Blogging For Dollars – Personal Finance Blogs

    July 7, 2005

Business Week features a collection of blogs this week that are blogging on the topic of personal finance at Blogging For Dollars.

Congratulations to a number of those sites (around half of them) that are featured who are regular readers and contributers here at

The full list of those blogs featured is:

  • The AAO Weblog
  • The Asset Allocator
  • The Big Picture
  • Free Money Finance
  • The Kirk Report
  • Jeff Matthews Is Not Making This Up
  • Random Roger’s Big Picture
  • Andrew Tobias: Money and Other Subjects
  • The Wealthy Blogger
  • There are some quality blogs (some of which are doing some very good levels of traffic) in the list but what surprises me a little in surfing through them all is the absence of Adsense ads on most of them.

    Whilst I know it’s not every blogger’s objective to make an income from their blog – most of them have some sort of advertising on them and all of them do seem to be interested in money (by virtue of their topic). I had expected to see a few more contextual text ads on their sites as I know from personal experience that financial terms can pay quite well.

    Anyway – if you’re after some advice on what to do with the money you’re earning on your blog – these might be a good starting place.

    Thanks to FMF for the tip on this list.

    Blogging For Dollars

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