Bloggers Vs. Journalists

    May 11, 2007

With the growing popularity of the blogosphere, many people believe it could be a threat for journalists. At the Web 2.0 Expo, WebPronews caught up with Tris Hussey of One by One Media to discuss the growth of this matter. The print media, newspapers primarily, may need to make adjustments to keep up with the current trends.

According to Hussey, newspapers will conform to what magazines are today. For example, Time magazine used to report news. Although it still has news, by the time the magazine hits the shelf the news is old. Time has taken on a new approach that allows them to cover the news, but they do so in a more detailed manner that is different from other news sources.

Bloggers have gotten to the point in which they cover most news topics. Hussey believes that newspapers are under the biggest threat to being eliminated and suggests that they embrace the blogosphere models. By allowing people to submit stories to them offline just as bloggers do online, is one of Hussey’s suggestions. If a newspaper printed a reader’s email of an eyewitness account of a big story or a similar situation, it would give that paper more coverage.

The City Council & Government in Springdale, Arkansas, is a blog that has a very good perspective of this subject.

“Journalists are professionals at gathering facts and providing reliable, accurate reporting of important information.”

Journalists are required to enforce objectivity and accuracy. Their opinions do not leak into their work unless it is of an editorial status. Blogs and newspapers are completely different. Although not to demean blogging in any way, blogging is for “opinion, debate, and discussion.” A journalist may have a strong opinion on a topic, but it is their job to conceal it with objectivity.

While Hussey strongly agrees with, he believes newspapers have an opportunity to accept the new media and use it to their advantage. To get all the details of this intriguing topic, tune in to our exclusive interview with Tris Hussey only on WebProNews.