Blogging Success Takes A Few Months

Like junior high, popularity means the most

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The popularity contest of blogging and gaining links and traffic doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and work.

Content is king? Not in the heavily saturated blogosphere. Whatever idea you have, however you choose to present it, someone, somewhere will do it as well or better.

Even legendary martial artist Bruce Lee understood this. While the Little Dragon’s popularity would have earned him a massive following had he lived long enough to blog, you probably don’t have that cushion of love.

Copyblogger said you won’t get that love, or the valuable links that feed a blog. Not without working it, baby.

“Bloggers link more often to their friends than anyone else. If you write a reasonably good piece of content that interests their audience, they

Blogging Success Takes A Few Months
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  • http://www.ho-tel.co.uk Ho-Tel

    Theres very little on the internet that hasn’t already been done.

  • http://johnschuster.net John Schuster

    You hit the nail on the head.
    I wish I could explain it this well.
    Rock On

  • http://thecomedynet.com funny guy

    It’s hard and there is no slipping in.  You have to be creative and reach for the things that have yet to be grasped by others.  Tweaking, Trying Again, Stepping back and taking a good look and then Tweaking some more.

    Many people get in this business thinking it’s something that is autopilot success.  Wish it was but it AIN"T.

    Key to success

    Passion in what you do!

    People can tell Passion—–They Love Passion——So Get Passionate—-Or Get out !!

    Close the door and try something else!

    I Love what I do-I’m Passionate-The Door Is Open-Come In



  • http://blog.plr-articles.net Guest

    and that’s why membership co-op sites such as Blogfeeder and Authority Site Center always have full houses!

  • http://www.hophunt.com Free Traffic

    That’s an Interesting post…

    Content + Links = King

    But the real king is…

    Your website or blog should offer Real Value to your visitors.

    So the equation should be:

    Website + Useful Offer = King

    Where Useful Offer is your product, service, or information.

  • http://tinyurl.com/7SquidooSecrets beautifulisness

    Squidoo is very good to dance with your blog ( maybe use OnlyWire for multiple bookmatking ) and so on.. BUT content does needs to be consistantly excellent and people skills genuine and up- to-scratch.

  • http://100kjob.info 100k

    I had some good experience in using Digg to get my blog post indexed by Google quickly, sometimes in a few short hours. (See some of my recent posts if you are interested).

    • http://spiritualsalad.blogspot.com Guest

      Yes I am getting some good results from Gigg…pooling in some visitors to my new blogs.

  • http://www.satellitetv-news.com/ Sanjai

    I do agree.

    Content is king.

    valuable content makes visitors spend and visit again.



  • http://businessblogs.us/ Professional Blog Management

    Everyone here has made good points.

    And a combination of every one of these comments is the recipe.

    A business blog takes work.  Period.

    I had a client the other day that told me he had tried "the blogging thing."

    So I asked him to see his blog.  He pointed me to a free blog that he had setup that contained exactly one post.  ONE.  His one post contained a super spammy keyword laiden attempt to get every listing possible with that one post.

    That was three months ago.   His one post, three months ago, that had no value at all was supposed to be his shining star. 

    And he was dead serious when he told me that he thought blogging didn’t work.

    Passion and conviction.  Dedication and hard work.  These are the secrets to blogging success.

  • http://getmorevisitors.blogspot.com/ Guest

    I never comment on newsletters, actualy i hardly read any but yours, i read yours because your content is useful so you are leading the way for us fellow bloggers and you are most definately applying your own advice.  http://getmorevisitors.blogspot.com/


    • http://www.boudoirbabe.co.uk/findperfectgift/ Bebe

      Realy interesting post. I started blogging 9 months ago to add value to customers visiting my online gift shop. I must confess I put as much effort into keeping by posts lively and relevant as I do updating products on my site. It’s hard work thinking of something different to write about, but it’s certainly something I enjoy. Great post!

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    Very rarely do bloggers take time to read your post

    So I made a php script that sends each visitor $10.00

    to their paypal works for me 😉 Do follow is a bust.

    I think talking smack is the most effective sadly;)

    I made bloganese.com for bloggers to profile

    themselves.Hope all is well and I enjoy the

    newsletter Thanks

  • http://voidnum.blogspot.com/ Guest

    i found my old blog at yahoo couldent be search indexed

    so i moved to blogspot

    my new blog

    poeple still spoke to me however it was a "small" social network !

    finding things to post can be hard but it takes work and thought to achieve

  • http://thebutlerbureau.com Guest

    When I think of all the time I wasted on trying to run multiple blogs when the reality is ( I sincerely hope!) that you need to concentrate on ONE superstar blog  which has all your attention – content/SEO/ and more and turn it into the be all and end all for your niche.

    PS I have blogs for sale :-)

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I’ve been commenting on blogs for sometime now and have just recently been asked to write one for a group on FaceBook. Your blog as well as the comments here have been extremely helpful.

    I am passionate about my safety and security products and hope that helps keep my blog fresh, interesting and motivating to my readers.

    Although we all want to be safe and secure, oddly enough, we don’t think about preparing for it until it’s too late; you know, the, "I wish I had some sort of weapon on me right now!" thought. Motivation is very important.

    Thanks again, everyone. Feel free to pass along any more tips. I certainly will appreciate them

  • http://www.gamblingaddiction.tv Michelle

    I think both are equally as important. there is nothing like reading good content. Thanks so much for your informative post!

  • http://www.clarkcountyexpert.com John, Vancouver WA Homes

    I’ve found much of what’s said here to be correct; along with patiently and persistently blogging and commenting.  Along the way it becomes easier to make the effort a routine, and to keep improving the content.

  • http://www.jonathanboettcher.com Jonathan

    I’ve been blogging for about 5 months now, and one strategy I’ve been using is each time I write a post, I spend a few minutes afterwards on blogsearch.google.com and find 4-5 posts on other sites relevant to what I’ve just posted. I then leave a comment.

    I usually get a little bit of traffic from that, and over time traffic builds. Whenever I write a post that I think has some starpowere I’ll spend 30-60 minutes out there commenting and linking it up..

    No amazing results, but I’ve got steady traffic at any rate.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


      I found your advice to be sound and offer a good blogging strategy. Do you also ping your comments? I find it helps.



  • http://hangelbel.blogspot.com hangelbel

    Yes, you need good popularity ranking. It is one of many ways of having  huge viewers also./

  • http://www.ebookbayer.com eBooks Blog

    Now, I am saying content is not king but I would say links is  more important than contents. But of cos having good contents will be good too.

    Linkings is also equal to promote your site, you don’t have to wait for google to send you traffic, instead get some linking done and traffic will soon follow.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

      eBooks Blog,

      How much time do you spend on linking each week? The reason I ask is it sounds like you have a link strategy plan in place to promote your blog. I like your free e-book downloads. Why are you not leveraging your time, link effort and blog traffic by capturing visitors names and e-mail addresses or just each visitor’s e-mail address before you allow visitors to download your e-books? What metrics are you using on your site?

  • http://www.rapidsofttechnologies.com/ Geeta

    Link and content both are king. Popularity of links should be quality links and content should offers relevant information.


  • http://www.rapidsofttechnologies.com/ Geeta

    Link plus Content

    Link and content both are king. Popularity of links should be quality links and content should offers relevant information.


    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


      I totally agree with you. One needs quality blog content and quality links. Just a tip I have learned – place your subscriber’s opt in box above the fold. Top right has been proven to work! Don’t take my word for it – TEST.

      • http://www.enchantedgardens4u.com Sue

        Could you elaborate a little more since I’m new to this.  What do you mean to put the subsciber’s opt in box above the fold?  What is considered the fold?How do you do this?  Thanks..I appreciate your comments.’


        • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

          Hi Sue,

          Basically above the fold is what you can view of your web site or any site when you click a link and it opens on your computer screen without scrolling down. It’s the 1st impression your visitor sees of your business. Sue looking at your site I see your Header – where the Ladybug, blades of grass and the words Enchanted Garden 4U. This is considered prime virtual real estate.

          It is preferential placement at the top by the words Enchanted Garden 4U. In this area you could place a RSS Feed Button to encourage visitors to subscribe to your blog or an Opt in Box with a free offer (your newsletter) or just add the Newsletter link to the Header’s Enchanted Garden 4U with a Special offer in exchange for your visitors names and e-mail addresses.

          Give visitors a reason to give you their name and e-mail address. Offer an ethical bribe. I’ll give you a special gift in exchange for your information. You are asking alot of information from visitors to become a subscriber to your newsletter. Alot of marketers recently have been testing and capturing only e-mail addreses to add people to their contact list.

          I suggest you test it. Change the top newsletter opt in and make it shorter. Keep the newsletter link on each page and test which one works better. You also need to have the Privacy Statement listed on your name and e-mail capture page. We respect your privacy.  We will never trade sell or share your information.

          Sue, the 2nd Best tested eye position is where you have the Main category and the About me link for either your RSS Feed Button and/or your Opt in Box for your newsletter. Usually, you want to entice visitors to get your free newsletter by offering them something of VALUE. Get The Enchanted Garden 4U Monthly Newsletter * Special Promotional Offers * Fall Discounts & More. 

           As a visitor to your site I want to know what’s in it for me? What is your unique selling position? I can buy from anyone online. Why should I choose you? Grab Your Visitor Attention !  FREE Shipping… or some other benefit.

          Sue your photo should be up in this main area to the right hand side. Your photo is below the fold. I have to scroll down to see it. Let people see you as soon as possible. Click my name there is additional blogging information and videos to help you tweak your site.


  • http://nelloreit.blogspot.com kiran

    I was blogger since one month.I am getting information from my friend and implimenting on the blogger.I am getting results too.If any suggetions please do post on my blooger.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


      Focus on your blog’s content. You need more content on your blog. When you start out blogging you need to write a minium of three post a week –  every week to build a readership following. Give visitors a reason to visit. Don’t worry about Ads right now.

    • http://pius4tina.blogspot.com pius4tina

      Oh Kirian, you are getting some results huh? oh may I know your blog pls. And tell me more about your methods.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


    What is the bases for your thought or theory? Have you done a case stuady? Have you actually tested the diferrence on your blog? Do you have a define stated tested time frame with interviews for links and the results and a tested time frame without interviews and the results? 

  • http://www.Hardware-Monster.com Rich

    Kinda new to all this especially link building and gaining traffic a lot of it seems a bit over whelming at times. Can a few of you perhaps point me in the right direction? Where is a good place to start?




    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for visiting my blogging review page and the comment. I appreciate the link. There is a link on the blogging review page for a 50 page free blogging e-book by Yaro Starak that is full of good blooging information.

       Again thanks for the comment. However, to maximize your efforts and use commenting as a strategy here is a tip – find other blogs in your hardware niche or related to your subject matter. Choose about 10 blogs in your niche or related to your subject  to visit, read and leave a comment… re-visit, read and leave a comment on a regular basic.

      It is important that the blogs you choose interest you. Be sure to read the blog post because your comment should be an appropiate one. Contribute to starting a comment dialogue with the author or a conversation with other visitors and – add value to it.

      Someone posted a comment tip earlier – how to research and find related blogs. His suggestion is very good. I am not sure how far down his reply comment is now. It maybe on page two.  Good Luck!

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


    I agree with you having any business takes hard work. Especially, when you tried to get an online presence. There is so much you have to learn like seo, keyword research, article marketing, internet marketing, social bookmarking, social marketing, blogging, web 2.0 and implement it.

    Tip #1 – if you really want to move up on the SERP’s fast do short video’s about your handmade jewelry business and place them on your blog.and upload them to YouTube.

    Tip #2 – Get a squeeze page. I believe every online marketer should capture their visitors contact info. and build an ongoing list.

    You are right it is good to have a reliable source like WebProNews for information.


  • http://www.howtolookgood.com/blog/ How to Look Good

    They have to go hand in hand – if you have links and your content doesn’t turn your casual visitors into readers then your blog cannot succeed.

    Likewise if you have great content and advice that noone can find (and links are a great way to be found) then your time would be better spent elsewhere.

    Combining the two will give you success and then you can take the next step and encourage your readers to view and recommend your products (e-books on body shpae in our case).

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen


    I am not sure many people know and don’t want to find the time and effort to do it. I think people do what they know. I also think when people know better they do better. How many people know they should have a squeeze page or an opt in box on their blog to capture visitor’s e-mail addresses but are technically challege? They know they need it but they don’t know how to do it or they are missing pieces to put it all together.

    How many people right here on this thread know how to do it –  make an opt in box did it and the opt in box is not located above the fold or in the best position? Internet marketing is not as easy as it appears. Most people are challenged by a learning curve. It is my opinon the best way to learn is from an expert – coach. Someone to mentor and guide you step by step.

    • http://pius4tina.blogspot.com pius4tina

      Hi Jim, I am new to blogging and I not not see real resul from my adsense.Will you pls. be my mentor?

      • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

        Pius 4 Tina,

        I visited your blog Timeless Treasures.

        #1 You can not ask people to click on your Adsense ads. This is against Google’s rule. Google will ban you from Adsense and delete your blogger’s blog. Goggle owns Blogger.com. Delete that statement asking visitors to click on your Adsense ads on your blog immediately. You want to earn Google Adsense Money then you will have to learn how to play the Google Adsense game.

        #2 How do you play the game? You must write 300 to 400 words articles with specific keywords and keyword phrases relevant to your content to get targeted traffic from the search engines. What most Bloggers don’t understand is you should post between 3 to 5 well written articles on your blog before you start putting up adsense ads or other ads.

        #3 You have to learn keyword research, how to write articles and good copy – headlines, titles and sub titles that grabs people attention.

        #4 You have to learn how to generate traffic. Some strategies have been listed on this page by other commentors. Most people think they can put anything on a free blooger.com blog – a few sentences and put a ton of ads and make money – THIS IS Not TRUE.

        #5 No one wants to copy and paste  something in their browser to order free information. There are to many free clickable online offers that people can find and download instantly. Always make things as easy as possible for your visitors. Learn how to make your links on your blog clickable.

        #6 Your blog needs content. Quality content. You will not get traffic without quality content. You can not keep reposting the same article over and over again. When I visited your site on Monday August 18, 2008 you had 10 visitors from around the world  Me –  Brookyln, N. Y.,  Kentucky, Dakar, Nigeria, Lagos…

        We came to visit and to see you and your Timeless Treasures but there is no written Timeless Treasures content material of substance to capture our attention, to give us information and inform us and/or educate us about Timeless Treasures or what makes something  a treasure or what you treasure in your life. Write about what you know. What makes Africa a Timeless Treasure? Share your culture. Take photo’s and place them on your blog.

        Once you loose your visitors –  you loose them forever. Click Minsheyenwen above read and get other valuable frr blogging information to help you.



  • http://www.enchantedgardens4u.com sue

    I love the name of your blog!!!


  • http://travel4vacations.blogspot.com pius4tina

    Just created a blog that has some juisy about travel and vacations.Will some one visit my blog and give me some advice.I am really open to new ideas that work.Talk to me pls.

    • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

      Travel & Vacations Review

      Not enough written content. Before you show ads…  about selling travel.  Talk to me. Forget about the ads! Talk to me like I was your sister, your mother or your brother. Ask me have I ever been on a cruise and enjoyed the ocean vs. flying over the ocean? Ask have I ever experience Africa? Ask me have I ever been on a cruise to Africa? Have I ever experience the pristine beaches, the warmth, friendliness and kinship of  African people. Sell me on why I should visit you. What treasures Africa has in store for me. Why should I leave Brooklyn New York and make reservations to visit Africa or visit the city you lived in Africa. Then tell me my options that are available to travel there… show me the ads.

  • http://www.squidoo.com/Yaro-Starak-Review Minsheyenwen

    Shelly Borrell,

    You are right its about great content and giving the visitor – reader a good experience!

  • http://freemontst.blogspot.com/ Fremont Street

    Why not visit Las Vegas?

  • http://bluehouseblog.com Tristan

    From what I’ve seen, blogs offering tips for readers in a simple, bulleted format do really well, whereas human-interest blogs (more of a daily-journal style) don’t get as much traffic. The problem we’re having with our more human-interest-style blog at the moment is getting traffic, period. Once the traffic comes, I’ll worry about getting links. Anyone agree/disagree about the tips vs. human interest content?

    • http://www.thebrightroom.blogspot.com/ AMAL BOSE

      i agree with you there. but you must accept that there are exceptions. there are numerous technical as well as personal development blogs with very high. it all about building trust with the reader…

  • http://pius4tina.blogspot.com pius4tina

    Here is a new free article posted to my blog now…good idea,

    Today, there are many bloggers who maintains their blog website as a business. They spend the majority of their time blogging and making money. This is a trend widely accepted by online businesses. Capitalizing on blogs, popularity, corporate America has used the opportunity to get closer to their clients and potential customers.

    There are many bloggers in the internet that makes a decent living by just blogging. If you want to make money out of blogging, it is important to remember that not every blog is right for making money.

    First of all, you should ask yourself why you blog.

    Many people have different reasons on why they blog. Some reasons for blogging include blogging for recreational purpose, promoting an online or offline business, as a personal diary, to help others, to make friends, for fun, to become known and finally to make money.

    Again, why do tou blog?

    If you are blogging and making money, you should first understand the two types of earning methods in blogging: The Direct Income Method and; the Indirect Income Method.

    In direct income method, you can earn money directly from blogs. In indirect income method, you can earn money because of your blog.

    One great way to earn income from your blog is through affiliate programs. This program works by getting a commission for referring a visitor or reader from your blog website to buy a product or service from the company you signed up as an affiliate. To succeed in this type of method, you should choose an affiliate that is related to the topics discussed in your blog website. This is because visitors in your blog are targeted internet traffic; you don’t want to affiliate with a pet store if your site and blog is about guns.

    Asking your readers for a tip may seem ridiculous, but it might work. If you already have a large number of loyal readers in your blog and actively participating in it, you can ask them to donate money for your blog. Remember that you should first create a large number of loyal readers before you ask for donations.

    Another great way to make money out of your blogs is to sell stuff, like t-shirts, mugs and other small things that you can personalize. Create your own logo and post the designs on your blogs. This is great if your readers are loyal to your blog, they may want to buy something that would make them part of the group.

    You can create a subscription based blog. Asking for payment to view your blog and participate in it would generate income. However, there are many blogs out there that may offer the same topic as yours for free. Since free is preferred more than fee, this type of method can rarely succeed. To make this work you may need to be a real expert on a specific topic.

    Selling blogs is another way to make money out of blogs. For this, you may need to create a great website in order for it to sell. It should also have a large readership to make this work. You can successfully sell blogs in an auction sites, many buyers will take a look at your blog first and determine if there are a large number of readers and also take a look at the quality of the website.

    Some readers will be someone who seeks writers to employ. If you write a good article about a specific topic in your blog, these people may probably hire you to write for them, either for their website or offline as a freelance writer for a newspaper or magazine. You and your skills are discovered through your blog. Your reputation is also important for this to work. Your blog should be able to attract large amount of readers and also remain loyal to you.

    Another way to make money is through speaking opportunities. For this, you need to impress readers on what you write about in your blog. Readers can sometimes be a scout looking for someone to speak for their seminars or workshops. Some request might ask you to speak for a seminar for free and some might pay you. Do not reject requests on speaking for free; this is because it will be beneficial for your reputation. Be patient, more offers will come that will be offering payment for your speaking services.


    Article Source: http://www.thereprintsite.com


  • http://pius4tina.blogspot.com pius4tina

    ..".to keep at it "yeah that is the right word, see I am beginning to realize that it’s not as simpleas I looked at it at the onset so I am up and doing.Thanks for your imput

  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    Most blogs are just advertisements, they don’t even give you tips or info.  The least they could do is add some content.  I’m just complaining…

    • http://www.thebrightroom.blogspot.com/ AMAL BOSE

      sorry cant agree with you ‘piustina’ . its true that some blogs are made just for posting ads without any relevant contents. but all blogs are not like that, there are a lot of really good blogs with great content.

  • http://www.1seoexperts.com/inbound-linking/ Tristan Keller

    It takes a great deal of inbound links to a blog to really get the ball rolling with the popularity metric in Google.  And this takes a substantial period of time.  Sometimes doing some linking work yourself can save you some time.  However, if the content speaks well for itself, a blog can take off quite quickly with little other effort except pinging.

  • http://www.faqsabout.org/personal-injury-laywers-chicago law facts

    thanks for the great article about blogging.

  • http://www.ymedialabs.com iphone application developer

    yes.I agree with you.Blogging is the latest way to get traffic for a site within fewdays.Can you suggest me what are the alternative way to get traffic for a site ??

  • http://www.thebrightroom.blogspot.com/ Amalbose

    I have started a technical blog recently . Im new to blogging and not very sure of how to boost traffic to my blog. some one please help

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Debbie Morgan

    I’m planning to start a blog for my safety and security web site some time next year so I’m glad for the information, WebPro Staff!

  • phil

    First, you need to change your background colors as it is very difficult to impossible to read. I could not get any further in input to you..

  • http://www.qualityclotheslines.net/blog Clothesline blog

    Yeah well we all know content is king. Even so i still got to get better content lol.

  • http://car2be.com/ used audi a4 avant

    It is important that the blogs you choose interest you. Be sure to read the blog post because your comment should be an appropiate one. Contribute to starting a comment dialogue with the author or a conversation with other visitors and – add value to it.

  • http://www.roars.in iphone developer

    ya that’s true.. with the help of blogging i also make many link for Iphone Application Development

  • http://www.abhijitkar.com Abhijit Kar

    Excellent article and i also have expressed my view on this subject at http://www.abhijitkar.com/life/dilemma-of-a-blogger-what-to-write.html and hope ypu guys like it.

    It’s based on 8 months of hard working to establish a blog with a PR 3/10 now, and Alexa rating of around 2,00,000 as on date.

  • http://www.socialcubix.com/services/iphone-developer iPhone Application Developers

    Yes,I totally agree with you.Blogging is the latest and innovative way to get traffic within days rather then months so can you suggest me what are the alternative ways to get traffic in hours for a website/blog

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