Bloglines Mobile Updates

    October 3, 2007

First, they added support for logging into Bloglines via OpenID. While I’m not a big fan of OpenID in practice, it is a good idea in theory, so if you’re a big fan of that theory, go ahead and use it.

New Bloglines Mobile

The other new thing is a new mobile Bloglines, this one in beta. Available at, it features some good stuff, like splitting up feed reading into seperate pages, so only a few posts load at a time, and a mobile version of your Bloglines Beta start page, showing you the five most recent posts from your favorite feeds on a single page.

Finally, they’ve added a number of settings you can mess with to improve and tweak your experience. Hitting Settings now lets you choose whether whole feeds get marked as read or just what you’ve scrolled past, which of the three views you want to be server all the time (trust me, its better to let this develop naturally as you use Bloglines) and whether you want feed CSS to be used by Bloglines.

All in all, the third update in less than forty days, I’m pretty impressed. Even at a much slower pace than this, they’re setting the tone that Bloglines is alive and well, and getting the attention it deserves.

Now, if only they could get rid of that pesky auto-drop down on the left side that contains “Mark All Feeds Read”. I’ve had two disasters already with that damn thing.

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