Blogs Equal SEO Power In Searches

    March 18, 2005

They are truly search engine optimization powerhouses. Before your eyes glaze over, and you start to yawn, keep in mind that many of your brand new blog visitor traffic arrives from search engines.

Strong Search Results
Can Blogs Stregthen Your Search Placement?

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These include Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, and

Ranking well, and preferably on the first page, is key to gaining extra free visitor traffic. Being placed on the second page for a search isn’t too bad either.

By way of an SEO blog example, here are some search results for Blog Business World for uber competitive keywords.

We’ll examine the search for the two word phrase “business world” without the quotes.

On Google, this blog ranks #8 out of an incredibly mind boggling 158,000,000 returns. You read that correctly. 158 million search results.

Okay, I’m not number on on page one. Of course, ranking just behind the BBC and the World Bank isn’t too shabby.

Blog Business World is slightly less well ranked on Yahoo at #19, and is located on page two.

Of course, Yahoo search returns total an even more incredible 270,000,000 linked sites.

Yes, that is 270 million returns for the search term “business world”.

In terms of SEO, those are very powerful returns indeed.

Note the power of a little old blog, in competition with those extremely wealthy and huge organizations.

If you ever doubted the search engine optimization power of a blog before, that might just change your mind.

A blog oozes SEO power.

Get a blog working in the search engines for your business today.
There is no cheaper or more effective SEO available.

Anywhere, at any price.

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