Blogs Now Part of the Marketing Strategy

    May 6, 2005

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of the changing field of communication your blog exists in …

… take a look at the presentations from WOMMA Summit 2005. The focus is obviously word-of-mouth marketing, and blogs are just one tool from that perspective. But many of the speakers did talk about blogs as part of their strategies.

GM Blog in Marketing Strategy Terms
I found it interesting to learn more about the thoughts and plans behind General Motors FastLane Blog in Michael Wiley’s presentation (pdf).

“Company position but candid and transparent” is one of the operating principles, and they also use the blog to “subtly introduce or move to important positions that need more clarity”.

One of the goals is to use the credibility and influence the blog generates to reach mainstream with a fresh image of GM.

Wiley’s presentation is all the proof you need to convince yourself that a blog can be a integral part of a marketing strategy, written in the words your Marketing Director feel comfortable with.

PETA Staying Relevant
For People for the ethical treatment of animals the blog of cofounder and president Ingrid Newkirk is one of several ways of “staying relevant with fresh content daily” (see presentation, pdf).

Influence the Influencers
All of David Reis’ presentation (pdf) is worth a read if you want to understand what happens when people are empowered — and connected — on the Internet.

“Demographics alone are no longer enough. Think psychographics and sociographics…”

And to truly connect to the important influencers you have to open up. For real.

“Influencers don’t only want to influence other people – they want to influence your company to provide a better product which is better suited for their needs…”

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