Blogs Mature, Farsi Speaks Itself Into Top 10 Existence

    November 7, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Dave Sifry, founder of Technorati, recently posted his periodic “State of the Blogosphere” report with some pretty fascinating stats (if you like stats…personally, stats are the peanut butter to my Greater Truth chocolate…but anyway)…

Sifry notes that the 57-million member blogosphere, which at one time was doubling in size every 150-220 days, has slowed that doubling to every 236 days. This, he says, could be due to Technorati’s splog filtering methods – he says 70% of pings come from known spammers! Total volume of postings is down to 1.3 million, he assumes for the same reason.

The two most interesting takeaways for me were the preferred languages of the blogosphere and where a couple of popular blogs sit among the mainstream media heavy hitters.

Tech-blog Engadget, according to Technorati, sits between two Japanese news sites, and NHK, in terms of total audience reach. BoingBoing is in company too, sandwiched by Yahoo Business and Business Week…just goes to show you, you too can be mainstream media. The Middle Eastern tongue of Farsi, spoken mainly in Iran, made it into the top 10 languages used in the blogosphere for the first time. After English and Spanish at the top, Japanese and Chinese follow in third and fourth place.