Blogs as Search Engine Marketing Strategy

    July 29, 2005

Here are some key points from the blog and SEO strategy webinar I live blogged in the previous post.

Keywords – Use sitewide and blog post specific keywords. If you’re using blogs for marketing purposes, you’ve got to make sure you opitmize it around keywords. However, weave the keywords in naturally in the post. Don’t drive the post with them. One keyword in the post title repeated a couple of times in the post itself is sufficient.

Content Calendar – Having a content calendar (editorial calendar) helps to make sure you cover the relevant topics. Outline a calendar for one month to three months in advance.

Analytics – Blogs are website and should be tracked just like any other type of site. Using good analytical tracking softrware is a must. I use Stat Counter for my blogs. If blogs are going to prove themselves as viable from a business perspective they are going to need to be tracked in terms of visits, links into the blog from other sites, and conversions. It’s not enough that they have PR value and provide good customer relations. There have to be metrics to determine value and effectiveness.

Blog and SEO Strategy Seminar

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