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    October 23, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Damian Mulley posted a lengthy complaint about alleged spamming by Thinkhouse PR, and that post has evidently disappeared from Google.

Yahoo and MSN do still have the post in question, a long open letter to the Data Protection Commissioner in Ireland posted in August 2006. Searching for [thinkhouse pr] in Google returns links to archive pages on Mulley’s blog, but not the post itself.

His open letter in August called out Thinkhouse PR and three Thinkhouse clients for the emails deposited to his inbox, and he claimed the emails were unwanted:

Hi everyone in Thinkhouse PR! As promised, here is my formal complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner for being repeatedly spammed by you on behalf of your clients. Just so you know I’ve also, as promised, contacted Three, Imagine and Ben and Jerry’s Ireland and asked them to investigate why I am getting spams about their products from you. does not have the post indexed, but Windows live returns the post as the first result for the query. Yahoo also listed it first.

Mulley of course wants his post to be available to people using the most popular search engine, and he has asked other bloggers to help make the post available through Google again.

Irish bloggers like Tom Raftery and others have responded, and reposted the entire entry on their sites. It is odd to find the link appear so prominently in Yahoo and Microsoft’s, but not in Google unless at one time the post contained content that violated Google’s webmaster guidelines.

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