Bloggers Replacing the AP?

Can 1.7 million paid bloggers cover the Worlds news?

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Yes, the AP (Associated Press) is desperate. Yes, the AP has lost control of the news. And yes, bloggers are more and more going local with their focus. That leads to an obvious question, will bloggers eventually replace the AP and other news organizations?

Wall Street Journal columnist Mark Penn points to statistics which claim that in the U.S. alone there are over 20 million bloggers, of which 1.7 million get paid for it. Mr. Penn also references a Technorati report which says that there are close to a half million bloggers receiving there primary income from this activity.

I don’t necessarily buy into these exact numbers but clearly there is an important game changing trend at work here. With likely millions of bloggers worldwide and many making their living blogging it’s only a matter of time that all news is covered in blogs.

The current problem with blogs is not unprofessionalism as many in journalism will tell you, its a lack of central distribution channels. The local court house in your community may have blogger coverage but do you know about it? New restaurants open in your area all the time and bloggers are reviewing them, but are you reading? Your high school won their basketball game last night and it was covered by 2 blogs, 4 twitterers and one Facebook post, but did you notice?

The challenge for us Internet entrepreneurs is how to bring this coverage to peoples attention. News aggregation sites and search engines are working at it but they have not yet succeeded at replacing the local newspaper. However, once real-time local news which is covered by hundreds of local bloggers, Twitterers, Facebookers, YouTubers, etc… can be integrated into high-traffic websites then who needs the AP!


Bloggers Replacing the AP?
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  • http://fameofshame.com Mike

    The world is changing rapidly and these old, fat cat traditionalists are mighty upset about it.

  • http://www.textlinkforsale.com Text Link for sale

    YES they can.

    Just ask CNN.

  • http://akkartik.name Kartik Agaram

    I work on http://meehive.com, and we are working on precisely the distribution channel problem. The solution can be expressed in two complementary ways:

    a) Bringing feedreaders like google, bloglines, etc. to the masses who don’t know about RSS and don’t care.

    b) Making a smarter news aggregation site, that can help users discover relevant blogs, and recommend articles from those blogs by ranking by more than just date, clustering conversations, etc.

    What we have so far is a first cut. We’d love to hear your comments!

  • http://www.caninedistemper.info Alexis

    Old school reporting and updating news by means of blogging is undeniably the newest trend. Despite of that, I can still say that not all blogs are reliable because of their irrelevant contents.

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