Blogging To Build Buzz About Your Business

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While blogs are now considered mainstream with more businesses using them to get their message out, just how are they building buzz online?  The SES session "Blogging For Business" has the answers.

(Coverage of SES Chicago continues at WebProNews Videos.  Keep an eye on WebProNews for more notes and videos from the event this week.)

Jennifer Evans Laycock, Editor-in Chief, Search Engine Guide, said everyone is blogging. "The recession we are in make blogs essential." Blogs are cost efficient especially if you have a tight marketing budget.

Reasons for blogs:

Showcase your personality

Create a feedback cycle

Build a loyal community

Create an emotional investment

Increase your credibility

Blogging To Build Buzz about Your Business

Laycock said," The value of your blog is the conversation that takes place in your comments."

Leave it open-ended and integrate media into your blog. Engage with your readers-comment back.

People don’t trust ads but there is trust online with friends and strangers who have credibility.

Blogging is as effective as word-of-mouth.

Easy blog marketing:

Comment early (gets attention of other readers)

Frequent comments

Spread comments

Comment late (to get attention of the blogger)

Pitching a blogger

Use real language

Respect their time
Develop a friendship

"Whatever industry you’re in, start building relationships now in the community because you may need to pitch something in the future," Laycock said.

Before pitching a blogger:

Address them by name

Make sure you have the correct personal email address

Spell check

Send individual emails

Be transparent

Familiarize yourself with their readers

Make sure your pitch is relevant to their readers


Bill Balderaz, President and Founder of Webbed Marketing, said blogging is good for businesses that are fast, flexible, can be experimental, and are working with limited budgets.

Engage in customer conversations and respond to negative comments.

"Blogging is less expensive per impression and has measurement capability," Balderaz said.


Blogging To Build Buzz About Your Business
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  • http://netsourcebrent.wordpress.com Brent Haeseker


    Good overview on the benefits of blogging. I have been finding these benefits to be true as I continue to post blog articles and market them. I have also always found WebProNews to be a good news source.



    • Mike Sachoff

      Hi Brent,
      Glad you liked the article and thanks for reading WebProNews. Keep blogging!

  • http://www.ibdesignsusa.com Kathy

    Great Article!! I have had a blog for our business for the last year and a half and also agree that it is a great too. We put a link at the bottom of our home page to check out our blog.

    I also have links from my blog to the website. I think that it has helped quite a bit. Also the blog can go into more detail and really showcase your product.

  • Guest

    The problem is that underhand competitors can easily start a blog in a company’s name, and then pose as disatisfied customers slagging the company off, and in the process putting links to their own ‘I found these people and they are much better’ website.
    This has just happened to us. Any suggestions on the best remedy (apart from reciprocating with the same)?

  • http://www.Ruvena.com Joshua Meeker

    Mike & Jennifer, I have to agree with Brent. I have also found this to be a great benefit for our company and our clients as well.

    Keep up the great posts!


  • http://www.promptinternet.com Kristopher Jackson

    I just really started getting into the habit of blogging regularly but already it has paid dividends. Just last week a gentleman said, “I must have looked at over 50 websites to choose a website designer and, after reading your blog, I liked your message and felt you knew what I needed. So you were the only phone call I made.” He went with us. That pretty much says it all regarding the benefits of a blog.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/boomerifics howdy2

      coincidence – most people will not read 50 blogs to find an answer – 3 clicks is normally the most you will get – Best wishes!

  • http://www.myviralsurfer.com/Baldur Baldur Bjarnason

    Great Article!! I have had a blog for my business for the last 2 year and that it is a great

  • http://www.crazyaboutmagazines.com Jackie

    great article. thanks for the tips!

  • http://davidarmbruster.com David Armbruster

    Great Article. As a WPN reader and a newbe blogger, I have learned that markting yourself and writing about your experience and shareing this experience will give credility to who you are. Blogging to me is a social type of marketing to build relationships which will grow any business.
    Thanks WPN for your news letter. As always you have great content.

    • http://www.rotationclub03.biz/blog1 steven

      See what this stay at home mom does each day while earning $1000’s online daily. Get her secret .

  • http://anythinginternetmarketing.blogspot.com/ Chad Flick

    This is a great article. I started my blog in March 2006. As an internet and affiliate marketer, I found blogging to be one of the easiest ways to share ideas, products and information with the public. Back then and I had no idea at the time that its what would make a significant difference in my online ventures moving forward to today.

  • http://www.freewebs.com/lilmaccloco LIL MACC LOCO

    As an artist i’ve started doing the blogs because it’s found with the more experiance you get doing blogs about other things then throwing in information about you and what it is you do you expose yourself to audiances that normaly wouldn’t listen to your genre of music.unfortunate thing about the independent music is my royalty statements only report once a mounth and it doesn’t stipulate the demagraphics witch blogs sites get the most hits to what age groups acutly came to my site to stream the music.and the type of music that i do it’s realy hardcore so i have to go after a certain group that listen to that genre of music but iv’e also found with blogging is that there are people who listen to my kind of music in the closet and they wouldn’t no i even exist unless they saw my blog!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/boomerifics howdy2

    Check your stats – no one is listening…

  • http://www.certifyyourbusiness.com Guest Certify Your Business.com

    CertifyYour Business.com America’s No.1 Business Consulting and Coaching Business for business seeking to become certified for government contracts uses blogging to inform small, minority and women owned business on upcoming opportunities in government contracts.

  • http://One-World-Marketing.com M. Hall

    Hey there, great article. I personally believe that blogging is the next logical step for any business.

    It allows for customer interaction, allows for up to the minute news about your business you want to share, and generally it will eventually either replace or become a permanent method of advertising.

    Blogging has made a shift from teenage diary to serious business and entrepreneur method of communication.

    In fact, I have dedicated a blog specifically about blogging for business, http://One-World-Marketing.com.

    I am glad that WebProNews even recognizes its potential!

    – M. Hall

  • http://www.websiteadvertising.net Doug

    I have used blog advertising for quite a while now. It really works well and I use it often. I do see many big businesses using blogs for their advertisng more and more lately. They’re stable and usually free.

  • Gordon Castelnero

    I’m a small business owner looking to generate some buzz about my writing/creative services business. I’d like to draw attention to my website at www.dreamworldenterprises.net so people can check my credentials and decide if they wish to hire me. I know very little about blogging…is there anyone out there who can point me in the right direction?

  • http://www.digitsy.com Sergey

    Thank you for this article. I am a new member of Amazon Associates Program http://www.digitsy.com. I think bogging a very strength tool for marketing. I hope this tool help me increase my earning from the program.

  • http://www.ronaszegi.com Arpad Ronaszegi

    Enjoyed your article and practical “to-do-list” for blogging for business. I have begun blogging for my architectural, event, product and portrait photography business. here is the link:


    It is in its beginning stages but I am hoping to reach out to people interested in these topics, share thoughts and ideas and inform them of my services.
    My website is is:


    Thank you for sharing!

  • http://www.hmsassociates.net/blog/ Sam Heskel

    I appreciate your advice. I have been blogging for my Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting firm for the past few months. Your to- do- list was very helpfull. My website is: http://www.hmsassociates.net



  • Southshoreartist

    I am fairly new to blogging, but I can see already the benefits and rewards of regular blogging. Thanks for the tips!

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  • Guest

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  • http://netguidecentral.com Net guide central

    But i find the resources at problogger better. I have compiled information from several sites.

  • http://k12tshirts.myshopify.com Guest

    I am interested in learning more about blogging, it seems to have potential. Our company is trying to promote the concept “Buy American” and would like to get the word out.

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    Blogs are good for your business. I use to be a freelance online marketer and most of my clients came from my Croatian blog. Now I’m employed as an online marketer and my company also runs a blog that attracts costumers (http://inchoo.net)

  • http://www.williamsnorwalktire.com Guest

    I am new at blogging – I am in the process of trying to get more ideas to help me blog in the right places. I found this article to be very helpful. I intend to come back when I have a more time and check out information other bloggers have shared.

    I own an auto repair business. I work hard to keep my website updated (I update my own website), informative and especially visable. I have had complements from customers and vendors on how my website is down to earth and friendly – so I know I must be doing something right. I even include newsletters to help address safety and money saving solutions. I hope by blogging I can help increase my awareness.

    We are a finalist in www.business.com What Works for Business contest. I would appreciate it if anyone reading my blog would go to my website and vote for us in the two categories. We are a small business in a community where unemployment is high and only getting worse (a story heard in many places as well). If you vote for us – we would appreciate it if you would send us an e-mail so we could thank you. Tell me where you saw this so I know if my blogging worked or not.

    http://williamsnorwalktire.com, williamsnta@aol.com.

    • michele

      I too am a newby at blogging. I am learning as I go and trying to figure out the best way to do it! I have modified my website, on my own.

      At first, I though blogging was a waste of time, but now I am beginning to see the value in building links.
      Customer Service

  • http://www.EdNatiya.com Ed

    I am blogging to build a new client base for my artwork. I create sculptures and paintings, and since the economy began to die I have had to find new ways to promote myself since the gallery that represents me has no real presence on the Web and is not interested in online promotion.

    I’ve decided to share with people my process of creating artwork. The purpose is twofold: (1) Hopefully they will continue to come back which will brand my namein their minds when they think of an artist, and (2) it will educate them in the how-to of art so that, if they have an interest in creating their own artwork, I will have provided the stepping stones. Either way, I intend to provide a stickiness that will cause them to tell others about it.

    These are my thoughts, but if I am wrong, or, if someone has some suggestions, please let me know. You can find my blog at http://www.EdNatiya.com.

    I think I’ve implemented many of the recommendations found in this article. We’ll see.

  • http://queensoccer.ecrater.com Lilly

    Blogging is very easy and it can build relationship with other people.

  • http://www.EliteSubmissionServices.com Mokey

    Blogging is a great way to gain visibility for your business. Personally, I use it to create powerful backlinks that have raised my search engine ranking considerably.

    I love to hear about traditionally brick & mortar businesses coming over to the web during these tough economic times. With struggle, we adapt. And most importantly, we grow.

  • Gabriel

    As an Internet Marketer, blogging has been one of the most vital tools that I use to create awareness and boost my own Business and tha ones I’m affiliated to.

  • http://msyahriza.blogspot.com Riza

    ====>The recession we are in make blogs essential.” Blogs are cost efficient especially if you have a tight marketing budget.<===== yep I agree with this, and I start blogging to look a more money and get a better financial.
    last..thanks for all tips

  • Guest

    Hmmm. Let me think. Sure, I want to remove from my search results something that could at some other time prove of real value that I’ll never see because I already removed it. Uh-huh. And to let me do it with sound. Maybe not so much!

    • JoAnne

      I think it would make it more informational and maybe a little more interesting

    • http://www.FreeStarUniverse.com/ PumaSpirit

      You got yo be kidding! If I want noise I turn on the TV. Nothing is more irritating than web sites with sound/music or web sites that have commercials screaming at you when you land on their pages and now THIS?

      I’ll be looking for another search engine if they start inundating us with sound when searching, never to be seen there again. Because…. I betcha, first they will start with “legitimate” info, then sneak in ads.

    • http://beijingjourney.com Tony

      I agree with Guest. How do I know what I remove isn’t exactly what I would want at a later date. Sound? I found, “You got mail!” to be annoying, …..now Google also?………What is cute about sound?

  • Guest

    Blogging is great way to generate backlinks and traffic. Blogger and wordpress etc make it easy for just about anybody to get into the blog scence. Plus the search engines love bloga which makes it easier to get better rankings. Overall nice article enjoyed the read. Thanks

  • http://ln40a650.org Dan

    Blogging is a great way to get on the Web. WordPress and the plugins makes it so easy to manage a website. And my host uses fantastico so it’s an easy install. I don’t know how to build an HTML website but WordPress makes it super simple.

  • http://www.joy-mari.com Joy-Mari

    I have a problem with business blogs. They’re mostly one-sided. They don’t get involved in the conversation. Same could be said for corporate twitter accounts. They follow me and expect me to follow them back. Why? How will it help them?

    Blogging is a craft, or it should be. It takes time to piece together a blog post. And it takes time to build a community. Most companies do not realise this, or they just don’t care.

    • R. Hiebert

      Agree that it takes time to “piece together a blog post”, however it’s not in my opinion just a one sided post here and there now and again that makes for an anemic blog. I see the problem with blog readers who merely read them without taking action. Taking action is not necessarily buying something but responding with a question that starts interaction and a relationship of sorts. If my blog post turns somebody’s crank then I know my stirring the pot has been heard. Companies that use blogs do care, believe me they do.

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  • http://anamericanfootprint.wordpress.com Liz

    Unfortunately there are a lot of great, newer blogs that get lost in the wash of credibility; sorting through the seas of older blogs with “credibility” but running lots of repeat topics is tough.
    It’s hard to find enough hours in the day to read the relevant blogs, so you have to choose what’s most relevant to YOUR particular situation, and go from there.
    The sad thing about blogs is that there are the scammers that are out there adding their links to their get rich quick schemes, too…
    Thanks for the tips, though!

  • http://www.iyazam.com/ Hillel

    Hi all
    A blog is worth nothing if it has no traffic.

    Check out the articles from my site:

    Over 100 articles on how to market a website(social media marketing):

  • http://www.loveisland.ro marius

    I believe blogging can increase your business alot, as it promote your business in a different angle, as it gives alot more review about the product or service that your dealing with

  • http://www.haircarehints.com/ Hair Care

    I am really impressed by this article, what an eye-opener! I have been building websites for some time now but never really could understand the potential blogging has on online marketing and generating buzz. Thanks for the insightful article Mike, this is fantastic. Keep up the good work

  • http://www.netsolitsolutions.com/ Web Design and Development

    Ya Mike, I appreciate your views on blogs. It has become a very important tool for online marketing today. And in this recession people can easily market their services by blogging which is also very cost effective…

  • http://journeyfromearth.blogspot.com/ austin

    Blogging has since been proven as the best marketing tool to showcase more of your business and personality, and since its inceptions few years ago, millions of blogs has been created.
    i have over 20 different blogs serving several niche and its been kinda fun doing it.

  • http://car2be.com Thomas Anderson

    Great read! I’ve just started out in the world of freelancing and have been lucky enough to land a relatively long term contract. In the last few weeks though I’ve realised that I need to have other things simmering away too. At the weekend I helped out at a local theatre, went for lunch with a group of people, got chatting and before you know it he was asking me to quote for some work.

  • http://www.smartin.in smartin

    A blog has became an essential part of every website . While designing web pages , the web designer also takes care about adding a blog to a website . Search engine optimization (seo) for a blog is easy than that of a static website . So its essential to add a blog to every website .

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