Bloggers as Speakers: Talking Business

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Bloggers should add speaking engagements to their already growing repetoire of skills. There is no better way to develop a national and international reputation as an expert than sharing your knowledge through the various print and broadcast media.

The obvious first step is for bloggers to add voiced audio posts to their blogs. Podcasting provides an important second step for bloggers’ voices to be heard around the world. Once the podcast is created, it can be downloaded by listeners for later enjoyment. A major aspect of modern technology is time shifting of events to times more convenient for the audience. Tivo has forever changed the way the public views television, and podcasting can change the time frame of blog reading as well.

Podcasting is only one example of talking your way to business success. Once the voice medium has been established, interviews on radio, television, and other blogging media will follow. It’s becoming almost difficult for a blogger to actually remain silent! Just ask Tris Hussey of Blog Business Summit. He is proof that bloggers are in demand as interview experts on radio, television, and in the print media.

Speakers are always in demand for many local and national media events. Bloggers are natural choices to give live presentations on their topics of expertise. Who better to talk about your specialty than you, the blogger. After all, you write about all aspects of your subject matter on an almost daily basis. You know your topics as well as anyone.

As for speaking to business and non-profit organizations about blogging, you are already among the few real authorities in your own community. Think about it. In your own metropolitan area, you are likely one of only a literal handful of full time practicing bloggers. Who better to speak on the subject than you?

As a speaker, you will enhance your professional and business reputation in the community. You will interact with new and interesting people, who you otherwise would not be able to meet. The blogging, or any other topic you choose, would be your ticket into the door.

Contact local business and non-profit groups in your own community. You might become a noted speaker in your area of expertise. Offer to give a free presentation to the membership on your blogging topic; or even on blogging itself. Whatever you do, don’t use the platform to give a blatant sales presentation. Provide information freely and generously to everyone in attendance.

This is no place for hucksterism, if you want to develop a solid reputation as a knowledgeable professional. A blatant sales pitch will only hurt your reputation as a guest expert. Providing lively and interesting discussions about your area of interest will enhance your image as a professional speaker.

Let the business arrive later, as a result of your newfound reputation, as an expert in your field and industry. Clients will arrive too. You can be certain of that happening as result of your interviews.

I am always available to speak to groups on various business and blogging topics. At the same time, I also interview business people, including some very knowledgeable and generous bloggers on Blog Business Success Radio. Many other noted bloggers are always available as speakers and interviewees. In fact, bloggers are a group of experts who can always be counted upon to provide informative interviews. You should be available to speak on your favourite subjects as well.

Make yourself available as a speaker.

Start talking success today.

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Bloggers as Speakers: Talking Business
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