Blogs on Business Cards

    October 16, 2007

A personal blogging milestone of sorts happened recently: my blog URL is now on my business card, the corporate-issued cardstock issued by my employer.

Someone I gave the card to recently commented that he was surprised to see my blog on my card (and happened to think more highly of my company because of it).

It’s an interesting question for a business to tackle. On one hand, it’s using some of its most important advertising space to promote a website it has nothing to do with in any official capacity. I’m using corporate space to promote my brand.

Yet it’s also an acknowledgment that I’m promoting my brand no matter what when I’m meeting people, and the stronger my brand is, the stronger my company’s brand is. It’s piggybacking on my brand too.

I’m not advocating companies do this for any employee blogging, Twittering, or having some social media presence. I’ve been blogging for two years this November, most of which time I’ve been at this company, so they have a pretty strong sense that I won’t reflect poorly poorly on their brand. It makes for an interesting case study for that gray line between one’s personal and business life.

For those of you blogging independently of your day job, is your blog on your card? Has it even come up?