Blogiversary Celebration Ideas

    September 8, 2006

Blogs have birthdays. Or is it blogs have anniversaries? In any case, blogiversaries are a rapidly growing phenomenon on the internet.

As the blogosphere grows, so too does the calendar of blogging milestones. Blogging is more mainstream than ever, and the number of bloggers with long tenure in blogging community is multiplying at a very rapid pace.

It’s a frequent occurance to notice a blogger celebrating one, two, three, or even more years in the blogging community. In fact, blog birthdays are becoming a ubiquitous feature of blogging in general. Marking special occasions is now part and parcel with the entire blogging experience. The very nature of blogging, and its emphasis on the personal aspects of writing, lends itself to noticing special occasions. Building relationships is a hallmark of blogging, as we all know.

With the growing number of blogiversaries appearing on a daily basis, it’s a great idea to acknowledge the efforts of the celebrating bloggers. Writing posts on an almost daily basis is a lot of work, as we all know only too well. In fact, with the need for new and interesting blog posting ideas, the blogger often experiences difficulty in even getting finger to keyboard. A blank posting box can be very intimidating, and it almost appears to be mocking your best efforts to fill up the blank space. After all, a blogger, in tune with the nature of the universe it seems, abhors a posting box vacuum.

As you pass through your regular daily blog reads, or even if you are talking a blog walk or hop, you will notice many blogiversaries as they happen. Take the time to write a brief congratulatory comment on their blog. Thank them for their year or years of interesting and informative blog posts. Your comments are always appreciated by bloggers. Your noticing of their blog birthday party will be even more special to them.

Blogiversaries are a reminder that blogs have staying power as a new medium of informational exhange. Blog birthdays also tell us that bloggers are now a permanent part of the internet landscape. Perhaps a special Blog Day or Blog Week might become part of the mainstream calendar. As a result of the power of blogs and of bloggers to affect change in almost any aspect of life, such an event is almost certain to happen sooner rather than later.

Thank a blogger today, even if it’s not their precise blogiversary date. Who knows, you may have only missed it by a few days anyway. You may also make a new friend. Blogs create and nurture friendships too.

Blogs are here to stay. Blogs are not going away, as many of their critics have claimed. In fact, many former blog doubters are blogging themselves. The growing multitude of blog owners will only collect more birthdays as the years go by in the blogosphere.

Let’s make every day a blogiversary celebration occasion. Congratulations to all bloggers who are marking any and all special blogging occasions.

Now all that formality is out of the way, it’s time to party!

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