Begins Process of Internationalizing

    November 16, 2004

The team has announced via the Google Blog that the service will soon be available in non-english languages.

The statement is as follows:

“Since more than half of all Blogger users are outside the U.S., I recently took a virtual tour of blogs around the world from Armenia to Zambia. It is amazing to see that so many people create and update their free websites in such a wide variety of languages – all of them using an English-only version of Blogger. If these folks can create that much content working with a foreign language tool, what could they accomplish if Blogger were available in their own languages?

We’d like to find out. The Blogger team has begun the process of internationalizing our service. While the posting interface and some other pages throughout Blogger are not yet translated, they soon will be. Meanwhile, right now native speakers of French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Korean will see an increasingly familiar version of Blogger in their own languages when they sign in.

We’re all super excited that even more people around the world will be able to put their voice on the web using a Blogger interface that feels more like home.

– Biz Stone, Blogger team”

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