Bloggers Take Sides on Some Issue

    February 1, 2007

In today’s episode of “bloggers take sides on some issue” I present the Flickr Old Skool Debate.

In this corner, weighing in with a growing empire of blogging tools, is SixApart‘s Anil Dash who says I am okay with my Yahoo sign-in. He argues that this should come as no surprise and that this is really a small dust-up that involves a very minor number of loud people.

In the other corner, weighing in with a photo sharing service of his own, is SmugMug‘s Don MacAskill who writes about The Dark Side of the Flickr Acquisition. In that post he and offers 50% off to Flickr refugees who sign up for SmugMug and suggests that SmugMug will never be bought because big companies don’t “get” users of his site.

Personally, I agree with both of them. This stuff is very tricky.



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