Blogs Leap To 35.3 Million Online

    April 17, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Technorati’s David Sifry released his latest State of the Blogosphere assessment, and found that his blog search engine now tracks over 35 million blogs. That’s a lot of baby pictures and political rants being posted online.

Blogs Leap To 35.3 Million Online
Blogs Continue To Grow By Leaps And Bounds

Blogs have removed the coding step that was once needed in between creating content and posting content by doing all the work behind the scenes. According to Sifry’s report, 35.3 million blogs demonstrated that more people are using the blog medium to craft content and publish it.

“The blogosphere is over 60 times bigger than it was only 3 years ago,” Sifry wrote. As of April 2006, people created 75,000 blogs each day, with a new one arriving online about every second.

Many bloggers end up despising the process of updating their blogs, and quit doing so. Sifry found that 11 percent of blogs get updated at least weekly, if not more often. That would have over 31 million blogs seemingly abandoned by their creators. But about 55 percent of blogs still have their creators posting three months after launching a blog.

Another discouraging number shows 9 percent of new blogs created are spam blogs. 60 percent of the pings that nit Technorati come from spam sources, requiring the site to block them. “The high level of interesting, original content being created greatly outweighs the fake or duplicate content listed on splogs,” Sifry wrote.

Posting volume to blogs has hit about 1.2 million a day. Sifry noted how posts spike in relation to world events, the most recent spikes being President Bush’s State of the Union address and the Super Bowl. The love of tech exceeds even sports and politics in the blogosphere, according to Sifry:

“It certainly appears that technology product launches attract great interest in the blogosphere – seems that we just can’t restrain our inner geekiness when products like the iPod Video and the Intel Macintoshes were launched. Posting volumes on those two days even eclipsed blog coverage and commentary of the Superbowl and the 2006 State of the Union speech.”

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