zachary Rodgers’ insights into MySpace, which is particularly meaningful in light of the recent observations by Hitwise about MySpace sending more traffic to retailers than MSN. (tip to SMO) In fact, when reviewing the result of our pro-bono work with Adventure Out, we discovered their MySpace page has become one of the top referring sources of web site traffic.

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