Blogs fired up over New Yorker's Obama cover

    July 14, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Depicting the Democratic frontrunner as a flag-burning, Osama bin Laden devotee won The New Yorker few fans.

The July 21, 2008 cover of The New Yorker illustrated a view of Barack Obama that looks like it was designed by a dream team of Republican interests. Except that even John McCain’s camp, he of the Iranian cigarette joke, agreed with Obama’s campaign that the cover was tasteless and offensive.

Barack in what’s presumably Muslim wear, Michelle toting an assault rifle, the kids nowhere in sight (perhaps receiving anti-American tutelage at that moment), it’s just satire from the New Yorker’s point of view, a visual amalgamation of the perception Obama’s political foes wish to encourage.

“Is the liberal magazine’s latest cover depicting Barack Obama as a Bin Laden sympathiser incendiary or have people just not got the joke?” the Guardian’s deadlineUSA blog asked. “Scare tactic,” said Politico of the attention-getting stunt.

The real lesson may be not to judge this month’s New Yorker by its cover. The magazine hit newsstands today, with the cover leading into an 18-page look at Gothamist called “Obama’s sharp-elbowed rise through the Chicago Democratic political machine.”