Bloggers May Be Targets in Massive German Spam Attack

    May 15, 2005

Many bloggers are saying they are getting bombed with right-wing German spam today. I am one of them.

Phillip Lenssen sums it up

My Gmail account is being swamped by hundreds of German spam mails today – literally hundreds of them, un-filtered in my inbox. Usually, Google is good at filtering out spam, but not this time. The mails cover different topics in German and English, linking to public (mostly non-spam, “regular”) articles. Implicitly, they all express right-wing views. Some more, some less radical. I suspect I’m by far not the only one getting these mails.

The press, so far, has been fairly quiet on this issue. eWeek, however, is reporting that there is a spam attack underway, but does not dig into the potential blog aspects of it.

What’s going on here? While I can’t be sure, my hunch is that certain German political groups may be targeting bloggers to get us to spread their message. I haven’t seen spam pickup in any my other mail accounts – some of which are very public. So, again, early signs point to an attack on bloggers. Anyone have more info?


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