Bloglines Makes The Save

    December 18, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Bloglines Beta feedreader began rolling out new features with the addition of a Save button for articles.

Sometimes as a reader you want to do more with an article that really catches your eye. Pinning it in place works well, but there are other feeds to read.

Eric Engleman at Bloglines wrote about the subtle difference between Pin and the new Save function in the Bloglines Beta:

You might ask, “Why have “Pin” and “Save”?” Sometimes you want article “Pinned” in your reading flow so you’re forced to look at it again to really absorb the complexity of the post. Other times, you want to file away those posts that stand the test of time. That might sound very nuanced, but remember if you’re reading 1,000 articles a day, like Blogliners, you develop several different reading modes.

Eric EnglemanTwo other new features have been slated for debut this week on Bloglines Beta. One will be the Photo Widget brings in large thumbnails of images on one’s subscribed Flickr feeds.

The second: a Blog View that allows the viewer to see the full blog rather than just the feed article. This gives people the opportunity to see comments as well as content in the sidebars (like ads!)

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